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    US Naval Warfare Pack [WIP]

    Seems good, all the good things have stayed
  2. officeramr

    EA-6B Prowler

    I'm not scripting expert but i thought of something that might be useful for the Growler and prowler Since the aircraft on the most part are passive (they dont attack) it might be a good idea to give them a "recon" script. It would work along the lines of how the AC-130 works in the USAF mod. You would climb to a good altitude engage the script and then the plane will auto circle around (for example 2k radius). You may be thinking "well the EW officer will be able to use his camera anyway" (depending on if the planes will have a camera) While yes that is true. but the pilot will be circling around with not much to do during an operation (presuming that the Growlers assistance would be required for the duration of an operation). It would be more useful for them to get another set of eyes on the battlefield below then having him circling around and around. Just a thought :)
  3. officeramr

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yah, the workers went on strike when making that batch of M113's
  4. it works flawlessly in my game. All it needs is the ground to be high res'd and grass to be added
  5. officeramr

    Fokker dr.1

    Fokking hell, all these old aircraft being released lately, i dont have the time to try them :P *I'm sorry for that horrible pun *
  6. Is the C-RAM on the back Automatic like the LHD? Or can you man it?
  7. officeramr


    The mesh (thats what you call it i think?) looks really nice, lots of detail with the buttons and switches
  8. officeramr


    Will the AG loadout contain S-8 rocket pods?
  9. officeramr

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Thats the AI re-enabling it
  10. officeramr

    [WIP] Mig-21 PFM (Fishbed-F)

    More Russian aircraft :dancehead: Its a christmas miracle Camo list looks great too, suits the AAF for some reason, a cheap effective jet to protect a small land mass
  11. officeramr


    Okay awesome, I'm a big fan of the flanker as you can probably tell This may help you Well the first clip
  12. officeramr


    He's asking whether the script will affect Stingers/IGLAs
  13. officeramr


    Which flankers are included? so far i see SU-27 SU-30 SU-33 SU-35 (maybe?)
  14. officeramr

    CH-46 Knight

    I cant see that going well even if you could lol
  15. officeramr

    CH-46 Knight

    georgious interior, can you walk around it or will there be an invisible wall stopping you from entering like with the Huron?
  16. How do you even place it down, i cant find it anymore?
  17. officeramr


    I love you :wub: for this, pls marry me
  18. officeramr

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    RHS, i would keep my eyes on the RT/Ruptly videos, there's quite a lot of good source material there, Russia are currently holding military exercises (mainly arctic, but some other stuff too) Heres one they posted yesterday Hope it helps
  19. officeramr

    EA-6B Prowler

    USMC still use it I believe
  20. officeramr

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    phh....i prefered using my mind powers
  21. officeramr


    Will the weapons be controlled by the Pilot or the EW officer? in the Super Hornet the WSO controls the weapons, does the same apply to the Growler? Or are the weapons (AA missiles, AGM-88) given to the pilot since the EW's hands will be full?
  22. What skins are you planning to add to the Superhind system? And Just to clarify, you will be able to switch parts in the virtual garage to switch the Superhind versions (from IV to V for example) and you will still be able to load in the various different models in the Editor?
  23. Superhind :wub: Thanks guys for adding it in.
  24. Will there be a MK19 version too? I love what you're doing Firewill, you're really improving the vanilla stuff