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  1. Hey there! I am planning to create a mission for which I need some kind of database to show stats on a website. The best way would be a SQL-DB because I am familiar with SQL. But i honestly have no clue how to access the database within the SQF code. And the only thing I find on google is "How to set up a DB for Altis Life or Exile"... Does anyone knows how to do this? I would really appreciate the help :) Greetings Amazed
  2. Hey there... So there I sat in front of my computer, happy that work has ended and I can play some Arma. But Arma was not convinced of this idea and just won't start... When I try to start the game in Steam the ARMA 3 Launcher opens and I can set the mods, etc. Of course I restored all the defaults, in case they would be the problem. But when I click play nothing happens. The task "arma3.exe" is shown in the task manager, however CPU Time stays at 00:00:05 and the memory stays at 8.664K. So the process starts but it won't load the game. So. Do you guys have any idea what this error is or how to fix it? Best Wishes Amazed
  3. Am4z3d

    [Solved] Arma 3 won't start.

    So.... I solved my problem. I deleted everything in the ARMA 3 folder and all profiles in "my documents" and now it works. I still don't know what caused the problem but now it works again Hope you'll find a solution to your problem @ledper
  4. Am4z3d

    [Solved] Arma 3 won't start.

    Hey alexbu, starting Steam and ARMA as admin does not help. It's still the same. Also ARMA does not even show up in the taskbar. It crashes almost immediately. When your friend finds a solution for the problem please let me know :) Best Wishes Amazed P.S. In the meantime I also reinstalled ARMA and... it still does not work.
  5. Hey! I just want to ask what you favorite gamemode or mod in Arma 3 is... Greetings Amazed
  6. Thank you for your help so far... :) I'll try it myself... If I need any help I let you know.