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  1. @highwave I'm not aware of any issues concerning the one you've described yet, no. Also during the international Liberation sessions we used 2 HCs and hadn't any issues with spawning enemies during the 6 hours sessions. Anything suspicious in the HC or Server logs? @psrkallez06 You can access the production and logistic overview in FOBs and production sectors (cities and factories) Concerning "take all" you can just enter something like 1,000,000 and it will bring you everything. Like in the article about how to create a kind of passive income. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Logistic#creating-a-passive-income
  2. @Applejakerie is currently working on some changes to the preset system. But as I know these changes will be done this or next week. What do you mean with "will work post .96"? The script also worked before, there was only an issue when using ACE medical, which is fixed now.
  3. If you play it via hosting a LAN MP Game (which would be the way for playing SP, yes) you can adjust the parameters in the MP Lobby, where you select your role, in the same way as on a dedicated server. Just click on the parameters button on the upper right. Also you could download the missionfile from GitHub, do the edits you want, and put the pbo in your mpmissions folder. That way you can adjust some more things like presets or available vehicles etc. (instructions for this are all in the wiki, which is located at the GitHub)
  4. You can switch branches on GitHub via the left button which shows "Branch: master" by default. On the left side right above the "file browser". But it's a dev branch. Nothing finished and I won't be able to give support for people who use unfinished dev branch files, as there are mostly daily changes on them. If there is something which is "basically finished" I'll provide prepacked 0.96 experimental missionfiles in this thread and the Liberation discord. These mission files are for "beta testings" to see if there are some bugs I've missed due to my tests, before I continue with the next part. So same procedure as before concerning these experimental missionfiles.
  5. Something general If using ACE the MPKill Eventhandler was always providing the killed unit also as killer, due to the medical system, where most units die because of blood loss in 90% of the cases. This made the whole kill manager not really working if using ACE. So using ACE lead to the fact that the kill_manager didn't worked well the whole time. You can safely add the edits in this commit to your file. But don't just replace your kill_manager.sqf with the one from the 0.96 dev branch, as that won't work with 0.955 versions. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/commit/88fa4c143dc3e3a17f58fe87d96e6abfee6a3c53
  6. Sorry, but there is no "dynamic Steam ID", but as you've got the right one now it's fine I guess. And if you want help it would be helpful for the helper if you post the exact error messages. And as you edited the whitelist.sqf, it would also be helpful to see what's edited (steam IDs are nothing secret) what do you mean with "allowing the init client to enforce the whitelist"? There is no enforcing or something. The file is just named that way. [] spawn compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\client\commander\enforce_whitelist.sqf"; leads in that file to [] call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "whitelist.sqf"; which works without any issues, so I guess you've made a mistake in your edits if you've issues with the whitelist. So please provide the necessary information I asked for and I'll have a look what could be done wrong. Or join the discord (text chat only) where many players are around (including me), who help with Liberation questions etc. Otherwise I can't help you without the basic information.
  7. What kind of errors and where did you define a KP_liberation_logistic_whitelist?
  8. You should really take a brief overview about the link I gave you, before you ask a question which is anwered in there. Don't get me wrong, but it only shows that provided information won't get read.
  9. @Gordii @Darkhound7 The Nightstalker is blacklisted via the arsenal blacklist by default as it's usually a too OP scope. If you want to have it in your mission, go to kp_liberation_config.sqf and remove it from the blacklisted_from_arsenal array. Don't add it to the allowed_items_extension, as the nightstalker is defined in the blacklisted_from_arsenal array. @Ellman The IED script already recognize infantry and explode if some people are around the ied (should simulate the IED behaviour and not a real manufactured mine). If you want to change the limit for infantry: \scripts\server\sector\ied_manager.sqf change the value of: _infantry_trigger = 2 + (floor (random 3)); Kind of suicide bombers situations will be part of 0.96 https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:0.96
  10. 1. It would be possible, sure. But it'll really impact the performance if you run a "permanent" battlefield without the spawning and despawning of AI. Also it would be much work to code all this, as it's not slightly intended that something like that would happen in the mission. So I won't implement this in the way I understood. During the civil reputation system, there will be the guerilla force implemented. Later on also very possible as a small numbered playable side. 2. The player ID list is working very fine. I guess you've entered the wrong IDs. You use the SteamIDs, as it's stated in the comment above the array in the whitelist.sqf // Allowed individual players based on their SteamID64. This is the most secure way to do. // For example: "76561198016642627" 3. It's already fixed. Have a look here: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/commit/215c9b6139a45a4aa85109b39a49c59b24b56079 4. Zeus admin only: just enter #adminLogged as owner of the zeus module. Disable Tactical Ping: Adjust your server difficulty settings. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile#Arma_3
  11. The server fps are looking very fine. Everything above 20/25 is totally fine. Concerning the lags on your clients, I guess it's maybe really client related. Depending on their connection, their graphic settings, etc. Maybe you could ask your clients for their own logs (appdata\local\arma3) and look there, if you find something strange.
  12. Create a own preset (or adjust the custom.sqf) with the right classnames for the friendly and the enemy side. Change the sides in the kp_liberation_config.sqf. Change the respawn marker from respawn_west to respawn_east. I haven't create any opfor vs. blufor conversions right now, but that's basically all you have to do.
  13. @stlassen That's not intended, no. I'll put it on the list for 0.96. @Ellman The ones you're define in the kp_liberation_config.sqf // Vehicle classnames which also function as ACE medical vehicles. KP_liberation_medical_vehicles = [ "B_Truck_01_medical_F", "B_T_Truck_01_medical_F", "rhsusf_m113_usarmy_medical", "rhsusf_m113d_usarmy_medical", "RHS_UH60M_MEV2", "RHS_UH60M_MEV2_d" ];
  14. Which newest version? Last Update I recognized was from the 18th July this year. Do you load the ace_server.pbo as seperate serverside mod? And basically Liberation don't interfere with any mod settings of ACE. The ACE configuration via the ace_server.pbo is completely independent from Liberation.
  15. Enemy jets are very powerful, do you really want more of them more often in the airspace? If you really want to, you can edit these: \scripts\server\battlegroup\counter_battlegroup.sqf Line 21 combat_readiness >= 70 && Air units spawn, when the combat readiness is 70 or above. If you lower this, you'll have enemy air units more often. Also: \scripts\server\battlegroup\spawn_air.sqf Line 3 if ( combat_readiness >= 75 ) then { _planes_number = (floor (random 2)) }; There you should use a readiness value which is equal or just small higher than the value you used before. As you want more, you should use the same value and maybe edit the _planes_number, so that there is no chance for 0 planes. Like if ( combat_readiness >= 75 ) then { _planes_number = ((floor (random 2)) + 1) };
  16. It would basically be possible, sure. But I won't add something like this. How would you defend yourself if your FOB is under attack? And this is in general not a "failure" of the mission, as it's more a question about the behaviour of people who play on your server.
  17. @DirtyG16 Glad you enjoy the mission that much :) Basically these two parameters do: Difficulty Increase of the combat readiness Spawn times of roaming enemy patrols in enemy territory (not sector bound) Aggressivity Size of reinforcements and battlegroups Time between enemy attacks and time until the reinforcements arrive To alter the spawn chances of certain vehicles you've to edit the preset. Example: opfor_vehicles_low_intensity = [ "O_MRAP_02_hmg_F", "O_MRAP_02_gmg_F" ]; This would create a 50/50 chance to spawn a MRAP with HMG or with GMG. And if you do this: opfor_vehicles_low_intensity = [ "O_MRAP_02_hmg_F", "O_MRAP_02_hmg_F", "O_MRAP_02_gmg_F" ]; You would have a 66% chance for a MRAP with HMG and a 33% chance for a MRAP with GMG. That way you can adjust the spawn rates/chances for vehicles etc. in enemy groups. And as you've already played many map. You know about the devkit which make it "quite easy" to create own/new Liberation maps? https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Devkit @DruidicRifleman The FOB templates in the missionfile are only for FOB hunting secondary missions. You can add your own if you stick to the template, sure. But you can't use any templates for blufor FOBs, if this is what you're asking for.
  18. This is already fixed in the next update. Reason is, that some of the single infantry units weren't listed in the predefined infantry squads. (where the save manager only relied on before) This means if you have for example something like "infantry_unit_XY" as buildable single infantry, but this classname wasn't used in any predefined squad it wouldn't get saved. This was the case for example with the light rifleman. Have a look at this commit and do the change in the classnames.sqf https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/commit/974b8c335860957a758d1e9caa193ac3c0b2c558
  19. AI is also saved in the continued version (it's build upon it and not replaced). Don't know what kind of issues you had. And concerning the resource system, you can create a passive income without shipping all crates from A to B: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Logistic#creating-a-passive-income
  20. I guess you're using the newer version of Liberation, then this one would be the right place: This behaviour is quite intended. The "static buildings" positions are checked and saved once at built. And the position will be bound to the object as variable. The save script won't update the position of such an object. Therefor you've to edit the save_manager.sqf behaviour concerning these kind of buildings.
  21. This will help I bet: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:FAQ#why-do-i-spawn-on-the-spawn-island-with-no-functions
  22. Small Scripts for ArmA 3 from KP GitHub Description A small and for sure growing compilation of small scripts which can be used in any mission without any need to change anything in the missionfile. Only implementing in one of the init files and you're done. Configurations will be inside each script file seperately. Currently contained scripts KP Fuel Consumption Script This script handles the fuel consumption of vehicles, so that refueling will be necessary more often. It also checks if the vehicle is standing with running engine, driving in normal speed or max speed. With this script you'll have the need to refuel the vehicle during an evening session with a suitable setup by default (full configurable). So no more "never ending" fuel available due to the normal ArmA 3 fuel consumption mechanic. KP Distance Monitor Script Adds actions to the player to start/stop/reset travelled map distance measuring. It will be shown as hint and you can configure the interval of the measuring. It works with a loop which you can leave via script command or debug console: kp_distance_run = false; KP Load Loadouts to Cargo Script Ability to load items from saved or predefined loadouts to a vehicle cargo. This functionality is available in the vicinity of objects which you've defined per classname in the script or via this setVariable ["KP_loadout_cargo_object",1]; in an objects init line in the editor. To end the script on a client you've to run KP_loadout_cargo_run = false; on the clients machine. KP Random Wreckspawn Script Place random wrecks on the roads of the map. You don't need to place anything in the editor or something. This script will place in a free configurable mininum and maximum distance random wrecks on the roads. Also with a adjustable chance to spawn more wrecks in the direct vicinity of the last spawned wreck, so it'll also create random roadblocks. If you've suggestions or ideas for small scripts like that, let me know. Mostly I'll add scripts there which are created due to our community needs and if they're usable as kind of "standalone" script. You could also join our Discord: KP Discord
  23. Hey there, an interesting idea, but as you said that wouldn't be a kind of "small script". Also because of the ogg files etc. I would say this is something which could be build as a mod. It would basically be possible to code something like that, sure. So currently I wouldn't have enough spare time to realize this, as I'm also on the next Liberation update. If you like, you could join the discord, as there are also many people who code some things for ArmA etc. and maybe you could find someone there who would work with you together on this idea. Here is the invite link: https://discord.gg/bpPUU48 The distance meter is indeed just a very small script which counts each change of your position and measure the distance. So yeah, there is no "was it a position change in the facing direction". But I'm curious for what you actually use that script. I made it, but I couldn't think of a "real use" in missions or something ^^
  24. All these information can be obtained in the wiki, which is linked in each missionfile, on GitHub and at the first post in this thread. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki
  25. When they fly over the place you want them out, select the squad via zeus and press G. Normal Zeus controls for letting AI leave a vehicle immediately.