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  1. Adacas

    US 75th Rangers

    Glad to see your performance. Huge improvements over units you made month ago. Keep it up :)
  2. Personally I could port vest, helmets and other accesories if I get the permission. I'm not good enough yet with uniforms
  3. Crye Gen 3 uniform + Ciras vest + Ops Core helmet
  4. I'm using A2SM_Data_APL.zip from official download page. I downloaded using .torrent file.
  5. So basically Object builder from Arma 3 Tool's can't open sample models from A2 and I get this error "Unable to load file. Load error". Other models works fine
  6. Just finished CIRAS vest. I used Jonnys A1 template of his SF. Spent some time redoing _NOHQ and whola
  7. Hey so I'm working on unit mod and the soldiers I'm recreating are using CIRAS vest's. I took the model from Jonnys A1 US Special Forces sample models. Problem is that the vest texture is only 1/4 of texture thats 2048x2048 so the quality is very low to Arma 3 standarts. And all the textures that I'm doing are done in 4096x4096 so it is unacceptable for me. Problem is that I don't know how to draw normal maps. I used photoshops plugin to create normal maps for small parts but the whole vest just doesn't work at all for me. All I need is improved _NOHQ texture the _CO I will create myself to suit my needs but I left original picture as refrence Here is the link to .psd file https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B79Ro6sXNypFT3huN2NpM3hPNms/view?usp=sharing
  8. So this is the result from my first attempt. Still some fixing needs to be done
  9. I'm also working with photoshop. So could you help me out or atleast give info on how to do it?
  10. It won't be from scratch. There is base _NOHQ it just needs to be redone. Regarding texture size 2048 could work for me but diffrence between 2k and 4k texture is huge for me personally
  11. Adacas

    Anyone know what Shemagh this is?

    That should be Task Force 86 Navy Seal pack from A2
  12. A3 BLUFOR uniform retexture plus Spec 4 gear mod LBT vest and Helmet in which model also comes balaclava and shegmagh
  13. I know myself that this isn't the best work. Also I know this guy and we chat a lot on steam so he can shit talk as much as he wants to. Also I have a new model set up which should look better in the end