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  1. got my server up and running but its not perfect yet. its my first time running a server so bare with me. so i can successfully see my server in the server list, i can connect to it and play but my virtual arsenal only seems to be running RHS stuff and no vanilla no anything else it seems, to make it worse its not ALL the RHS assets i only had some blufor stuff available to me. my server is running RHS for the mission but it has keys for everything else im running. so question is does my server have to run the exact mods im running? or where could i have gone wrong?

  2. Here are some tourist photos from my trip around Chernarus. enjoy

























    how did you get the snow vehicles? what mod is that? looks awesome


    also to the map creator/modder, what is the difference between this version and the original guys? i have his and it works for A3. not trying to be rude just curious, im def interested. are there more entereable buidlings nd things? texture work?

  3. i have a question. ive been using poseidon for awhile now no issues but i put a new windows on a new hdd, got everything working, poseidon is installed, yet it only runs if i open it. i cant open it by double clicking an SQF file anymore, it gives me an unspecified error. "poseidon error: file path" is what it looks like. i can access my SQF's manually if i open poseidon first but its kind of a hassle. any ideas on what i can do? ive installed it twice now, both fresh. im just super confused why it doesnt open sqf files now but did before. notepad++ opens them just fine but its ugly compared to poseidon lol.

  4. next time.








    maybe,this problem is the proxy of p3d. but we cant fix it now.(no p3d data)

    thank you.









  5. Mostly the armor rating is too high, I play with a fairly small group of guys and we found with a TFA plate carrier you can take quite a few direct hits with minimal injuries (one guy got tore into by a BMP and didn't even go down). a few of the other guys think that the bags carrying capacity needs to be adjusted in relation to the size of bag. 

    however all that said, I haven't found any other mods this gorgeous and I love the custom 5.11 bags and the quality of the uniforms.

    maybe the option to do so.....or a "lite" version. some of us like the crazy armor and capacity values lol.

  6. However you do it, you should prefer a method that makes you finish it sooner, because usually modder and users lose interest otherwise. If stuff is placed, people rather use it and you may find it on youtube. Good for marketing.

    what he said. you want some finished material out, so fans will fully follow your work. rather than 2-3 beta maps, thats ultimately more work for you in the long run. pianosa is looking amazing, all A3 assets from the looks of it, great stuff. my vote is finish first than finish your other one.


    side note: this is purely my opinion, nothing more. again great work dood.