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    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    no error in your code, you are missing 2 commands. Add this: RydHQ_MAtt = true; RydHQB_MAtt = true;
  2. Hi Shay I love the gaia system:-) But to have more usability i would love to see the following in mcc: - Gaia system can be in modular form, use markers to define zones, and options to either sync units/groups or all editor placed units. - Add a stratigic position module so gaia will send units to the modules position to attack/defend. - Add supprts options in the editor it self and choose who will be the commander in the editor. - Add options to deny players to use mcc while in mission. (If the first option is implemented ofcourse). Thanks for your work on your mod and enjoy your time with the little one:-)
  3. Brawler

    Spyder Addons

    I don't have the issue. are you in first person or third person? The module is synced to the middle table
  4. Brawler

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks a lot for the new update, A LOT of new toys to play with :) Take a well deserved Christmas holliday! Merry Christmas
  5. SPUDSpyderblack has create a script for alive, you will find it on the alive forums under topic "recruit ai". Im on mye Phone noe so i cant provide a link to github. It vert easy to set up, and it works both on client and dedicated server.
  6. Brawler

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    I can test on my server tonight:-)
  7. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28604
  8. ok, try to increase the taor on blufor_1, and create a new taor for oppfor_1 so that is covering the rest of the map. And also make some space between the taors. And make sure the taors are either rectangle or elipse, and do not turn them.
  9. I use asr ai, works pretty well, actually its terrifying some times! One time i ended up in a heavy firefight in negades on altis and we took some casualties, me and ai mates pushed forward and suddenly we took fire from both flanks, and before i could react i was back on respawn! lol They also call for help in a certain radius, 500m is default, so if you stay in one spot for to long, you suddenly have a living hell in no time! combine this with the ai comander from alive, you can look forward to some insane and epic fights!
  10. How to setup a local dedicated server for ALiVE Step 1: Download TADST from Armaholic, and unzip the content to desktop. Copy TADST.ext to your arma 3 directory. Ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3. Make a new shortcut on TADST.exe and but it on your desktop. Step 2: Click on windows icon and then search for all programs, type: ¨run¨ and then the run application will open. Type cmd in the text field, then it will open a DOS interface. Type inn ipconfig/all and press enter. You will se alot off ip adresses. Take note of the following ip adresses: IP adress Networkmask. Standard Gateway DNS Server DNS Server alternative Step 3: Right click on your nettwork ikon to buttom right on your desktop, and click on network and sharingcenter. Then you click change setting for network cards. Locate your active network card and right click and select properties. Then you will see a menu, locate Internett protocoll 4 TCP/IPv4, select that, and click on properties. Selct manual configuration on both Ip adresses and DNS adresses. Type in the values you took note off in step 2. click on OK, USE and OK. Its important that yout PC is on a Static IP, se step 4. Step 4: Open a internett explorer, type in the Standard Gateway adress you took note on step 2, press enter. Then you shoud se the login interface to your router, if you dont know your login details, its normaly: username: admin, password: is your default key, labeled under you router. locate the settings for port forwarding, normaly it shown under network security, depending of your router. You must allow port 2302-2305 to be open, in most cases you must also define and IP adress for a server or a divice, ie your dedicated server for arma 3. Step 5: Click on this link: http://www.whatsmyip.org/, take note on the ip adress displaying. This is your external ip adress, witch you must use in War Room. Step 6: Go to: http://alivemod.com/user/login and create an account, create a new group and click on create a server. Follow the server setup instructions. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU UPDATE @Aliveserver and ALiVE.cfg after each update on alive! Step 7: Open TADST, follow guide on armaholic on how to setup TADST. The only thing that is not noted on the guide is the value on Steam port, the correct value is 2305 not 8766. Select a ALiVE mission, (try one of the official missions from ALiVE, you find them in @AliVE, Demo, MP. Copy the ALiVE_Insurgency_Redux.Altis.pbo or the mission of your choice and paste it to MPmissions in Arma3 directory.) And you need to run the exact same mods as your client but include @aliveserver aswell. Click LOUNCH Remember to shut down Steam client, the Steam client must always be shut down before you starting your dedicated server! Step 8: Start Steam client again and start arma3. Go to multiplayer and click on filters, type in your name on your server, it might take some time before it shows up! When it shows up join your server and start to play! When you want to save your mission: open chat and type login yourpassword defined in TADST, click on Server Save and Exit. Login in to War Room and and check that the stats is showing up and everything look ok. If it is, then cudos to youJ
  11. If you are trying to start a mission from a local dedicated server from your pc, it will crash if you havent open port 2302-2305 in your router, if you haven't you probably can not join your server either. The reason why is the data module is placed in the mission, and it tries to connect to alive database, if those port are not open, connection will be blocked in the firewall on the router, and the game crash to desktop. You should also check your server settings on war room, but this should not crash the game.
  12. I finaly has upgraded my pc, so i can run alive on local dedi, connected to war room and it works like a charm, a big thanks to alive dev team for this! Donation is inbound!
  13. Thanks Spyder. I just create a second trigger to assign task to player when close to objective. Then i put your code in a second trigger, and set it to repeat, so that when player is close, the IED schould spawn. When all IED is disarmed the second trigger will trigger it as complete. In theory this schould work as i want. I give it a try tonight, and report here with result.
  14. Thanks, i tried: ((count ([getposATL thisTrigger, 500] call ALIVE_fnc_getNearIED)) > 0); but this didn't work. im a complete noob when it comes to scripts tough.
  15. Im woring on a counter insurgency mission, this will be a sp experience. And is it possible to have a trigger to check when all ALiVE ied has been disarmed? Or do i have to place ied manually?
  16. im not a skilled mission designer, but i have an idea of a story though. And it takes place on Altis, the idea are: ukrainian freedom fighters (U.F.F, utilizing rhs insurgents faction) has lost their fight againts the governent, and they also have lost support from Russia. Due bad economy in Greece, u.f.f see the opportunity to get their island of their own, they attack the Island and the greek forces is outnumbered. And due to the massive flood of refugees from the middle east, the greek army have their hands full on the mainland and and let the u.f.f keep the island. But the local civilisation does not give up their home without a fight, and this escalate to murder and terrorism. The greek army ask the US for help to control the situasion on Altis. US dispatcing a security forces from US Army... This can be made as twin story version, where we can play as a U.f.f solider and us solider, to give different perspective of the story. What do yoy guys think? sorry for my bad english :-) Tom
  17. I also play sp only, but i don't realy missing save in sp. I create missions that can be completed in a 1-2 hours. But its actually very fun without the option to save, simply if you die you must start at the beginning, and that forces you to recess everything as you move, gather intel and recon, plan your route ahead, know when to engage and disengage etc. It is realy a very realistic way to play, its tension its challenging and you as a player becomming ALiVE in a virtual warzone. Tom
  18. np mate but arma3 and games in general runs a lot better performance wise with win10. Just testet last night with your mod + jsrs and alive, and the it runs by far more stable then win8.1 even when it is a lot of action going on, and i haven't had any problems so far exept the issue with the install.bat. Recommend you give it a try
  19. I see you are running windows 10, for some reason windows10 do some odd things with the intall.bat from tpw. You have to manually move the userconfig folder from @tpw to your arma3 directory. i experinced the same thing when i updated to w10. Tom
  20. Thank you for this awesome mod, much appriciated😊 i have a wish in a future update tough: can you add a pip helmet cam in the tablet and select individual units to see what they see? this can be usefull when you order a recon team to a elevated position to scout a area, so you can gather more intel before an assault. It can also be usefull if you send a fireteam or two down different streets in a urban assault. It may not be realistic, but since you can not have a radio dialog with the AI, it would be a good replacement😉 Tom
  21. Brawler

    Ukraine General

    To Vilas: i am very sorry to read your story this is not how things shold be, and you are right, i don't understand. But please do understand that it is not just glory in our country either, our law is missing a lot too, just read this:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Norway_attacks. This guy killed over 70 people. And he got 21 years in prison, he get payed and free education while he is in jail. He may never get out of prison, but if he behave nice and not seen as a "danger" to the society, he will be out in 21 years. So justice isn't always beeing forfilled, even in Norway. It is of offcourse a lot worse in Poland, Ukraine and in general eastern Europe, but my point is that nasty things also happends in countries who are assumed to be a nice and peacefull place to live. I realy hope the situasion in Ukraine will have an end soon, and hopefully with least casualties as possible. I just hope that Nato will stay out of this conflict, if they do the situasjon in Ukraine will be a disaster, and may result in a new world war.
  22. Brawler

    Ukraine General

  23. Brawler

    Ukraine General

    By simply going to election! Vote for the people who will lead the nation! Demontrate in the cities, their is alot of things people can do. In my country we have demonstrated a lot for thing that is not right, and we usually wins! Two years ago, our goverment decreased the economic support to our farmers, farmers demontrated by driving tractors in to the capital, and sprayed cow shit and milk all over place, and they eventually got back their economy support. This is just one of many examples how powerfull the people can be in democracy!
  24. Brawler

    Ukraine General

    Yes communism isn't bad idealogy, but the problems is that communism allows a few men to lead one nation, and they can lead with their own idealogy opinions etc, and the people of that nation have really no way to fight againts. In democracy, we do not having this issue, because the people actually is the leaders, because we desides who shall be our leaders! and that is the true power of democracy! It's actually almost impossible in democracy to be succeded with extreme idelogy, it will just be stopped right away by the people. A perfect example of this is acually Ukraine, pro Russians have most certanly wantet to fight againts the goverment for years. but they could'nt because the people is too strong. When the goverment suggest that Russia should be removed as a second language and Russia seized Chrimea, they got motivated to start the fight against the goverment.