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  1. So, we've been working on this training mission for the past couple of days and we've noticed a common problem and can't think what is causing it. The issue: - A couple of slots spawn as seagulls. Why is this? Well we thought it was the spacing and increased it - No fix Now we're stumped. Heres a list of our addons if they cause it: Main Modpack [Main] @ace @alive @cba_a3 @rhs_afrf3 @rhs_usf3 @task_force_radio userconfig [ace, mdh_topdownattack, task_force_radio, tpwcas] Secondary Modpack [Maps] @CUP_Terrains @Maps FFIS was removed once REME had a change of staff, we noticed our previous person was an idiot and didn't remove it, as it's outdated and screwed since the EDEN Update.
  2. Jonesy840

    Trip Flare

    Thanks, both of you! I took the modding route as recommended by Ralian and supported by j0nes, works rather well now lads. Thanks for the advice, working on a scripted version at the moment to see whether it is possible. I'm not bothered whether the trip-wirse is noticeable, nor about the explosion. It was more a focus on the damage and preventing that. Again, thankyou.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any idea whether it is only possible and relatively easy to assign a trip-wire to instead of detonating an explosive to spawn a flare either above in the sky, or a flare which ignites upon the ground then launches into the air. This is what I am refering to: Any help, advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.
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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone in the community is currently working on an African themed map or if there are already some out there worth mention. Map requirments: - Must be suitable for milsim - Must be suitable for air assets to land etc - Must have large built up areas and wide open spaces - Must be a reasonably large map either same or larger than Altis. Thankyou for your comments/suggestions. Regards, Monty
  5. So i've made a mission for a community public server and during the finishing stages noticed that it cannot be played unless those playing it have Blastcore Phoneix, is there any way or method to which i can remove the blastcore element so that the mission can be played. Without remaking the mission entirely?