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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Dear RHS, i actually need to ask you a little question about the M2010 bolt action rifle... Would it be possible to decide when/if loading the next bullet? It's pretty difficult to eventually adjust a bad shot if you don't know where the bullet hits, and the enemy may silently hide behind something without being noticed. I may be wrong, but that's my opinion. Forgive me if this has been already asked.
  2. dnl04

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That's probably right, but if you're using JSRS it can be easily fixed by replacing the "Closure" .wss files of the GM6 with blank ones. Only?I'm pretty sure I've only witnessed 50 FPS in my dreams....
  3. dnl04

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are you using JSRS?I had this problem too because the M107 is considered as a GM6 Lynx by JSRS, if I remember correctly.
  4. Dear Zeealex, I want to thank you, eternally hug you through the sincere thoughts I'm about to drop. Zeealex, you're a magician, a genius, a master, a prophet... your almighty and precious hands gave birth to a legendary, beautiful creature, an amazing piece of art that ended our thirst, our tears. The accuracy, quality and awesomeness of your model is just insane... chemical weapons kind of insanity. It's outstandingly good, incredibly sexy, seductive but dangerous at the same time, almost science fictional due to its inhuman perfection... I can see a lot of passion inside your heart, a lot of devotion to this beautiful, old, classic, immortal community... I can see it, I can feel it. However, I also know that you struggled hard to get there, to deliver your majestic contribution to us, to turn our hopes and our dreams into reality... thank you very much for that, only God knows how much I appreciate that. Your pure, raw, holy skills should be sanctified and remembered until the end of this planet... Really. I don't think i can handle this... It's too good to be true and, honestly, I would thank you again and again and again until I'll stop breathing... Finally, I'm sure as hell that I could possibly annoy you with excessive appreciation, so I'll shut myself down for a minute... You've just made history right here man, keep up the good... Oh, sorry, GREAT work.
  5. I have used this mod with a friend of mine in a multiplayer session (hosted on my pc, via LAN). Actually, Zoo's mod was working for me, but not for him.
  6. The current version of this mod is outstanding, and I love how it is constantly updated and expanded. Great work Zoo. I've just tested it and I'm happy to see that many imperfections of the previous releases were fixed, and that some great improvements were made. I'll surely try it again, again and again because, in my opinion, this mod is a must have. I'm looking forward to seeing advanced head wounds and... and an MP compatible version as well... If/when possible, of course. (I hope it is) Keep up the good work Zooloo, this is getting better every day.
  7. Holy Christ I've just played around over there and... I don't even know what to say Mr. Cype, this is just insane... I'm so amazed that I think I should retire from map making because there's no way I can get there... I mean, my stuff can't compete with this... This is a really well made terrain, filled with details and stuff... so alive that I can feel the hot sand through my sh*tty computer, and no, my CPU's not overheating... it's the greatness of your work. Congratulations. I just don't like some buildings but new, legendary, classic, groundbreaking, divine ones will come... One day.
  8. Great job man, the current version is almost a masterpiece.... Keep up the good work.
  9. That's the same error I got. Which version of Eliteness have you tried? I remember that the latest versions had that kind of problem.
  10. I had a similar issue a few weeks ago... Try packing your terrain with Eliteness V.2.32 instead.
  11. I disagree because, by your logic, we shouldn't represent Talibans, IS, Nazis, Hamas, IDF, and many others just because of their shameful actions and/or criminal behavior. I'm not trying to disrespect you, I'm just trying to understand your way of thinking because if i look at a possible, hypothetic form of censorship of mod's content, my eyes are only seeing cons.
  12. Thank you all for the compliments and support, I'll post updates as soon as possible (I'm making some of the roads right now). Maybe, but I've already battled enough with Haditha's problematic heightmap, so i don't really know how much more pain I'll be able to handle. I just thank God and BIS everyday because using Terrain Builder is a lot less masochistic than struggling and suffering several hours in the realms of Visitor 3...
  13. Yeah, that's what I meant.Doing things such as changing units' "attributes", mission's Intel and similar stuff is way faster in the 2D editor. Even though I know how to start Eden in 2D, it's not capable of giving me the same compact, classic, nostalgic, clear, solid feeling of its predecessor...but I'm not saying that BI should change the 3D editor though, because it's extremely good right now. I just think that BI made an exceptional brand new tool... But I consider it as a welcomed addiction, not as a replacement.
  14. Yes, I've measured the startup times of the 3D editor and witnessed that it's just a bit slower than the other one, but that's not the main issue. The old editor is more simple, quick and clear when it comes to make simple test missions and its classic layout makes it easier to manage for some people.
  15. Eden isn't bad at all, it's actually a wonderful, improved editor that adds a lot of interesting functions and fastens the making of certain scenarios but, as I said before, it can't replace the classic 2D editor because whenever you just need to throw some units in a terrain to test something, the 2D editor is unbeatable.Even though I'm using both 2D and 3D editor I don't understand why BI should delete the first one that's maybe more user friendly to some mission makers in order to achieve a particular task. That's why I think they should, at least, keep it available to all those who feel more comfortable with it. The two editors have their respective pros and cons but they're both necessary in ArmA.
  16. I have to post again because someone was hurt by my words and apparently removed everything I've posted in this discussion... Am I wrong? However, let's just hope BI doesn't remove the great & classic 2D editor which is basically one of the main, most groundbreaking features of ArmA. So... Dear Bohemia Interactive, could you please listen to our lost voices and understand the reasons behind our desperate claims? Please, we've already shed enough tears through our arid cheeks... I know that y'all considering different factors from different points of view but, in my honest opinion, you're basically crafting an abstract Berlin wall within the community. I really hope that you'll do the right thing... That being said, I'll always love your outstanding work, service and passion but please... Avoid any suicidal choice and make ArmA great again.
  17. dnl04

    RH Acc pack

    Maybe It was a bit rude, but I wasn't (obviously) trying to disrespect RobertHammer in any manner, I'll fix that little joke if it turns out to be excessively hard to absorb or too gruesome (according to the holy Forum rules).It wasn't a serious offense Mr. Jackal. :-) And about the PIP stuff: I'm not completely sure that you're talking about frame rate issues, because I didn't face any relevant problem. Or maybe I don't even notice that... the only time the PIP option gives me problems is when I drive a vehicle, for some unknown reason. ------- EDIT: -------- I realized that the scope I was referring to is actually from the RHS USAF mod, and thus not included in this pack...forgive me for my dumbness.
  18. dnl04

    RH Acc pack

    Shame on you RobertHammer, I can't even use 2D scopes anymore... Your majestic 3D (PIP) scopes are constantly attached to every rifle I carry, that stuff is insanely nice sir. That being said, good luck with your projects Mr. Rob., your stuff is really good. I just hope that you'll consider creating other 3D (PIP) versions of your scopes, because that's one of the few things I was looking forward to when i first heard about ArmA 3. Thank you for your efforts man.
  19. dnl04

    US Military Mod

    I'm glad to see that your awesome units are finally blessing A3 too Mr. Delta Hawk, thank you very much for the hard work you've done. The inner beauty of this masterpiece shocks me everytime I open the editor, it really takes passion to accomplish something like this... That's why I'm looking forward the next updates man, good luck. Also, I really hope that you can manage to get your patches ingame as well. That was probably my favorite aspect of your mod, not the patches by themselves, but the maniacal attention to detail and realism. Your work is extremely useful whenever I seek some inspiration to work on my terrain and to get it done... you're an artist, an artist like Mr. Opteryx who's displaying infinite love to the ArmA community. You're real world magicians who're turning our dreams into reality.
  20. Damn, it's time to reinstall Arma 3.. Great work.
  21. Upcoming terrain for Arma 2 CO. Dimensions: 5120x5120 WIP.
  22. dnl04

    TOH South Asia Map

    Thank you for your quick reply. I've tried to do that with many Pbos taken from the TOH demo several months ago, but i failed. That being said, i'll try to accomplish my original goal with these new ones, but i would like to ask you another question: Have you only modified the config.cpp to port this wonderful terrain?
  23. dnl04

    TOH South Asia Map

    Great work, this map has a lot of potential. Would be possible to port those maps to Arma 2 without facing too many issues? I'm asking you this because the Seattle map is one of the best thing i have ever seen, and i wanted to know if those files would work well in Arma 2 too. Thank you.
  24. If these wonderful models will be only available with Arma 3, maybe it's time to stop being stuck in the past. I should switch to the new game, in the future. Good luck with your legendary projects. These are excellent models and you're blessing our existence with your outstanding work for free. Not a lot of people are strong enough to do what you have done until now so don't be ashamed of your work, be proud of it. It's pure greatness. Your soul is obviously struggling due to the high amount of work and tremendous pain that keep you oppressed and happy at the same time, so thank you again for the great efforts of all these years. Don't give up sir.