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  1. @Drewgamer It's only reading the loadouts at joining and not during the game at the moment. @Twigg No, that's not the way how you would do something to an object. Have a look at the \scripts\server\game\save_manager.sqf at the if constructs around line 200 and in the \scripts\client\build\do_build.sqf at the switch at about line 320 There you can add things what should be done to an object if it's for example the classname of the KP_liberation_air_vehicle_building.
  2. Wyqer

    KP Support Missions

    Glad you like the mission setups and that you're enjoying it :). That's the aim of them :) But it's really no "hard work" to create mission of the "ground support" gamemode. Basically it's the same as creating missions in the "End Game" or "Zeus" gamemode. BI provide all the necessary functionalities and I just setup the map, created custom group configs for the spawning (so it will use also RHS units for the RHS versions) and added some small scripts. In general I created the missions because I was wonderning that there aren't any mod supported versions already out there (or I just didn't found them) and our KP community wanted a kind of "flight training with the helicopters we use".
  3. Wyqer

    KP Support Missions

    Update Added: Script to delete empty choppers which are left on the resupply areas for more than 3 minutes. Added: Server log debug output. Added: Mapmarker in the bottom left with server fps and ground units count. Added: 2 Spectator slots. KNOWN ISSUE: When a helicopter gets deleted at a resupply area, a radio message with "helo down" will be send. But this won't lower your tickets. It's just a kind of misleading information which I can't deactivate for now.
  4. Wyqer

    KP Support Missions

    Update Takistan as vanilla and RHS version finished.
  5. @mwpowellhtx If you like, join the discord and provide your missionfile and save data. I can have a look at it and could try to figure out what's wrong with your convoy. Have a look at the wiki to see how you can access the save data. @Drewgamer Maybe the loadout to vehicle script is something which could help you. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/205922-small-scripts-for-arma-3-from-kp/ @gameoverdude Yeah, I bet you have played Takistan maybe before once and you had an old save in your vars. Next time you should just enable the both "wipe save" parameters. No need to delete your whole profile :) @solex No need for links which lead inside old postings in the thread: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:FAQ#how-can-i-enable-full-zeus
  6. \scripts\server\resources\recalculate_resources.sqf There are the countings for the buildings. Think the easiest way to change how many per building would be to add a multiplier at the end. For example line 76 and 77 KP_liberation_heli_slots = _local_heli_slots * 2; KP_liberation_plane_slots = _local_plane_slots * 2;
  7. Wyqer

    KP Support Missions

    Update Tanoa Vanilla finished. RHS Version for Tanoa will follow. is also finished with a US Marines agains Russian VDV setting.
  8. in 924 the gameplay_constants.sqf is right with the GRLIB_secondary_missions_costs array. concerning costs you've only these two files beside of the gameplay_constants.sqf: \scripts\client\ui\secondary_ui.sqf \scripts\server\remotecall\start_secondary_remote_call.sqf
  9. @mwpowellhtx Maybe you want to have a look into this: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Logistic So, did you checked that there is really enough space at the last destination? And no, at the moment there is only the alphabet for the convoys. But I can expand it for the next version, why not.
  10. The recycle of the containers don't work in 955. It's already fixed on GitHub, but as it's no "gamebreaker" basically I don't wanted to pull out a patch for one small thing. Are you playing with ACE? In ACE the rearm is currently broken. (But already fixed in the upcoming ACE Version) If you play without ACE, the rearm etc. works like in Vanilla. Drive with a vehicle near the resupply truck or container and stop there. While sitting in the vehicle it will be replenished.
  11. Line 129 in the 924 mission.sqm or search for: typeName="Addons";
  12. Do the same edits which are found in the wiki, but don't copy 955 files to 924. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:FAQ#how-can-i-enable-full-zeus
  13. If you want a undercover and guerilla experience with a similar scale to Liberation, than I really recommend Antistasi. It's an awesome mission. @barbolani did a great job with his masterpiece. I've played it also many times for some SP sessions, and you won't be disappointed. :)
  14. That was already suggested on GitHub: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/issues/7#issuecomment-312000183 And there will be no technical "undercover" mechanism implemented. Recon like missions will be, but no "undercover mode" or something. If you need to stay undetected..... stay undetected.
  15. Rolling Changelog Update First day of working on 0.96 is over. Here are the results of today which are finished now: Added: Parameter to disable the skill handling of enemy units. Thanks to veteran29 Added: BI Support System functionality. Added: Parameter for access to the Support System -> Disabled, Commander, Whitelist, Everyone. Added: BI Artillery support for artillery vehicles and mortars (if built manned or AI ordered to get in as crew). Tweaked: Terrain aligment will be persistent during repeat building of objects (like walls). Thanks to veteran29 Fixed: Player got custom recoil and aiming coefficients on respawn. Fixed: Rare script error on closing respawn screen directly after joining the mission.
  16. Yeah, I was wondering why it isn't implemented.
  17. Not planned to script something like that. Reason is that I hope that BI will implement that in the future, as it's already available in Mods like the FA-18 etc. to change the loadout if near an ammo source.
  18. You can update from any 95X to 955 without loosing any progress by the way.
  19. You can paradrop cargo with ACE since 3.7.0 No action showing up on the large cargo tower? Hrm, could imagine that this may happen sometimes as it's a very big building. Had to change the code for a same issue with the big airfield light towers, which weren't recycleable before.
  20. No, that's not implemented and wasn't planned. Maybe something which can be added, but at the moment I don't see a real use for paradropping resource crates from a helicopter. Any opinions to that?
  21. Yes, that's the impression I've got. There weren't any "real bug" reports since release of 955, so I can head for the next task after my exams are done at the end of this week. :)
  22. OVERVIEW OF TENTATIVE IDEAS FOR KP LIBERATION 0.96 (STRATEGIC OVERHAUL RELEASE) This isn't a finished "planned features" list and may also be expanded in the next weeks. Basically it's also no "all which is written here will be in 96 for sure" list. It's more the result of own brainstorming, ideas and thoughts about improving the mission in a way I personally would appreciate it. As I'm in general a "one man army" concerning the coding etc. in the development it will also take time to finish the 0.96 version (as I've said it before). Personally I would expect there could be a "finished 0.96" at the end of september. You can be sure that I'll provide for each "finished functionality" an experimental pbo, so you can hunt bugs, test it, make suggestions and may also be able to contribute something you would like. So the same procedure as before :) We (you... and you... also you behind there... and I) will see together how this will behave concerning balance, bugs, stability and performance. And we'll see what we can really finish until september and what will be postponed to another version. Basically I want all of it in Liberation, but we've to see if it's possible, suitable and how much time it would take to implement. Also with this list you've an idea of my thoughts, so you can build upon that concerning suggestions without suggest something to which I can only say than "I've already planned this". ^^ Well then.... let's get started with that list: Planned features for 0.96 in the GitHub Liberation Wiki
  23. Hrm, no, not really.... Basicly when a FOB is destroyed there is no "check around this coordinates" point anymore for the save manager. So anything which may be left at the place won't get saved anymore. If you place a new FOB on the same spot after some minutes then the point is again there and any "leftovers" from the old FOB will be saved again. But something what disappeared after destroying the first FOB shouldn't be reappear after a server restart. Do you could maybe provide a serverlog with enabled debug and also enabled savegame debug (config sqf) where you reproduce this?
  24. Ok, just saw that these aren't the messages you get. Basicly it's not a mission issue in general. But please share a server log file via hastebin or something. Only thing I've found after a quick search is something like: