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    How to update mods without playwithsix?

    I wasn't exactly sure where to put it. I have arma 3 sync but I didn't know it could update mods. I'll look around for a tutorial on that. Ok I found a forum where someone asked that and you can't update it from arma 3 sync. But If necessary I will use playwithsix if it would work. The problem is that it wont even let me update. I have the mod in the mod folder for playwithsix but it just says that it isn't there and I have to install the mod.
  2. Say for example I want to create a sound for two Russians having a conversation. If I want to get some friends on to play that mission will they need the download the sound file that I use to hear it or is there ANY way around that? Like how you download the mission files before mission start, can the sound files be included in that download instead of having to start them like an addon?
  3. Thank you, sorry I only did a couple Google searches I didn't think to directly search on the forums. I'm fairly new so I'll get better.
  4. I've checked the wiki and so many forums and I feel like an idiot because from how many tutorials there are, I cant seem to understand it. I need someone to take me through simple steps such as how in the world do I put a weapon attachment (pistol silencer) in-game, what software do I need, and what is all this proxie configuration stuff I've read so much about. I've read all the code and I still don't get it. Please help because none of this makes any sense and I thought that I was decent at scripting until I started looking at all this configuration stuff. P.S. I'm using blender as my modeling software and I know how to model but I don't know how to scale it to the gun and import it in-game so that the game reads it as a silencer muzzle attachment
  5. I know how to set file paths, that was just off the wiki that's not actually what I had. My file path is set and all but I don't know what the picture is supposed to be because its a model not a picture. Also it doesn't show up in game.
  6. Ok I fixed the box thing. I can now successfully get a box into arma 3. So now going back to my original post, I still cant get the suppressor in game. I have it modeled but I dont get quite how to do the config.cpp for it. Basically what I've tried so far since I've never done this before, I just pasted this in the config.cpp and changed the model directory, the display name, and I wasnt sure what to put for the picture so I just set it to "" assuming that was default. That was just on the wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Weapon_Config_Guidelines#Muzzle_accessories class Mode_SemiAuto; class cfgWeapons { class ItemCore; class InventoryMuzzleItem_Base_F; class myMuzzleAccessory { scope = 2; displayName="My Muzzle Accessory"; picture="\A3\weapons_F\Data\UI\myMuzzleAccessory_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\weapons_f\acc\myMuzzleAccessory"; class ItemInfo: InventoryMuzzleItem_Base_F { soundTypeIndex = 1; // index of sound in sounds[] in weapon modes (inherited 1 from parent class) class MagazineCoef { initSpeed = 0.8; }; class AmmoCoef { hit=0.8; visibleFire=0.3; audibleFire=0.8; visibleFireTime=0.5; audibleFireTime=1.0; cost = 1.0; typicalSpeed= 0.8; airFriction = 1.0; }; muzzleEnd = "zaslehPoint"; // memory point in muzzle supressor's model alternativeFire = "Zasleh2"; // class in cfgWeapons with model of muzzle flash class MuzzleCoef { dispersionCoef = 1.0f; artilleryDispersionCoef = 1.0f; fireLightCoef = 0.1f; recoilCoef = 1.0f; recoilProneCoef = 1.0f; minRangeCoef = 1.0f; minRangeProbabCoef = 1.0f; midRangeCoef = 1.0f; midRangeProbabCoef = 1.0f; maxRangeCoef = 1.0f; maxRangeProbabCoef = 1.0f; }; }; }; };
  7. In my post I said I had them in a pbo. I used the addon maker in arma tools (its called something like that) to pack all the config files and the p3d file into a pbo, thats what the tutorial said to do
  8. Ok so I now have arma 3 tools, I am trying to follow simple steps to put a box into arma 3 just to see if I can do that (apparently not). I followed this tutorial https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405684985and a couple problems arose. First off, I cant import a .3ds file from blender into object builder in arma 3 tools. It just doesnt work for some reason. So next I just created a box in object builder then followed the steps form there. After I pack it into a pbo and get it in an addon folder with all those config files too, it says basicdefines_A3.hpp not found. I've looked and I have the basicdefines file in there and its all spelled correct. It makes me want to give up on modeling because I cant even put a box in game while following a very simple tutorial.