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  1. sakakibara77

    single mision OFP - Moja vina - Mea culpa

    I tried it :D Nice Map By The way good Work :p
  2. sakakibara77

    OFP Addon request thread

    Does anyone have Lebanon Ver. 1.3 and Sinai Ver. 1.5 Map Pack?????
  3. sakakibara77

    Custom Reveal Distance

    Thanks both off them worked at first it didn't work i had to name the enemy solider sol1 so it work i was searching for this for a long time The "sol1 dotarget player" before the dofire command and the scriptName.sqs worked perfectly. Here is the result: http://sendvid.com/8fsedge5 The Command I Used: sol1 setbehaviour "aware";sol1 dotarget player;sol1 dofireplayer
  4. sakakibara77

    Custom Reveal Distance

    Thanks guys!!! There is one problem in the command Maczer the unit wont shoot me only when i shoot first i want the enemy to shoot me as soon as i enter the trigger and if i don't enter the trigger he wont attack me, like a restricted area
  5. sakakibara77

    Custom Reveal Distance

    I tried setCaptive and its not what im looking for, Thanks :D anyway Well it should not be 50M any distance is good and i saw this command: " _ESoldier1 doFire _WSoldier1; " this what im looking for but i want to provide a distance something like this (this is fake command) " _ESoldier1 doFire _WSoldier1; When_Distance_50m; " Like when a solider is looking at same side you are coming from he will attack when you are 50M close to him or Like zombie when you get close to a zombie he will attack you when you are close to him
  6. i cant make this script!!!!! i want a script that make the enemy units attack units that are close 50M or changing the AI View Distance without changing player view distance. Example a solider moving around a base, when player or units get closer to 50M he can see them If anyone know how to make this please help me!!!!!