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  1. Hi all, I've been digging through the A3 files, Biki, BIS forums and google for these but not found satisfactory answers yet. My issue is that I'm trying to add a bit to a current GUI I've been building to allow both loading preset groups of items into a vehicle's inventory (e.g. some AT, patrol supplies, or medical gear), and loading crates into a vehicle with ACE logistics. The ACE logistics side of it seems trivial, and early tests have worked just as expected... but I've run into a complete stop with the vanilla side of things. Scenario: I have a vehicle with unknown cargo capacity, filled with an unknown selection of gear. I wish to load a selection of items in to the cargo, but need to check whether there is enough space to hold the selection before loading. Issue: I can't find a function that returns the current inventory fill. I know there must bloody be one, though, because the inventory has a cap and a bar displaying loading! "Load" looks like it should work, but just returns 0 when I try it. I've checked the GUI_F and Functions_F (among most other even tenuously-related folders), but can't see how either the GUI determines how full the bar is or when to block a transfer because the destination container isn't big enough. Can anyone point me in the right direction here please? Additional: The Blackout/Commanche doesn't seem to have a "MaximumLoad" specified, and nor does anything it inherits from as far as I can see. It's the only helicopter that doesn't, but none of the fixed-wings do either. What config entry is determining the maximum capacity? Additional 2: Vehicle inventory bars don't always display as fully empty when no items remain in cargo. Is this just a bug in the way the bar displays, or is something wonky at a more fundamental level?
  2. Sorry, didn't make it clear - I'm striking out in a slightly different direction and working from scratch, but was appreciative of having my suspicions effectively confirmed. And bonus marks for someone willing to stump-up some reasonably nice code in response to an open question :)
  3. That looks like pretty much exactly what I intend - I'd really hoped to find there was a native command for this, but I reckon I'll have to go the route of manually calculating it each time. Thanks :)
  4. canAdd is helpful for individual items, but ideally I want to know in advance if I can load the entire group of items or not. Thanks though, I hadn't found that one before! As for the ACE side of things, I've already got that all in hand but thanks :)
  5. Yes, it typically does - unless a game intercepts the button. This is what ACE *used* to do, and why the ACE default keybind is the windows key (they'd hardly have it as the default if it minimised most people's games when used...) An even more curious effect has manifested though: when I play on my usual server or through the vanilla launcher only running ACE, the game minimises on winkey. When I play on another server, the game behaves perfectly and ACE functions as it used to when I press winkey :/ As this happens when ACE is the only mod active and through the vanilla launcher, I guess maybe one of the mods in the alternate server are helping ACE out somehow by blocking the winkey from windows? :/
  6. Not that I can see - and ideally I'm looking for a solution/cause, rather than just a workaround :/
  7. In the last week or two, I've started having the issue where pressing Windows (interact) causes Arma to minimise as soon as I release the button to select an option. Ctrl+Windows (self interact) works just fine, and my current workaround is to tap ctrl just as I release windows... but clearly this isn't ideal! The only change in this period is our group has gone from using PW6 to ArmaSync, but I'm getting the same issue even launching just ACE from the vanilla launcher. I've had a hunt around and done some obvious things like rebinding the key and then resetting to default, but not found any obvious solutions - please help me unbreak my game! xD
  8. Hi all, I've been making a GUI to improve the functionality aspect of our modpack for the last few weeks and it's all going reasonably well so far... with the exception of rigidly-scaled text boxes. If I fail to guess how much text can fit in a textbox in advance, it just flows out the bottom and vanishes. Clearly, the answer to this is to have a textbox that includes a scrollbar when the amount of text is greater than the supplied space. I've been hunting this down for a coupla weeks now but with no success. I've found a post or two that claimed to have produced a textbox with a scroll, but even directly copy-pasting their suggestions doesn't work, or produces blank boxes, or produces errors from missing dialog config options. Can anyone either help, or suggest a reliable resource? All I want is a ST_MULTI textbox that can hold an arbitrary amount of text with the addition of a vertical scrollbar when needed! Thanks in advance!
  9. Nick Seafort

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Bug report: when using ACE3 as well, trying to bring up the wind indicator (shift+k) causes the ACE wind indicator and Liberation resource UI to flicker. I presume they're using the same idc or similar, and the flickering is each overriding the other whenever their refresh tick happens.
  10. Hi there! Loved this mod for a long while, the UI and configurability of the bird just makes it a lovely option for rapidly-changing missions :) I apologise for asking if it's been asked already, but I had a look and couldn't see: is there a particular reason that in the Foxtrot variant the GPS targeting window is controlled by the pilot, despite it being the WSO controlling the release of ordinance? To me, it'd make far more sense having everything apart from guns and rockets controlled by the WSO... including targeting systems! ;)
  11. Nick Seafort

    ASOR Vehicle Selector

    Hi Lecks, I was exploring the ASORVS as a replacement for the VVS script by tonic-_-. However, I've run into an issue with whitelisting that I can't seem to diagnose or solve, and have one other request. We like having a spawnboard for ground vehicles, and a spawnboard for air vehicles - so the ability to enter multiple filters into the spawn string is helpful, and works just fine. However, I cannot get the whitelist in config.sqf to actually have any effect on the vehicles listed. Now for some snippets to check I've not completely derped on something! this addAction ["Spawn Air", {[["helicopters", "planes"], [], "airspawn"] execvm "ASORVS\open.sqf";}, 0, 8]; this enableSimulation false; This happily opens the spawn menu, and spawns any vehicle in the helicopter/plane category at the required position, having cleared any surrounding obstructions within 8m (excluding wrecks, as far as I can tell. Unhelpful if some dingbat crashes on the pad!). The spawnheight parameter doesn't seem to do anything whatsoever, but that's not a huge concern for me. ASORVS_SideRestriction = true; ASORVS_BrightMaps = []; ASORVS_UnitInsigniaAsBackground = false; //Background logo. Can be in a mod or in a mission. .paa (recommended) or .jpg ASORVS_BackgroundLogo = "A3\ui_f\data\Logos\arma3_expansion_ca.paa"; //ASORVS_BackgroundLogo = "image.jpg"; //Image in your mission folder. //ASORVS_BackgroundLogo = "clan-textures\clan_logo.paa"; //Image in clan-textures.pbo addon //Background tile (Arma 3 loading screen noise) ASORVS_BackgroundTile = "A3\ui_f\data\GUI\cfg\LoadingScreens\loadingnoise_ca.paa"; //Items that should not be shown in any lists ASORVS_Blacklist = []; //You can also add a blacklist per side AND/OR per faction. All blacklists that match player when ASORVS is opened will be included. Examples: //ASORVS_Blacklist_WEST = []; //hide items for all west units //ASORVS_Blacklist_BLU_F = []; //hide items for all NATO (class name BLU_F) units //Only these items will show in any lists. Items not in these lists will be removed when opening ASORVS. Only base radios from TFAR / ACRE need to be added. ASORVS_Whitelist ["B_Heli_Light_01_F"]; //You can also add a whitelist per side and/or per faction. Items in this list MUST also be in ASORVS_Whitelist if it exists. //ASORVS_Blacklist_WEST = ["ItemRadio"]; //hide items for all west units //ASORVS_Blacklist_BLU_F = ["ItemRadio"]; //hide items for all NATO (class name BLU_F) units I uncommented the ASORVS_Whitelist on line 21, then tried it with ["ItemRadio", "B_Heli_Light_01_F"], and then just ["B_Heli_Light_01_F"]. Neither seemed to affect the list of vehicles the spawn menu popped up. For us, this is a real dealbreaker so I'm really keen to find out whether I've misunderstood something, or whether this is a known issue? The additional request is that I'd like to be able to affect the sorting of the spawnlist, rather than having it with enforced alphabetic ordering. I like having the vehicle spawn list ordered by function and capacity, and therefore having the enforced alphabetic sorting is an annoyance - especially as it then separates out similar airframes with similar roles that are simply differently named. Otherwise, I want to thank you for producing such a beautiful vehicle spawner, and the info about the vehicle on the left is just the cherry on top :D
  12. Nick Seafort

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Oh my goodness, I'd never have narrowed it down to a sound mod conflict! Thank you! xD
  13. Nick Seafort

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi guys, I've noticed the issue that when I mount up as gunner in one of the M2/Mk19 HMMWVs that I can't aim or fire the gun - instead I just turn my head. I've had this for a few days now, but I'm sure I it worked fine for me a few weeks back. I've tried double tapping ctrl or double tapping alt etc, I've checked my binds, etc etc. I just can't seem to use the damn gun! I can use one of the roof-mounted guns on the Abrams if I turn out, so it only seems to be those HMMWVs that I'm having an issue with. Can anyone suggest something stupid I may have done, as I'd prefer not to file a bug report if it's a known issue. Ta!
  14. Nick Seafort

    XENO - Taru Pod Mod

    Works beautifully now, thanks! :D
  15. Nick Seafort

    XENO - Taru Pod Mod

    I play in stable, and I did only test it with the bench pod - but I also tested slowly rolling the helo back over the pod on the ground (using the wheels), and it also broke the atorque rotor when it got near to the winch section it seemed.
  16. Nick Seafort

    XENO - Taru Pod Mod

    Well that's.... entirely predictable :| Okay, thanks!
  17. Nick Seafort

    XENO - Taru Pod Mod

    Hi there, I just want to say first that I absolutely love the idea of this mod - it opens up so many possibilities! However, I'm having difficulties with the atorque hotfix not seeming to work. I use the standard (non-advanced) flight model, and both with the vanilla Taru and the JNS Skycrane variant, I can fly around with a pod slingloaded below me just fine, but within 2-3s of attaching the pod the atorque breaks. Having a look around at comments here and on the steam page, I expected your atorque hotfix to either magically fix the rotor or provide a context menu option to fix the rotor - neither of which I got! :x For reference: I was running just those 2 mods (yours and skycrane) to test them out, and as mentioned above my flight model was standard. I don't know if that makes a difference, but I figured I'd mention. I'd absolutely love to know if I'm just misunderstanding how the hotfix works, or whether there is indeed a problem, as I'd love to use these on my group's server :)
  18. Hi everyone, both myself and a few other people suffer this issue, but I've not been able to find a result on google for it - don't know whether I'm just using the wrong search terms, or whether it's something peculiar to our games for some reason. This manifests most often when the gunner for a tank, or the pilot for an attack helo. As the gunner for a tank, I'll be shooting infantry with the coax when suddenly the weapon swaps back to the main cannon - causing me to fire an APFSDS round straight into a cluster of infantry :p Similarly, as the pilot of a helo, I'll find that the CM mode will swap back to the first option sporadically - sometimes causing us to take a missile due to only dropping a single flare rather than a burst. At first I presumed I was just accidentally hitting a keybind, but the more it's happened since it seems to be tied to either the commander/gunner firing or swapping weapons. Has anyone else suffered this issue, or know of a solution/cause? [crosspost from Steam Community forumpost with no responses]
  19. Nick Seafort

    Vehicle Weapon/CM Selection Problems

    Does no one at all have any input on this? Seriously, I know it's not just me and the chances of 3 people in the same community all getting the same issue but no one else anywhere even having heard of it is just absurb...