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    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Is it possible to have this on steam workshop?
  2. flatbear

    [SP] Operation Hog Cove (Altis)

    Very nice mission, its very tough and challenging but I really enjoyed it. Congrats on the pcgamer mention too, thats how I found the mission a few notes: -All of the friendly ai dont really take cover other than going prone when they take fire. Often times they just rush up the road then get cut down when they run too far into enemy fire. This results in all of the friendly squads getting wiped out extremely fast. -the only request I would have would be to make some of the soldiers playable for additional players so the mission could be coop (maybe anywhere from coop 2-4 to coop 10)
  3. flatbear

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    Very nice, will this make things like ai taxis (ground and heli) work better?
  4. flatbear

    USP Patches & Insignias

    Can I ask for a patch request? The 007 James Bond Family Crest Orbis Non Sufficit - The World is Not Enough also if you dont already have MI6 patches https://m1.behance.net/rendition/modules/11834390/disp/c6d33cb4c91c07a0bfec7457a2c86705.jpg (124 kB) http://www.blindloop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/MI6.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/7/70/Secret_Intelligence_Service_logo.svg/1280px-Secret_Intelligence_Service_logo.svg.png (138 kB) and maybe a department of state seal for civilians/contractors http://i.imgur.com/JfXw26S.jpg Thank you from all the Ian Fleming/007 fans! Also would you be willing to post a youtube video/tutorial on your methods/how to make unit patches and clan patches? I would love to make some clan/novelty patches but I dont really know how.
  5. Also CSAT/Iranian Berets
  6. One quick request, would it be possible for CSAT to have more berets with realistic insignia? like this?
  7. Since the AAF is presumably modeled off of the Cypriot armed forces (I think its safe to assume altis = cyprus) Insignia for Cypriot National Guard: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/37/GES_Greece.gif Cypriot National Guard Cap Badge (enlisted): http://www.cyshopper.com/images/uploads/102s.jpg Cypriot National Guard Cap Badge (Officer): http://www.cyshopper.com/images/uploads/304.jpg another example but a peak cap this time: http://thumbs2.picclick.com/d/l400/pict/331425766637_/GREEK-CYPRUS-NATIONAL-GUARD-ARMY-INFANTRY-MILITARY-HAT.jpg Example of members of Cypriot armed forces: http://i.imgur.com/axsBN0x.png (1023 kB) http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0Tq-emZOT0s/UgxbHJ2mUXI/AAAAAAAAJ3Y/T4rqAsb9svM/s1600/cyprus12.jpg , http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UgLCn0fNohA/UgxbJGibR-I/AAAAAAAAJ3g/9R2QtHmQyXg/s1600/Cyprus17.jpg
  8. flatbear

    Do things seem a little dead?

    what do you think the new expansion campaign will be on?
  9. Hi I'm a 21 year old guy from California. I recently got into arma III and I am looking for a casual, no attendance requirement clan/group of people to play with that plays either on pacific time or plays late hours in US Eastern time. I dont consider myself very experienced although I have put 100 hours into the game and I definitely want to play larger scale coordinated gameplay that clans and groups provide. I would prefer infantry since I am a terrible pilot and I dont think I could fly. I am open to both large and small clans. Thank you!
  10. To cheat progress past that point just press left shift and numpad - then type endmission which is a cheat to end the mission then it will send you to the next mission
  11. A quick question/bug - not sure if I am doing something wrong or it is a scripting error. Also put the question in a spoiler tag since it might spoil the plot ^
  12. flatbear

    [SP] In Our Time (Campaign) v1.05

    One quick bug to note, In the mission "Altis Airways" after I got in the helicopter, it marked all of my objectives as complete but the helo just flew around the house forever and did not either go back to base or end the mission and I had to do the endmission cheat to end the mission because I had clearly completed the mission but some of the scripting was a bit off.
  13. nice, now we just need winter maps
  14. Excellent, I like caf agressor units but often their weapons dont have sounds
  15. flatbear

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    very nice, thanks for all the hard work
  16. I thoroughly enjoyed the first campaign (well written, scripted, fun to play) , looking forwards to this one would it be possible to post this on steam workshop?
  17. flatbear


    very nice work! I will be sure to try it out Could you make a marine/navy/blue variant too for marine based forces?