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  1. A couple of months back I asked if you guys were going to port the SU-34 and you said that the model wasn't up to scratch (or something along those lines) and you weren't going to port it. Theres too many pages to sieve through to find the post  :P


    Anyway, Is this the case for the Single Seat KA-50 Black Shark? The model isn't the best either   

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  2. Yup, time to brush up on my Russian. MSV is an acronym for "Ministry of Internal Affairs"... in Polish. :) I suppose it stands for "Motorized Rifle Forces" here. Thanks. Why do they only come in green, though? I'm sure that it isn't just VDV that operates in Syria and the like.

    They do operate in Syria, but most Russian SF use US multicam camo. There are Desert Uniforms provided in the mod, its in the Virtual Arsenal (EMR Summer).