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  1. is there any chance of getting this on playwith six please if applicable
  2. its not a tank its a self propelled gun to be a tank its turret must be able to traverse fully independent of the hull
  3. danno1991

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Any chance of an update on playwithsix please
  4. danno1991

    IFA3 liberation [WW2]

    Any chance of this going up on playwithsix if possible cheers
  5. danno1991

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Any chance of an umbrella for the major
  6. danno1991

    Bushlurker's Carraigdubh Terrain

    cheers pal much appreciated
  7. danno1991

    Bushlurker's Carraigdubh Terrain

    is there any chance of this being placed on playwithsix
  8. danno1991

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Any chance of an update on playwithsix
  9. danno1991

    Faces of War [WW2]

    just got to say your work is amazing. More of a question than a request do you plan on having a webbley revolver or a po8 Luger in the mod
  10. danno1991

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Did some ine mention landrover varients any change there be a ni snatch and 2003 iraq style snatch
  11. danno1991

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Do you plan on adding the ww2 denison para smock
  12. First off let me just say all your work is top notch. i've got a tiny request for the next update is there any chance you put a bit of negative Gun Depression on the challenger 2. we noticed that it doesn't really have any but other than that its really nice to use
  13. Quick question the geist texture pack for Iron Front which one can you use as ive seen a lite variant or can you use the the full conversion one
  14. i havent removed anything from ace i use it as it comes
  15. im having issues with my server and ace everytime i try to boot a mission up i got this mission could not be played due to deleted content ace_realisticnames.pbo any body had this issue or could help me
  16. i have been having an issue with arma recently where after an hour or so the game will start to chug at like 2 frames a second the graphics will go weird like blocky and some times not even textured it will crash and then an error message appears that states the instruction at 0x01443eba referenced memory at 0x00000000 the memory could be not be written its kind of annoying due to wanting to play for more than 30 mins to an hour with out this appearing any help with this would be appreciated
  17. danno1991

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    Any chance of getting this on playwithsix
  18. I know its very niche but back before cse merged with you they had a mre in the pack would you ever consider putting a thirst and hunger system in for players/units that would use it a bit like how you can toggle advanced medical on would be a nice feature to have even if the food replaced stamina for a short while and have it so depending on setting you get thirsty quicker like takistan during the hot period
  19. danno1991

    3CB BAF Equipment

    with the dpm units do you plan on having them in plce webbing or osprey and webbing and assault vest would be a lot better
  20. cracking job on everything you done guys question i noticed the united kingdom vehicles do you plan on putting out a 432 with out the bulldog upgrade kit or a scorpion
  21. Is the uniform pack more high quality uniforms or just more variety of the arma 2 ports
  22. Quick question will this mod come with the music from the era for use with triggers like previouse iterations have
  23. i found an issue when doing the halo jump its seems to either kill you or spawn about 10 parachutes
  24. danno1991

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    will this be going on playwithsix