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    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I really hope it would be possible to resurrect the whole Armaholic website, because other than being an unparalleled content library, it’s also the birthplace of many precious memories we all hold dear.
  2. Size: 5120x5120 Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a "small" terrain based on the city of Haditha (Al-Anbar Governorate, Iraq), which is situated next to the Euphrates river. It features real (?) elevation data and satellite imagery, a little portion of the Euphrates river, various small villages and the city centre. Haditha is currently very wip and I don't know when it'll be finished, but I surely know that it will, somehow. I'm trying to make this terrain as realistic as possible and, possibly, decent enough to be hosted on the holy site of Armaholic so... feel free to criticize my work, suggestions are always welcomed. Thanks: - I would like to thank mr. Delta Hawk for his magnificent, classic units that inspire me a lot and keep me constantly focused on Iraq related stuff. P.S. This discussion is wip too so better pics and information will be posted in the future... stay focused. These were the only pictures available.
  3. These are really great news. I'm very pleased to see that you're well and still working on your legendary projects.
  4. I quickly tested the main features and I honestly find the "new" medical system extremely effective. In my opinion we've witnessed at an huge improvement, so thanks a lot for the release and keep up the good work. The ArmA community is surely grateful of your essential contributions, because after all these years you still make this game(s) enjoyable in the proper, realistic way.
  5. You're doing a great work sir. I'm sure everyone in the Community is appreciating all the struggle you're going through... just to fix this embarrassing, somewhat gamebreaking issue.
  6. Currently testing this out and it looks great already... This might actually become the first standalone AI enhancement AddOn to be put In my modlist You did an excellent job man so keep up the good work, cause Improvement and realism is always welcome in ArmA Thank you
  7. The pics you're blessing us with are mind blowing... I've probably said it a lot of times but... thank you for all the sacrifices you did and you're still doing to bring us the finest content. You're a pioneer, and i can easily say that the legendary status has been achieved. That being said, keep up the good work man, this terrain is going to be a classic.
  8. dnl04

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    Those are bad, horrible news... I just hope they'll do something about it in the future, because using any kind of plane is kinda laughable, frustrating and heartbreaking at the moment. Thank you for the precious information though, I didn't see that post before.
  9. dnl04

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    Even though I'll buy the Jets DLC regardless, I just hope they'll include an "advanced flight model" (for planes) as well... within the main game, of course. I genuinely prefer playing with maximum realism, even if certain aspects of the game might become unusable, like the so called advanced flight model, which is already included. Because of that, I'm currently unable to fly helicopters properly, as I always end up crashing on the ground. That being said, losing control every time isn't really an issue for me... That's what pilots are for. Whoever wants to be something should learn to be it, that's my mindset. It'd be too easy otherwise. I felt pretty satisfied when I destroyed myself while trying to emulate those finest Dslyecxi moves & techniques, shoutout to him. Untouchable, legendary. I agree with those who say that the act of flying, In the ArmA series, has been too easy for a long time but, now, they have the opportunity to fix it. The Jets DLC would be somehow useless without an advancement of BI's flight model technology, in my opinion of course. So I really hope they'll do something about it.
  10. Glad to hear all these great news about your project Mr. HorribleGoat. This will probably be considered a classic A3 addon, a pack of features that, in my honest opinion, is as essential as CBA. Due to some strange, almost game breaking BI's choices we've been trapped, condemned to perpetually engage enemies throughout pale, male only civilian (and military) environments. Thanks to the skills, patience and courage of yourself, part of our struggle is surely going to end. It wasn't a simple task, but you did it. The videos you've provided look great, so... What else can i say? Just keep up the good work.
  11. I disagree, in my opinion detailed interiors don't have an huge impact on playability.If you're talking about rural Takistani building's level of detail, I surely disagree. If I'd have to choose between less buildings-highly detailed interiors and more buildings-less detailed interiors, I'd choose the latter. Why? Because, as you probably know, modeling extras cost a relative amount of frames per second... but that's probably the least important reason of my statement. The second thought I'd like to share is the fact (opinion of mine) that HIGHLY detailed interiors are not needed for general realism purposes, aka standard military operations, even if you're into some counter insurgency operation where some form of intelligence/civilian interaction may be required. As an example, you can look at BISim's As Samawah terrain (VBS2, lite and JCOVE), where buildings, as far as I know, are literally empty (at least in the JCOVE version, but it must be the same in the full version), and neither playability or realism were affected. I'm aware that you could have highly detailed interiors in order to achieve some kind of of cinematic immersion on non military kind of mission, but that's not the main focus of ArmA. Note that this post is not meant to insult anyone, neither I pretend that its content is 100% accurate, so take this stuff as a simple opinion. I may have misunderstood your post.
  12. That's an astounding video sir, but it really wasn't necessary. We all know that this terrain will be a true, mind-blowing masterpiece.... Seriously though, we've witnessed the genesis of a legendary terrain within these precious pages. We've also witnessed the great evolution of the abovementioned land within the frames of the highly anticipated footage you've recently blessed us with... We've seen all of that. But now... now we're hearing the fast paced heartbeats of yourself echoing throughout the empty, fertile soil where magnificent blocks will grow. I can already feel the heat, the pandemic passion of the whole squad on my bruised skin... Don't give up man. That being said, I've seen a lot of interesting elements thanks to the showcase. To be more precise, I like how polished it's turning out, how clean, "stabilized" it appeared in the video. It's great. The satmap and the overall feel of the terrain itself it's almost perfect, y'all did an extremely good job on that, but I'm sure you're going to surprise me even more... Good luck and keep up the good work, don't give up and never look back... keep your eyes focused on the objective, and keep your hands steadily attached to the pen: You're writing history.
  13. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, First of all, I have no clue nor experience on how to script advanced stuff, but I've been recently wondering whether it would be possible to check, using some function that I may not be aware of, whether a (civilian) unit is being consciously aimed at/targeted within a certain radius/range like, let's say... 5 meters or something similar. The hypothetical scenario I would like to achieve, is the following: I would like to trigger a predetermined reaction when a certain unit is aware that he's being, like I said before, aimed at by a Bluefor soldier, but I'm not sure if such a thing is doable in an easy and struggle-free manner. Is there a command/function that I may study? Thank you in advance for the suggestions.
  14. So, according to the first link you've posted, the line "cursorTarget == _target" can used to check whether the unit is targeted by the player. Am I wrong? I'm not an expert on this argument, so i apologize for my ignorance.
  15. Great showcase..That's exactly one of the things I was trying to accomplish, man: I will check your code out as soon as possible, it looks very interesting and quite reliable. Thank you for the useful material you've provided, It'll be analyzed.
  16. I cosign this.There you can find the greatest US Army units currently available in ArmA 3, perfectly crafted material. A must have for every Gulf War enthusiast. Highly recommended.
  17. dnl04


    Tried it, worked as expected. Amazing work. Just a question: Would it be possible to improve the damage inflicted by stones? Ignore this if it's out of your plans.
  18. dnl04


    This looks great man... I haven't tried it yet, but from what I've seen/heard, it reminds me of the "angry civilians" function in VBS, that'd let a crowd of enraged AI controlled civs, to throw rocks and insults (maybe) at coalition forces. I think that such a feature is necessary in ArmA, in order to correctly represent intense, raw scenarios, where supposedly "wrong" decisions made by NATO forces, contribute to the genesis of an harsh, hostile environment within the civilian population, with all the consequences of the abovementioned issue (more savage insurgency activities, violent protests, angry civilians protecting insurgents, etc.). Since the devs kidnapped the amazing, necessary, precious civilian interaction system (A2CO) from the development of ArmA 3, it's always good to see some form of civilian interaction getting crafted. This and other features would let us to recreate properly the atmosphere of early-mid-late 2000s counter insurgency operations in Iraq, which was/is the most interesting/fascinating (I'm not condoning nor approving it in this sentence tho) period in modern warfare operations, in my very honest opinion. Keep up the good work..
  19. The development of this terrain slowed down after the known lighting update, due to some serious aesthetic issues regarding the SatMap, terrain textures and overall look of the map itself (and because of some real life issues).I tried to fix the abovementioned issues but, unfortunately, I failed miserably at every attempt... Besides that, I fixed some height issues about the river and the land around it, but it's still being worked on due to some strange loss of some project data. Also, the placement of roads and paths is almost finished. I currently have to fix those tremendous lighting issues before proceeding with the development, because now the terrain is cancerous to look at. In order to acknowledge and analyze the concepts and characteristics of the new lighting system, I started a new terrain based on an area of approximately 5x5 km near Mazar I Sharif (Afghanistan) to know what I should've done in order to make a terrain look homogeneous and good. I'm pretty satisfied about it, because the surface, the terrain itself looks pretty good, but there's still some work to be done. Finally, once the other terrain I'm working on is finished and I acknowledge what to do on Haditha to make the terrain look good again, I'll be back on the project. Haditha will feature the new, amazing OPX buildings, but I won't release anything until Fallujah (by the highly skilled RebelMan) gets released. Why? Because I consider that terrain to be heir of Opteryx's deceased (hopefully not) Al Kut project due to the same blood type (buildings), and therefore I'm not comfortable with releasing stuff with those magnificent buildings in it before the righteous son is born... If that makes sense. It won't happen due to the lighting problems though. As I said before, the development will be slow, but the project is not cancelled.
  20. I'm glad you've found a solution to the issue you were facing. If you ever have problems with addon builder or other tools, I suggest using Mikero's Eliteness version 2.32, which always works.
  21. dnl04

    US Military Mod

    I don't think many would bother Mr. Delta Hawk, all we need to survive is to be consciously fed by your beautiful work... And honestly, i wouldn't profane your holy BDUs with extraneous , unholy patches... There shouldn't be any cons within the option you've provided.
  22. I'm not sure it's the same issue as yours, but I had some serious problems with my PBO packing tools. They were apparently working and packing my stuff, but actually I couldn't see my terrain ingame. Again, I don't know whether you're facing a config problem or not, but in my case I had to change the tool I used to pack my work.
  23. Barrett M99? That would be awesome, I'm really looking forward to it...
  24. I was away for about two weeks, so i just had the chance to try your M24 yesterday. What can I say? I would marry that rifle... The passion and love you've put in your work is felt whenever I touch it, whenever my hands hug that lovely, sweet creature. But, honestly, it's your warm hug that's felt whenever we look at your rifle, whenever we realize you're still there, still struggling and suffering and crafting endlessly. Still making our dreams turn true, still whispering to solve infinite problems, still fighting insomnia and tears, tiredness and pain, still filling the obnoxious emptiness of the game we all love. You're still there providing us with food, jewels and water, gold, platinum, diamonds and positivity. You gave birth to another fabulous child, an holy, accurate weapon that was extremely needed... The model and textures are perfect, godlike quality work from you. My heart thanks you again, Zee.
  25. I think that OPX models got that snappy, fresh feeling... They're crunchy, crisp and detailed, sandy, grimy and foul, precise and dusty, hi fi and lo fi at the same time. They're classy and classically well made, perfectly crafted. There's actually something behind your buildings sir, there's a story, a novel, a style... Your buildings are actually better than BI's ones, as theirs lack that particular crisp, that freshness... That classic feeling that brings your building to life and prints memories inside our hearts, no doubt. (both models and textures) While most BI's buildings (I'm talking about A3's vanilla and Apex) are detailed, glossy and dense looking, yours are detailed, crisp, fresh, classic, and.... and many other stuff that I won't state now. That being said, your technique is solid Mr.Opteryx. P.S. This post wasn't meant to insult, nor offend the holy, untouchable developers that blessed us with many classic, great, unforgettable games... All this wouldn't be possible without them. Thank you too.