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  1. You mean save the blufor soldiers that are inside and around fobs? Why not
  2. There's a tentative fix for that bug in v0.911, and new log traces in case it happens (and I'd need your logs if it does :p)
  3. Which version are you using? Did you modify anything? Also the civilians were working as per yesterday's testing session, it depends if you're spread out on the map or not
  4. v0.911 is out Changelog: Empty vehicles will be cleaned up if they stay abandonned outside of a FOB. Default server parameter is 2 hours, it can be changed or even disabled. Support vehicles such as respawn trucks and supply crates are not concerned. Implemented the cleanup script by Quicksilver to improve performance over time. It's now impossible to build from a FOB if it's under attack by CSAT forces. It's now possible to capture prisoners when they're not at ground level.
  5. But... the current version doesn't require the LHD already? It's been that way for some time now, you can play with 100% vanilla
  6. It seems your savegame got corrupted, but without the server logs showing what happens when the server tries to load the savegame, I can't do anything. Also sending several private messages in a row and complaining you get no answer within minutes is definitely a very uncool thing to do, considering I'm doing it all for free. And it's a great way to get no answer and no help at all.
  7. Those options are only available near fobs, is that the case? If it is then please send your client and server logs (rpt files)
  8. v0.910 is out Changelog: New commander whitelist system, which is disabled by default in the mission options so you don't have to care about it. However, if you're running a public server, you may want to modify your whitelist.sqf and build your own version of the mission. Now you can see the load of the server (and headless clients if applicable) in the bottom left corner of the map at all times. Performance tweaks to clientside scripts such as platoon overlay and nametags. I can't tell how much it helps yet, but it helps. If you're making your own version with modded guerilla units, the mission won't try to give them different weapons anymore. As a sidenote our server is now public and running most evenings, there's a link in my signature. You might find a more recent build of liberation being played than the latest public release, especially on weekends. Mods restricted to CBA / TFAR / STHUD. Teamspeak presence isn't mandatory.
  9. And for your 2nd question have a look here: http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_port_liberation_to_a_new_map
  10. I was talking more about mission settings such as unit cap, difficulty, view distance set in greuh options, things like that. Graphics settings won't do much for your fps unless you're playing with a potato. Other servers aren't giving much info either as their visibility may be limited to 1000 meters, they have no AIs running and so on. What's more interesting is that almost everyone else can play liberation just fine so it's likely there's something on your end you can tweak to make things better. I get 30 to 40 fps and my rig is 3 years old, but I know pushing the objects visibility past 3km is going to hurt a lot, especially near those large towns. It affects the manpower cap increase from each sector, fuel cap increase from each factory, and ammo crate spawn rate indeed. If you're playing with passive ammo enabled then it affects the passive ammo tick rate. There's a maximum tick rate so you don't get flooded with ammo crates, so playing with a 3x multiplier may yield close to 3x ammo whereas 50x is likely to hit the maximum tick rate pretty quickly.
  11. Can you upload your server logs (rpt files) somewhere? Something broke your ammo count which in turn broke your savegame, and I'm very interested to see the possible script errors
  12. You can rename the group "delete" and it will be wiped. It's only a placeholder before the actual commander mode.
  13. I don't have the same kind of experience, what unitcap setting are you using? You should try to lower it anyways That's somewhat hilarious to assume that everyone gets 5 fps and I'd be happy with that
  14. You can also bring some AI assistance or lower the difficulty and/or unitcap settings. 5 people taking the CSAT on their own isn't very realistic, and if you want to do everything with only humans and the default difficulty settings, 15 humans are a minimum
  15. No idea, try and you will know 1) This is a feature being done on purpose so that won't be fixed unless you disable the revive system and use another. You don't hear the first gunshot because bullets travel faster than sound, and if you get hit by the first gunshot chances are you weren't cautious enough. 2) I don't get what you mean, there's about 50 dedicated servers running the mission and a few of them get more than 20 players, for a beta that's a lot more than I expected http://arma3.swec.se/server/list filter on mission = liberation I wasn't able to reproduce the issue, and I can build squads in v0.909 without a problem, just make sure you're using the commander slot. Also it seems armaholic has made a mistake with the version number, v0.911 isn't out yet
  16. You can't without causing a lot of problems
  17. v0.909a hotfix released Fixed the unfortunate issue of HALO jumpers being kicked out of their own parachute if they didn't have permission to use air vehicles.
  18. I've tested this scenario and it works, if you got the message that the FOB is destroyed, it's going to respawn elsewhere and further intel will point to the new location. If you didn't get the message then it means more than 1 objective was still alive. Trucks can take quite a beating so you need to bring a lot of charges. Or a few powerful ones.
  19. v0.909 is out Changelog: New HALO jump feature. It can be disabled in mission options. The commander or admin has the option to repackage an existing FOB. The server admin can now access the permissions screen, even if they're not the commander. The permissions screen has a new "Default" entry that will be applied to every player joining the server for the first time. CSAT vehicles won't despawn once they've been captured by BLUFOR players. Nametags have been improved with reliable team colors and a specific icon for incapacitated team members. Sector capture radius and defenders' spawning area have been reduced to make firefights more dynamic.
  20. There's the roadmap here, it's still actual, even though I've been delaying the commander mode for fixes and polishing over the last 2-3 weeks. I'd rather improve what you're already playing before putting a lot of time into new long term features ;) The mission will never become fully PvP at it would be going against references like BECTI, I'd rather work to fill a "feature void" (as there's no other CTI/COOP to speak of, Invade & Annex being the closest other option) than go against something that's already well established and well done. However there's the idea of having only a few opfor player slots to challenge the blufor players in new ways. This is still being discussed but it might come one day. Other than that it's planned to port the mission to every map that's large enough ;)
  21. Yes indeed, if you encounter issues with an old version I'll suggest you switch to the latest release first
  22. How about you upload your server logs :D
  23. If you're still having the bug about sectors that won't switch to blufor despite being entirely cleaned up, for the love of everything that's sacred and holy, please send your server logs (there's no use to tell me it still exists if you don't have logs to send :P)
  24. If it's infantry weapons they should be in the arsenal already. If it's new vehicles then send me a doc of any readable format with the new classnames and prices you want There's scripting required to differenciate all the map markers, the technical markers (mostly invisble) and the player-made markers. Plus that would quickly clutter the map on some servers. Cleaning up at server restart has some merits ;)
  25. v0.908 is now officialy out (and properly tested) If you've already got the v0.908 pre-release (that's only 2 servers apparently), you should replace it with the newest one, as the arsenal issues have been solved in the latest version ;) Even though you can load from the full arsenal without issue, the quick arsenal interface stays, it's pretty convenient in fact :P The full changelog since the latest stable release: - New permissions system that allows the commander to decide who can do what, it can be deactivated in the mission options but public servers might find it pretty convenient, - Individual nametags that can be activated in greuh options, - All static weapon backpacks have been blacklisted from the arsenal, mortars have been added to the build menu, - You can cancel a redeploy by pressing escape. I've already seen a few ports made by several people, and I plan to do the Bornholm port with RHS units myself when the mission will be closer to release (unless someone does it before and does it well enough). ACE can't be supported in the main release, as it would be a mandatory mod while we want to stay vanilla compatible. However some people have been making their own ACE or Alive versions already, you can either ask them for their versions, or start making your own :)