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  1. You can edit everything you want in the file, yeah. Everything is commented, so you should be able to see what'll change something in the game. You could also just select KP_liberation_preset = 5 and edit the 3cbBAD.sqf
  2. @Ellman You've to run the ace_server.pbo to use the serverconfig.hpp on your server (local works also with the ace_server.pbo) Information here: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation#ace-serverside-settings Concerning Stamina: As you use ACE, the parameter in the lobby alone won't work for you, as this only disables the vanilla stamina. You've to deactivate the stamina in the config for ACE also. I recommend to get information about the mods you use, that would help very much in your configuration issues: https://ace3mod.com/wiki/ I can't confirm, that there are any issues with the actual ACE version concerning the configuration of the stamina. For a general information: There can't be a "works on Altis, don't work on Al Rayak" basically. Reason is, that all missions have the exact same script files. Just the preset is changed in the preconfigured missions from the workshop or github releases tab. The only real difference is only the mission.sqm file (so the map itself with the markers etc.)
  3. I've never used or worked with TADST, so I can't help you with issues concerning that tool. I guess the threads or forums of the creators would be the right place. But the profiles parameter shouldn't lead to a *.cfg. But well, I can't say how it will be handled by that tool, as I'm working always with own coded small tools or simple batch files. Maybe this could help you with understanding the parameters: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Startup_Parameters https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/-profiles
  4. @RoF Whitelist the slot, so that only you can choose the commander role. Talk to your mates that they shouldn't do it. Delete the zeus module via the editor. @cnotka Be sure you've set the -profiles and -name parameter.
  5. I don't know what's your "twigg_jet_load_out" is, but I guess it's not a classname of a mod vehicle. In both you have to check if the actual object is for example the jet or the helicopter you want. And a "_this" don't work there. And in your save_manager.sqf you declare the value of the _nextbuilding variable to something which isn't working. You should maybe read something about the script commands. Example for do_build.sqf: case "B_Plane_Fighter_01_F": {[_vehicle] spawn GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadoutToObject;}; Example for save_manager.sqf: if ( _nextclass == "B_Plane_Fighter_01_F") then { [_nextbuilding] spawn GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadoutToObject; };
  6. @EnvakeoLugaria With the dynamic loadout system from BI you can't change the loadout of an air vehicle during the game. But you could add maybe scripts who will allow you this.
  7. @Ellman Currently no plans on new maps. But as I know, there is already a Lythium version of Liberation out there in the workshop.
  8. Here are some information about the system: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki
  9. The save data is stored in the profilename.vars.Arma3profile of the server. More information can be found in the wiki: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki
  10. @eric963 atm the 96dev is compatible with 955. @Ellman You just have to set up ACE like you do it for any other mission (I recommend the server config). As long as you deactivate the BI Revive System and activate the ACE compatibilitiy (which deactivates the weather and rearm script) in the parameters, Liberation won't block or disturb anything in ACE.
  11. Nothing controls this in the mission. Check you mods and their manuals. If you use ACE it is holding down Tab for the Titans while having the thermal view activated.
  12. KP Support Missions Gametype: Ground Support Players: 1 - 16 Modes: SP, COOP, PVP Available maps: Altis Vanilla - NATO vs CSAT RHS - US Army vs Russian VDV Malden Vanilla - NATO vs CSAT RHS - US Army vs Russian VDV Takistan Vanilla - NATO vs CSAT RHS - US Army vs Russian VDV Tanoa Vanilla - NATO vs CSAT RHS - US Marines vs Russian VDV Description: In this mission, game mode "ground support", the players take the roles of helicopter pilots tasked with supporting ground units. The playing field includes the two bases of each factions, as well as a total of 10 sectors. From these faction bases ground units are always on their way to independently seize control of those 10 active sectors. The players are there to support the groups by answering requests for transport, air support or medical evacuation. These orders are dynamically generated during the game, which means that no round compared to another is completely equal. This is accompanied by immersive radio traffic. The mission ends as soon as one side has no more tickets remaining. These are reduced when helicopters crash or the opponent controls at least 6 sectors. In the event of a helicopter crash, the player can respawn at their respective base, where after some time the helicopters reappear. The base also provides landing sites to repair, refuel or rearm the helicopter during the mission. Players are actually restricted to their role as pilots and can only leave the vehicle within their own base, for example, to switch to another helicopter. This also means that players themselves cannot take any sectors. Each side also has a Jet in their base. This won't respawn, so it's a high valuable asset with which you can interrupt the enemy supply lines. You can adjust parameters in the lobby for the daytime, weather, tickets count and view distance. There are 3 kinds of infantry troops which will ask for support: Ghost (4 soldiers) Nomad (8 soldiers) Hydra (16 soldiers) Download: GitHub Workshop: Altis Vanilla Altis RHS Malden Vanilla Malden RHS Takistan Vanilla Takistan RHS Tanoa Vanilla Tanoa RHS Discord
  13. Wyqer

    KP Support Missions

    It would be possible, sure. But I didn't plan anything like that. Liberation itself is time consuming enough ;)
  14. I tested it in the meanwhile and it worked fine for me. Maybe you should join the discord (text chat) and share your pbo there, so I can have a direct look what you did.
  15. The IDs have to be entered as String, so inside quotes. Just like the comment above the array: // For example: "76561198016642627" And inside an array the elements are seperated by a comma. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:ImportantHints#preventing-common-mistakes
  16. You have to register the vehicles which should have the option to the script. You have instructions for that in the scriptfile itself. But to implement it in Liberation you should do something like the following. It's not the nicest way, but it'll work. do_build.sqf Insert at Line 330 (after the switch statement) private _loadoutVehicles = []; { _loadoutVehicles = _loadoutVehicles + [_x select 0]; } forEach light_vehicles; if (_classname in _loadoutVehicles) then { KP_loadout_cargo_objects pushBack _vehicle; }; publicVariable "KP_loadout_cargo_objects"; save_manager.sqf Insert at Line 229 (after the if for the flag) private _loadoutVehicles = []; { _loadoutVehicles = _loadoutVehicles + [_x select 0]; } forEach light_vehicles; if (_nextclass in _loadoutVehicles) then { KP_loadout_cargo_objects pushBack _nextbuilding; }; publicVariable "KP_loadout_cargo_objects";
  17. Wyqer

    KP Ranks

    Update to v1.5 Added: All insignias are now available in the arsenal and editor Added: initPlayerLocal.sqf example for mission creators Tweaked: Automatic insignia assignment functionality can only be enabled via initPlayerLocal.sqf or by placing the "Force KP Ranks" module Tweaked: Some small code and config changes
  18. Than the full serverlog please, as I asked. You can also consider to join the discord (text chat only) as you can drag files there, etc. (link in the first post) There are also many Liberation players around.
  19. Do you have enemy spawn in general? If not, than you miss some mods on the server. Otherwise you could show me the server.rpt via hastebin or inside a spoiler.
  20. Wich Map and which preset? This is common if you don't run all needed mods on the server which are needed for the unit preset.
  21. Wyqer

    KP Support Missions

    Update Malden Vanilla and RHS finished.
  22. It does all to be exactly. The values in the constants (or later the liberation_config) are the "real" settings for the costs The changes in the stringtable.xml is just a change of text for the sidemission description in your sidemission dialog and nothing which would have effect in the costs in the game.
  23. Normally, if you didn't deactivate the scoreboard via the difficulty it should work as always. I'll have a look at it today, if I can reproduce issues with that. Honestly I've always deactivated the scoreboard via difficulty, so I really have to test it ^^
  24. @XSoFX I haven't done it by myself and haven't played it, but as I know here is a WW2 Version of Liberation: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940922712