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  1. Thanks corporal_lib[br], I switched to the default arma 3 launcher as per Ted_hou's recommendation so I didnt put cba_a3 on the list. I've never used vtn mod before, I usually just play with rhs for russian units so I didnt see a need to try vtn before this mission. Usually I use playwithsix which automatically launches cba for me. Thanks for the tecak link too! Idk, I had to try the ending several times since I died. The first two times I tried the final counterattack, the fight went normally (but I died). The third time, I fired a few shots and it ended before the taliban got within ~300m. not sure what the ending conditions for the mission were whether they be defeat all of the taliban, defeat x% of the taliban, survive x minutes etc. Ted_Hou, I am really looking forwards to the next episodes in the campaign! great stuff!
  2. Good to see you again! how is the military academy (was it west point) going?
  3. flatbear

    USP Patches & Insignias

    is this mod still being updated with new patches?
  4. flatbear

    [SP/COOP] Helicopter Training Mission

    can we still use mission enhanced little birds and kunduz? or is that one outdated? Also any chance of getting this on the steam workshop?
  5. flatbear

    TAC Vests

    I really like the lightweight platecarriers. I think another modder is doing crye airlight carriers too
  6. flatbear

    Santa Claus

    merry christmas everyone
  7. flatbear


    great work, ill give it a try today!
  8. Thanks! ill be sure to give it a try!
  9. flatbear

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Can we get the new acog scopes with the newer ACSS reticle?
  10. does this still work on the current version of vtn?
  11. I finally got it to work for me. it needed CBA_A3 so you might want to add that to the required mod list. At the end, it seems like the mission ends too easily even without killing all of the invaders. I just fired a few shots and it said mission successful and then ended. Other times, the ending went on much longer and I died. I also dont like how VTN mod disables zoom, people can focus in on things in real life too with their eyes even if they don't have telescopic eyeballs. It also makes ak ironsights a lot easier to use with rmb zoom.
  12. ah ok thanks, I will look for that mod to reenable zoom though I think disabling zoom was a bad call though, people can focus in on things in real life too with their eyes even if they don't have telescopic eyeballs. It also makes ak ironsights a lot easier to use with rmb zoom.
  13. Does the VTN mod disable the zoom by holding the right mouse button? I tried using the mod today and the zoom by holding the rmb no longer worked.
  14. how do you do that with playwithsix? edit: I tried it the say you said to do it but it still doesnt work. The mission starts but the BTR doesnt go anywhere and you can't dismount it either. Does it need cba_a3 to work in addition to your modlist?
  15. Thank you! There is no black screen but once the mission starts, I am just sitting on top of the btr while the music plays and I cannot get off nor does the btr move anywhere. Is this a bug?
  16. flatbear

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    looks cool, will definitely give it a try. edit: its pretty good. .
  17. good work man! Will test this mission asap!. looking forwards to the finished product! edit: I am getting the black screen too and also recieved an error message about compiling a weapon scope when I started up the game. Maybe rhs is acting up? I can't seem to get past this error. edit edit: maybe it needs cba?
  18. Thanks! I actually came here because Dyslexi from Shacktac recommmended it in his latest youtube video and I was curious about this different looking little bird
  19. What's the difference between this and the vanilla pawnee in Arma 3?
  20. You may also find "The Russian Garrison in Tajikistan- 201st Gatchina Twice Red Banner Motor Rifle Division" by MJ Orr to be interesting reading. The 201st motor rifle division is the division that encompasses the 149th guards motor rifle regiment http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CC8QFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fkms1.isn.ethz.ch%2Fserviceengine%2FFiles%2FISN%2F96545%2Fipublicationdocument_singledocument%2F07877b03-1217-41a7-b689-70bca1058896%2Fen%2F01_Oct_2.pdf&ei=GB-WVZvPEoPLogT5upjoDw&usg=AFQjCNGboN_Y5SNBmg0Ya9V90e8HEGbeHg&sig2=hhz28Avo3PQRPeSVrR-Ajg&bvm=bv.96952980,d.cGU Also The Great Gamble: The Soviet War in Afghanistan by Gregory Feifer is a good read too
  21. really excited for this. Your last works were really good!
  22. looks interesting, I will be sure to check it out