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    Eden Objects

    Here comes the Russian translation. It's been a pleasure to work on translation. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2up37sah2qpue8t/Stringtable.xml?dl=0 Also, here's first bug I've seen. When you shoot a tactical screen and going far, then looking on it, you can see these artifacts.
  2. Igor Nikolaev

    Eden Objects

    Good work. Looking straight to see that in game. Also, can help with Russian translation.
  3. Igor Nikolaev

    List of all hidden texture inits

    Use this for dirty MTP uniform: this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\a3\characters_f_epb\BLUFOR\Data\clothing1_dirty_co.paa"]; This for Iranian scientist coveralls: this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\A3\characters_f\common\data\coveralls_scientist_co.paa"];
  4. Igor Nikolaev

    Eden Objects

    Nice work! Already love it!
  5. I just tried to include map "Nam" to this script and it doesn't work at all. I have this: //map size/scale _worldSize = 0; if (isNumber (configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "mapSize")) then {_worldSize = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "mapSize")} else { _worldSize = switch (worldName) do { case ("VR"): {8192}; case ("smd_sahrani_a3"): {20480}; case ("Takistan"): {12800}; case ("Chernarus"): {15360}; case ("Utes"): {5120}; case ("Nam"): {20480}; What should I do? Can anyone help?
  6. I found this in campaign. When I zoom, markers appearing at the map. But when not, I can't see them. How to do such kind of markers on my own missions? Before zooming: After zooming:
  7. Hey there. I just wanted to use BIS Dynamic Groups in my mission, in MP. Seems to be working, but when player wants to change his class, he can't open it. Reconnect helps, but I don't want players use it every time. Any ideas? Btw, here is initServer.sqf ["Initialize"] call BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups; And initPlayerLocal.sqf ["InitializePlayer", [player]] call BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups;
  8. Igor Nikolaev

    Set vehicle textures after respawn in MP

    Thanks, that worked! You are amazing!