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  1. This is a bit of a shot in the dark and chances are you have already tried this but the error sounds like a memory issue so on the off chance you did not test it: Try switching what malloc you are using, in steam right click on Arma 3 in your library -> properties -> Local files tab -> Browse local files -> open the Dll folder, you should have a few different mallocs here, for example: tbb4malloc_bi Again with that folder on hand, right click on Arma 3 -> properties -> Set launch options... button -> type in "-malloc=tbb4malloc_bi" without the "". If you already have something in the launch options, clear it all out and try with it empty first and try all the different mallocs after that, they are in the Dll folder. You can also try "-malloc=system" which afaik it will try to use some standard windows malloc to run the game. **Edit** For clarity, only test a single -malloc="name" at a time... and malloc = memory allocator, which is why it might be relevant to the error.
  2. The 16mb patch seems to have fixed it for me, I have not had any sort of error after it!
  3. Im going to be that guy that doesnt have any experience at all with guns IRL so I cant say if the current sounds are how it sounds when you/others are shooting around you but I would still tell you and your friend that these sounds both sound bad and are bad from a gameplay point of view. Aside from some weapons sounding like staplers or typewriters the sonic cracks are often louder than the gun thats shooting the bullets, wich again I have no idea how it is IRL but it just seems weird to see a guy 10m infront of you with a big LMG spraying bullets at you and the crack of the bullets flying around are loud enough to almost mask the actual gun itself. As it is right now unless I see the person shooting at me I can probably only 2/10 times get the direction of where the shooter is by sound.. Its so disorienting that im actually starting to go by a rule of "It sounds like its coming from West, so he is probably East". Its probably because the bullets go faster than sound so the first sound I hear is the sonic crack of a bullet going past me, then just after I hear the gun wich I identify as the bullet hitting something wich means my mental image of where the bullet came from is completely reversed. Thats not even touching on how impossible it is to locate a shooter by sound if the bullets actually HIT something close to me, *PlaCK* of a bullet flying past me *PloCK* of a bullet hitting something behind/left/right/infront of me and at the same time *Plick* of the actual gun shooting... Thats 3 sounds that usually sound very similar all happening almost at the same time and all of them are from different directions and all of them at similar levels of loudness then add that its automatic fire and all I hear is a stream of *FlPFlPFlP* coming from EVERYWHERE. Guy with a Zafir 10m away spraying at me will make me belive he is several hundred meters away, someone with a silenced weapon or both if I just go by sound!
  4. Bolded and made it a bit bigger... that, that and that. After the patch the sounds of weapons slightly pointing in your direction has more or less been removed, a single guy within 100m can fire at me full auto but all I can hear is the bullets *Plicking* in the air and then going *Plock* if they hit anything near me wich results in it sounding like there is 20 different people all around me with silenced weapons taking shots at me with no good way to know where the shots are actually coming from. My best example of this is from multiplayer, a guy comes around a corner not even 10m away from me with a Zafir LMG, its not silenced but it doesnt need to be because I could see him spraying bullets at me and I could hear the bullets flying at me but thats it, there was no sound coming from the actual gun at all or if it was it was somehow outdone by the *Plick* the bullets made when they flew past me wich is also very strange because they arent that loud that they would completely cover the Zafir going full auto.. I died ofc, being able to hear him shooting at me wouldnt have saved me from that then but he had been shooting at me before and I was willing to bet money on him being at least 300m away due to not really hearing him fire at me, so I took cover by the wall.. unaware that the guy shooting at me was actually just 20m or so away when he shot at me the first time. With the old sound I would have heard him, known he was REALLY close and been ready at the corner instead of preparing for a long range engagement. Sadly thats hardly the first time since the patch that someone has been shooting at me from less than 10m away and I have no clue where they are, thinking they are far away and trying to run to cover.. yeah good luck running to cover when they are more or less right next to you, old sounds I again would hear them and perhaps be able to fire back instead of running aroung like a chicken without a head trying to figure out where they are shooting from. I found this comment on the Steam forum and I think it describes my problem fairly good, if a bit colorful: "Holy crap WTF did you guys do to the gun sounds? Sounds like I'm at war with an army of secretaries on electric typewriters!!!"