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  1. Yes, there is several ways to achieve that. At the core the mission is a combined arms coop, you need infantry to clean up towns but you have to support it with other assets. When attacking sectors with an high alert level (more than 60% or so) you should always have assets that will stay on the lookout for reinforcements. That can be: - A squad of AT and AA specialists sitting on a hilltop nearby, with a good view everywhere around the place you're attacking, - Armored vehicles in the same kind of spot (if it's MBTs always make sure their cannon can aim downwards enough, the slammer is especially bad at it), - Attack helicopters such as the blackfoot, or anything similar from mods (the apache from RHS is a beast). If you don't have enough people to do that, you should use AI troops that you can boss around with the commander slot + limited Zeus interface. AI missile specialists are perfect at sitting on a hill and shooting everything that comes in sight, and they're rather cheap for the result. Hope that helps ! The Zeus restrictions should come from the Zeus modules (costs and such) that have been put inside the mission. You'll find them near the player entities. Additionally when the commander mode is done, Zeus will get full functionallity for people who want to do some GM work
  2. Vehicle inventories are being cleaned up because it makes AIs extremely annoying, like going 2km to a random truck you've dumped somewhere just because they need a few magazines. Obviously I've forgotten to do that when the save is being loaded and vehicles are being re-created. As for why the parachutes still take room when they aren't there, I suppose there's an issue with backpacks? Anyways I'll look into it but not finding anything in vehicles happens on purpose ;) Glad you found the missing marker, I was going to point you in that direction :p
  3. All credit to Bravo Company
  4. They're definitely coming from other sectors using roads when possible, so mines would have their use :) It becomes especially obvious when the alert level is high and you have any kind of overwatch, you'll see them coming for sure ;)
  5. You can either modify the default values in this file : https://github.com/GreuhZbug/greuh_liberation.Altis/blob/master/ui/mission_params.hpp Or setup default values for the mission in your server.cfg, see here : http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/Server_Admin
  6. Ok, I'll look into it
  7. v0.916 is out Changelog: - Fixed the bug where you'd die instantly with no revive screen, - Fixed the bug where the commander wouldn't be able to buy anything when their own squad is full, - (hopefully) Fixed the buildings that moved slightly between each save reload, - Fixed the AI vehicle crews being saved twice (once inside once outside), - Fixed a rare case of sector activation getting stuck until server restart. Secondary objectives are still progressing on another branch, hopefully I'll be able to push the first part next weekend.
  8. zbug

    Farooq's Revive

    Those parts were already there before; but damaging them to 100% wasn't lethal. Well, that changed now :p Thanks for the fix
  9. Making it fully PvP wouldn't work for many reasons : lots of unbalanced features, people taking uniforms from the enemy side, need to generate 2 times more independant ai, lots of ghostcapping as suddenly no one would be defending hostile towns, etc. However there's a plan to allow a small group (less than 10) of OPFOR players with predefined classes and loadouts (no virtual arsenal) to serve as a more intelligent and dangerous form of opposition. It will be in before version 1.0 as it's not such a big feature. You're supposed to build your units with the build menu (you can buy entire squad or manned vehicles there) then command them with Zeus. Tweaking the Zeus UI makes little sense as the homemade commander mode will replace it nicely, and I'll be able to do whatever you ask with it. So really all you need here is a bit of patience ;) It's supposed to work. That would mean your server can't access its own profile which is weird and could cause a lot more issues than just breaking the liberation savegame system I've added the saving of civilian vehicles to trello, will be done eventually It's doable, but I'm not sure it's really useful when you can use the mobile respawn truck just for its mobile arsenal feature ? I don't like having such a big dependency forced on everyone, I'd rather have people add whatever they want to their own version of the mission, wether it's R3F logistics, Alive, Ace, whatever However if you have issues with the placement ring I'd be interested in how to reproduce them ? I never noticed a conflict with map markers for example Halo and mobile respawn deploy with AIs has been discussed but it would be massively overpowered. AI soldiers are essentialy free, so you'd be able to send waves after waves of them at the enemy. I like the fact that the "cost" of friendly AI is that you still have to ferry them to the battlefield. Some people like transport choppers and that gives them interesting work to do. The build system will be expanded with commander mode, allowing quite a lot of cool things (and especially being able to build from anywhere on the map using your mouse pointer to place stuff) If you're the commander you're supposed to have the option in the build menu. It can be greyed out if your own squad is full, which is a bug that I just added on the todo list Some people have already made Alive versions, I don't know what they did with that. Allowing modules to spawn/despawns AI might clash with the missions own logic What do you mean by OPFOR type? If you mean the soldiers and vehicles they can use then you have to modify classnames.sqf; that's the whole point of this file That's weird, removing the HC entities shouldn't crash any script, as I've put conditions everywhere in case the entities don't exist. What error log do you get? Another weird thing, I've been playing several times since v1.54 with headless clients and didn't have a single crash -------------------------------- I'm pretty sure I've seen someone posted a message in french this morning and now it's gone. Is it forbidden or something? If that's the case then I'll be happy to answer such messages via private messages
  10. The upcoming arma hotfix should fix the stamina issue, however augmented stamina settings are still useless and will be removed in the next version. Which isn't much of an issue since the new stamina system is much more permissive when you aren't loaded like a battle tank ;) Unrelated but I see that some people who modified the mission have changed the type to COOP instead of CTI. I've always felt it was more of a CTI, but CTI kinda implies PvP while COOP does not. What do you think?
  11. Until there's a fix or another solution, playing with fatigue disabled won't work if you use heavy loadouts. On regular loadouts it will work as intended and grant you unlimited sprint. Other fatigue settings (x2 x3 x4 stamina) have a limited effect in the new system, nowhere near as good as it used to be. However I'll be waiting for further Arma patches to try and fix it. Next I've fixed two issues with FAR revive. First, "spine3" used to be a non-lethal hitpoint, and now it seems damaging it to 100% will kill the player. It seems to be fixed in 915a and the revive screen will trigger everytime, but I'm only 99% sure about it. Second, the extended armor I've scripted a while ago doesn't work with the new hitpoint management and the way armor is now defined in inventory items. However the new armor management Bohemia has done seems "tanky" enough with heavy plates, making my broken script mostly useless anyways, so there's that.
  12. v0.915a is out Changelog: Corrected some v1.54 compatibility issues
  13. Sadly this doesn't seem to work, with any loadout over ~35kg I can only walk Current update: - the eden dependency error is fixed. - fatigue system is fixed for "legal" loadouts, if you have about 30kg of gear and fatigue set to disabled you can sprint forever, but with heavier loadouts you can only walk (for now). - as expected the revive system is broken, working on it.
  14. This will be fixed asap, which means in the next hour ;) I suppose a lot of missions that have been modified recently will have the same issue Fatigue has changed, and hitpoints have changed which means the revive script might be bugged too. I'll look into it. However if the new fatigue system has finally restricted all the ridiculous loadouts I'm all for keeping it that way. Lastly, in liberation each classname can only have one usage and the civilian/fia pickup is already in use. Adding it to the blufor classnames will create major issues. However that means you'll encounter it in the mission and you can always capture it.
  15. v0.915 is out Changelog: Implemented the first part of the new secondary objectives system. There's a new resource named Intel, the prisoners you capture will yield intel, and there's a chance you may find documents in hostile military bases that will yield intel too. Currently you can't do anything with it, but that will change in the coming weeks. For the time being, each time you earn intel, it will also reveal the usual hostile FOB. New vehicle service system that should work when the vanilla mechanics don't, AI units inside fobs are now saved and will still be there after server restarts, The spawning of enemy units should now work correctly on maps that aren't surrounded with water (however I didn't test it), Various tweaks to CSAT behaviour that should reduce their tendancy to spam vehicles (when testing we got a lot more infantry firefights which is always nice), Tweaks to the blufor AI defenders reducing the "sector under attack" / "sector no longer under threat" notifications spam, Tweaks to the surrender behaviour, making it less predictable.
  16. Intel management is coming along nicely: http://i.imgur.com/i4OrNGG.jpg
  17. Yes there's an issue with terrains that aren't surrounded by water, it should be fixed in v0.915, and that version should be online tomorrow after some testing. You can already grab the sources from my github if you want it even earlier
  18. Anything is the logs? Are you playing with the launch parameter to show script errors on screen?
  19. It should be fixed in the upcoming 0.915
  20. You may have a look into classnames.sqf to modify the resistance and opfor classnames used in the mission, same for the civilians - Secondary objectives are currently being revamped, your idea for the FOB hunting is nice, however with the current zone range we have no issue to find the FOBs using drones and recon and such, so that would also require to make the initial zone size bigger - The revamp will add a new "intel" resource that you will indeed gather by taking prisonners or finding documents and computers in enemy settlements - CSAT artillery positions are already in the backlog (here : https://trello.com/b/FfUXrHn1/liberation-dev ) - That should be possible, but it depends on how much savegame size and performance it costs - That's weird and may be due to mission modifications or mod conflict or else. To remove the arsenal the safest way is to remove the mousewheel action handling in action_manager.sqf - Same file, add your condition around the handling of the halo mousewheel action - Sadly it's not possible to do extensive modifications of how the Zeus module behaves. That's why the commander mode is on the roadmap, so you can remote build with proper resource use This wiki page should answer most/all of your questions : http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_port_liberation_to_a_new_map
  21. in scripts\client\ui\squad_management.sqf line 190 _tempgmp = createGroup WEST; (typeof _selectedmember) createUnit [ markers_reset, _tempgmp,'']; [ (units _tempgmp) select 0, _selectedmember ] call F_swapInventory; deleteVehicle ((units _tempgmp) select 0); You could try adding a sleep in there. And moving this into another block of code you'd call with spawn would avoid freezing the UI
  22. The resupply will create another unit with same class as the one you're trying to resupply, swap their inventories, then delete the other unit The arsenal init is executed when the mission starts, it has nothing to do with the wheel action Make sure the revive parameter is set to "disable" so the ACE revive can work properly. If that's already the case then maybe people who play with ACE will be able to help This was the initial plan but having blacklists for every kind of item causes awful performance issues when using the arsenal, especially if you have mods such as RHS. That's why only backpacks and especially static weapon backpacks are restricted
  23. First you should look into scripts\client\misc\init_arsenal.sqf, there you will find several lines that add every weapon, every magazine and every item to the arsenal, and that overrides any whitelisting you're trying to do. You'll also find the correct syntax to whitelist items when using the virtual arsenal, not the one linked to physical crates as you're trying to do here. And by the way you should always play with the "-showscripterrors" parameters when scripting, that would surely show you an error about that "_ crate" variable not being defined. Class restrictions are already in the backlog and will be done eventually. If you're playing on a private server with a group of people you know, it might be easier to just tell them to use realistic loadouts for the time being. On public servers there will always be loopholes such as people dropping several legal loadouts to the ground before picking up everything they fancy.
  24. The vanilla version had this bug prior to v0.914, and I see a lot of servers running older versions, which is not a good idea obviously