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  1. UPDATE: We are now looking for all types of community members! For more information on what this entails, contact me through the same methods as above. - Thank you, Cookie
  2. Hello, I am the Project Head for an upcoming RP server on Arma 3. We have a custom map, vehicles, weapons, and are in progress of our very own framework. Now, we are not like other Arma 3 Life communities. We have realized the mistakes of other communities and even some other ones that might come about. We are using 90% our own content, the only content not being our own is, TFAR, ACE, and TRYK. Along with understanding where other communities went wrong, and nearly all custom content, we also have a different approach on how the server would run. This we believe will put us above other servers/communities. We are currently look for developers with any skill sets wether that would be, scripting, modeling, texturing etc. The only requirment is that you can work under a deadline (normally longer that neccessary). If you have any interested, or have any questions, feel free to add me on Steam at: steamcommunity.com/id/ecat118 , or shoot me an email at either digitalliferpg@gmail.com or cook.ethan.j@gmail.com. Thank you for you time sincerely, - Cookie, Development Manager, Digital Life RPG