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  1. I'll just say this for now. I wish I had time to continue modelling. Currently I'm preparing my bachelor assignment for college which includes developing a website (haven't done this before so this is new for me), capturing footage for an intro video that will be shown on the website and preparing a documentation of the whole thing. Beside that I have also started to organize public and private airsoft games that take most of my weekends to earn extra cash. I won't promise a date when can I jump back to modelling but it will come.

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  2. 2 hours ago, road runner said:

    It's hard to get decent looking leg drops, that work with all uniforms, without clipping, however a decent safariland 6354 would be nice to see

    If I decide to do drop-leg holsters I'll fit them to the A3 BLUFOR uniform and I'll base my uniforms on that as well. But for every drop-leg vest variant I'll also make one without it. I'll just move it on the battle belt.

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  3. Hello!


    I wanna have a try to model a new holster for the pistols, because those Serpa holster I used before are not being used by active duty personnel anymore cause of safety reasons. I need something that would work with most of the pistols that are in A3. Throw your suggestions and if someone owns it personally and can take pictures of for me so I could model it more accurately even better.  

  4. 17 hours ago, IvyMike said:


    What do you want to remove ?


    I think right now they are really good

    My mistake I didn't sound it that clear. What I intend to do is to remove some weight from the vests. Examples: dual stack magazines on the battle belts, some pouches on the back sides which in reality are not really accessible. I have been moving pouches on my JPC and battle belt until I found what it is working. 

    Vests will still have those little details that made them good it is just that they will feature pouches that are actually has purpose and not just there to fill the empty molle space.

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  5. UPDATE on the mods situation


    So at the beginning of the third semester I thought I'll have more free time. Well it turns out the third semester is the one where you really have to step it up with the studies. Assignments started flying in since the very first week. Now I know for sure that this job isn't for me alone. There is just way too much to handle for one person and work everything out efficiently. I'm bringing along a new face to help me out with the project @Cherkasov. His texture work is amazing and he'll help me out with that. Also @warden_1 will be helping out as well with the boring retopology and uv mapping part of 3D modelling  from time to time.


    Now some things I want to mention about mod. I'm gonna go through all the old models I have and check them if they live it up to the new standards. So some stuff like JPC, FAST, AIRFRAMES will be in the T1GP. But their whole appearance will be updated as well making loadouts set-up looking not so overfilled with a lot of junk. Especially on the vests. 


    That would be all for now. Thank you everyone who is still patiently waiting after all this time! 

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  6. 7 hours ago, Crielaard said:

    Your mags staying clean, so your weapon won't stockage after a month living in the dirt is even more key.


    oh wait...airsoft... ;)

    It doesn't matter if it is airsoft or real firearm proper magazine maintenance is required at all times. Your comments adds no value to the topic except you just wanted to be sarcastic...

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  7. On 8/23/2017 at 7:22 PM, lemen23 said:

    Hey man, i LOVE your work. I use your old pack all the time when taking pics, and i'm really looking forward to the new stuff!
    I saw on your facebook page that you have modeled some open mag pouches with Pmags, but have you considered adding closed pouches? Or open pouches with regular STANAG mags? There are many weapons that can't fit Pmags in them, for instance the HK416. Just a suggestion :)


    I don't think I'll do any closed mag pouches. For me they are so impractical and inconvenient. Ever since I started playing airsoft I felt the need to immediately switch out from any bungee mag retention and closed pouches. Kydex inserts, FAST mags and everything else that allows fast draw is the key. 

    4 hours ago, easyeb said:


    Yeah, I know. It's just two different mods. Usually the moderators are on point with stuff like this, but all of a sudden it's "as you wish".

    Don't see the problem here man. I just didn't want to create a new thread since this one has a big following.

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  8. New plateframe scaling.



    On 8/20/2017 at 9:23 PM, Eduardo Argimon said:

    The model is Awesome saw it first elsewhere then I realized it was Warden work

    Actually it is Gerards Mery work. Warden did the textures and retopology of the model.

    On 8/19/2017 at 11:32 PM, Bitesrad said:

    Well the Plateframe is so tiny, there not really much room to add anything else :D But I would like to see variants with a belt and pistol holster (preferably in ubl configuration).

    Have I ever dissapointed with variety? Haha There will be multiple variants. Probably not during the first release but later sure.

    On 8/20/2017 at 2:03 AM, wsxcgy said:

    Misc utility stuff like what you've mentioned you modeled, plus basic shit like mag pouches, pistol mag pouches, flashbang/smoke pouches, comms, and maybe an IFAK if theres even any real estate for that is all I can really think of.

    Couldn't hurt to model stuff like admin pouches, GP pouches, grenade pouches, MG pouches, and hydration pouches while you're at it though. this kind of vest is for high speed stuff so a lot of that might not be apropriate, but it'll be nice to have it all there when you start kitting up new vests in the future.

    If you do set up a battle belt thats a lot of space gained but I'd still say with the plate frame its better for lighter and faster loads rather than extended or intense missions.

    Also, just an observation, the plate and frame look a bit too big. not a big deal though (haha).

    The stuff you have listed I don't call "accessories" these are mandatory items to have and of course those will be modeled. What I asked is what else I could add to make the vests and loadouts as unique as possible. 

    On 8/20/2017 at 2:49 AM, 1LT J. Shaw said:

    Is there anyway that on the model there could be a spot on vests where custom patches could be added by people wishing to do so?

    Similar to the guy on the right.

    Yeah I can create hiddenselections in appropriate spots (pretty much anywhere where there is velcro surface)


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  9. And once again we are moving forward!




    I have been gone for a while now once again. But the summer is coming to an end and once again I have started working on the project. Right now I'm working on some small accessories for all the upcoming vests. So far I have (Carabiner, CAT, IR Beacon, Duct Tape, Zip Ties, Chemlight) All of them have been remodeled new except for CAT.


    After I'm done with all these small things I will continue working on S&S Precision gear for the Plateframe's release. After that we'll see where this project will head next. 


    Now is a good time to suggest some new vest accessories (although I'm not sure what else to add and this is where you guys step in) 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Hvymtal said:

    Perused through thread, saw no mention, thought i'd share this little bug. Taken on Namalsk, dark enough to highlight the severity of the problem but light enough to see what's going on

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    Not sure if it affects right side patches, too, but it definitely affects left side for any uniform that takes patches except the tee shirts, and it's not just UnderSeige patches, it's everything BIS included


    Military Gear Pack is obsolete :) No futher fixes will be made and all the work will be focused on the new project.

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  11. On 4/29/2017 at 7:02 PM, jonpas said:

    Well it's on our GitHub under GPLv3 license. ;)


    So any information on what exactly you mean with "improving quality" in terms of performance?

    I checked the AN/PRC 152 and I found it to be low quality. I'll try to create one myself

    On 4/30/2017 at 4:47 AM, EPO Thatch said:

    Hey, Im a huge fan of this pack and I understand you may be abandoning development but I was wondering if it was possible to darken the RGR green items because they're too light

    I'm completely abandoning this project and I won't be returning to it

    7 hours ago, war_lord said:

    I literally just backed you on Patreon 5 minutes ago so I could suggest Panoramic Night Vision goggles (AN/AVS-10 and GPNVG-18) for the new pack without feeling guilty. Putting AN/NVS-15's on my l33t Tier One Ken dolls feels like heresy, even AN/PVS-31 would be an improvement.   

    Having my own NVG's would be nice but those would require a lot of time to do and I don't have the needed skills yet to model something this detailed.

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  12. Time to get back into the game.


    After thinking for a while now I want to start a new project. I'm not happy with MilGearPack anymore and in order to rework it the way I want it would take for ever at this stage.

    What I would want to do in the new project is create Tier 1 gear pack. I wanna up the quality for everything. This means I would create completely everything from scratch with higher quality than the current assets I use. For the first release I would like to model new AN/PRC-152 radio model, G3 Combat uniform, vest (haven't decided yet), and all of the necessary vest pouches. I also finally have graphic tablet from my patreon supporters. I had a chance to test it out when I was doing college assignment. I'm really happy with it and now I can't even imagine modelling without it. It improved my workflow and quality. 


    Let me know what you think about these changes and if anyone wants to help me out with the project write me.

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  13. 1 minute ago, dwarden said:

    i already looked to the issue and it was some bogus report claims ,

    but that's why i'm posting in the private section of the item

    so the author can actually respond and it can be cleared ... 


    so instead of wasting time complaining on 'random public channel, forum' i would be resolved 5 hours ago or sooner ...

    Thank you. The mod is back on steam workshop.

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  14. 1 minute ago, Victruso said:

    Sorry, I meant authors of whatever content you might've used to create the mod.


    Other mods were taken down today too.

    No and why would they flag the mod if they allowed me to use their content. They could have just wrote me to make changes.

    It is Arma developers that are doing this because multiple mods are taken down not only mine apparently.

  15. Today I have received two emails from steam regarding two of my mods MilGP and MilGP Extension.


    Unfortunately, for various reasons, the developers of "Arma 3" had to flag it as "incompatible", so it cannot be used within "Arma 3".


    And I received two new comments from Dwarden on my mods steam workshop page


    your use of STEAM Workshop for Arma 3 is in breach of it's rules and good behavior 

    to be able upload content to STEAM Workshop for Arma 3
    you need to obtain specific rights from content authors for STEAM Workshop
    for every and any content included

    STEAM Workshop is not some 'mirror' for hosting and website w/o rules!

    please read section 6.D (and thus A,B) for more detail

    no matter your intentions STEAM workshop for Arma 3 can't be used this way...
    so please obtain the approvals or notify those authors to upload the content themselves
    ways to use compilations, collections, dependencies etc. will be revealed in future

    note: now the content is flagged as incompatible and can't be downloaded anymore ...

    thank You for understanding our administrative decision


    Really don't have time to deal with any of this. All the content I used from other mods was allowed by their respective authors. Not sure if other creators got hit by this or if I am the only one.

    I'm starting to lose my passions for Arma 3 when developers just don't give a crap...


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