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  1. I think they have some thread on Github(?) where you can request things like this? Anyway, it would be awesome. Imagine taking a hit while flying a helicopter. Engine is orange but still rolling, then the engine starts to get weaker and finally breaks down mid flight. The possibilities are endless.
  2. I can't wait for the release. A few things that could be cool and has already been mentioned: - Return of the Gasmask and CN grenades. (Something like the AGM stungrenade?) - Field rations and water? Nothing too serious. Perhaps just fatigue penalties for being hungry / thirsty? - Climbing was in AGM. I hope this stays in ACE. - Vehicle racks & general ACRE compatibility - Throwable banana Imagine being in the field. Bullets are being fired everywhere and you see your enemy crouched behind a wall. You think you're lobbing a grenade, but then you realize you tossed your precious banana towards your enemy... The field ration-thing could be a cool thing in my honest opinion. Nothing too crazy like "eat ten times an hour or die", but perhaps a hunger meter and a water meter. If you hit bottom your vision would blur, get tired easily and perhaps even pass out for short moments at a time? IDK, it's something me and the people I play with have wanted in our realism experience for quite some time. We tried a mod with this ages ago in A2 but sadly had to dump it due to compatibility issues. We had great fun with it though. Could be fun to earn the trust of the civilian population by handing out MREs and bananas.
  3. FireandManeuver

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Hello and thank you for making this great mod. We use this in our unit and are extremely happy with it. On a personal note I've been having some issues with it, however. Whenever I use my PTT, I don't hear the "beep" sound that you're supposed hear when you activate your radio. I can still broadcast with it, but I just don't hear the sound on any of the radios. I've tried doing a clean install, making sure everything is being run as admin and all of that jazz. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you.