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  1. Hello I'm Lt L.Arsenault with 1st Battalion 1st Marines. We are a arma 2 realism unit based on the USMC. We play mods such as ACE/ACRE, HIP and Unsung. Our goal is to provide a fun tactical unit for players to enjoy. We run with a no Bull Sh*t rule. We are a new unit and are looking for some players to come join us. We currently have 3 squads open with a total of 9 fireteams and one HQ team. We have training's every second week end (second Sunday) and operations every first weekend on Sunday. We are looking for mature players of any age. to come join us. If you would like to join us contact me on steam or our teamspeak. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Teamspeak -

    Steam - DeathRoadKillZ

    Lt L.Arsenault

    1st Battalion 1st Marines

    God Father HQ