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  1. Thanks Romzet and Salute to All the Team and Players! ArmStalker is my Favorite Piece of Arma 3 History. I really hope the guys don't put all their equipment and goodies in standalone mods - there is no reason imo - the Arma 3 playerbase is spoiled to the point of boredom, hence why anyone would want to use them. The Armaverse is crammed to the gills with understaffed lack luster units, awkward mods, and empty overmodded servers. A Good Total Conversion that takes itself seriously, that earns it's pride - where we can host fire-and-forget servers for serious players who don't fit in with the rest of the Arma 3 Good ol' boy bucketheads... Something with an atmosphere, something with immersion in a classic sense, where the world is as much of a challenge as the players. I hope ArmStalker is that mod, I've learned all I can about it since January and I would bet my last dime on ArmStalker - Unless I absolutely need Apex, I ain't getting it. There is no reason to do so for me. If it's not ArmСталкер, I'm done with Arma 3 and it's "community"!
  2. captainovaltine

    [MP/CO 42] A3M PMC Simulator

    Hello! My unit has recently started playing on your PMC Total Conversion Mission, we are very impressed and excited to play it! Thank You for all your hard work! ...Our Mission maker was curious if there is a way to turn off the "instant kill" parameter in ACE, so that our group gets more practice with casualty situations while in combat... We have been shot many times but rarely have we had a casualty treatment scenario while in the field! Thank You Very Much Again, Best Wishes from California! ** EDIT: We ran the mission with admin tools to check each mission and give it a playthrough on a friend's server (Dedicated) ... noticed some major issues with the defend T-9 facility mission (no enemies, wouldn't end), the E&E Urgent mission (wouldn't spawn enemies - friendlies unresponsive), and a bit of weirdness with the VIP Speach mission (wouldn't end after the speach) and Checkpoint mission (how to avoid getting blown up lol) as well... Not sure if the dedicated server would help - our group plans to run it on our box as well - I'll update with more info if it becomes available, if its any help. In Addition: One of the guys who has been testing the mission is convinced that "anything worth over a million - isn't working" with regards to missions. I'm not sure that I am so confident - but he seems to think after lots of time testing it that some fixing needs to be done under the hood... Not sure if he is 100% correct, it seems that if it relied on Alive - there were inconsistencies... I know for sure that they were using the server portion of Alive on the dedicated host, and we all had the mod running and the equipment store/stash work well, Ace works, there are ambient threats and greenfor out and about on the map... So I cannot be sure of the source of the issue... I really enjoy the little I have played, and the role play environment is so much fun, I'm having a blast anyway X]
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    BMR Insurgency

    Howdy Everyone! It was brought up by friends that an insurgency mission may be interesting to play, so I downloaded a few and lucked out finding yours - I really like the features and I have found lots of useful information after reading this thread! Thanks for all the hard work Jigsor! I am just now learning about missions and how to customize them, so my apologies for any naivety on my part... - After a Short preliminary test of your Altis mission I noticed that the game time runs close to real time, starting at 12pm and 1 second per 1 second there after... How can I change this to a quicker rate? - Also, I have seen an insurgency mission running on a server where no red grids show up on the player's map, I thought this was a neat idea and I am curious how to do the same in BMRI! - Finally, I see you mention Lobby parameters... What are these, and where/how do I use them? I will unpack the .pbo and do some pawing around - for all I know there could be a readme telling me all about it! Any tips would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!