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  1. it wont place the premade structures in eden editor.
  2. flatbear

    [SP] Operation Wolf

    i'll check it out!
  3. flatbear

    [SP] Manhattan

    nice, I will check this out.
  4. flatbear

    User Mission Request Thread

    is there a good defend the base type mission where a squad defends a hesco fob from waves of enemies?
  5. perhaps try using a different launcher like playwithsix?
  6. I agree, VTN is really big, messes with ace functions and is kind of redundant since RHS has more stuff now. That said, VTN isnt a dealbreaker, its just kind of annoying to download and might dissuade some new folks from getting into this campagin
  7. I guess using ACE messed with the scripting. when they die, it has a message that says "Sargent (main character or whatever his name was) couldn't live with the fact that his friends died under his command or something like that"
  8. its just as good as his other campaigns. My only complaint is that in mission 2 the "comrades cannot die" condition is too harsh since they keep getting randomly whacked by taliban and succeeding on that condition seems to be a lot of chance. My walkthrough wouldn't be very good since I had to reload save points because of that but otherwise its very good.
  9. I have to admit that initially I was skeptical for the need for another map but the mountains of tora bora are really nice looking everything seems to work functionally for me on my end. Its a really tough mission and the part about comrades can't die mission failure condition made a lot of my failures really random as someone would die and it would be mission over.
  10. please put this on steam workshop please
  11. excellent choice to include coop! good 2 player coop missions are lacking in the arma community
  12. flatbear

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    Also maybe it might be possible to port in one of the alouette helos from the old arma ii mods since that would be historically acurate http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=2765
  13. flatbear

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    Peter Baxter's Sealous scouts: Rhodesian counter-Insurgency book is pretty good for research on the rhodesian armed forces. I can post a pdf if you want. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oqo5xp15wcnxsmd/%5BPeter_Baxter%5D_SELOUS_SCOUTS_Rhodesian_Counter-Insurgency.pdf?dl=0
  14. great news! keep up the good work! Really would love to see some of your other works translated into english too!
  15. flatbear

    US Military Mod

    can you repost the screenshots on another host like imgur? your dropbox links went down.
  16. flatbear

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    is pws updated with the newest one?
  17. flatbear

    [SP/COOP] Helicopter Training Mission

    ah ok thanks, and where do we put the downloaded folder? does it go in the arma missions folder? there isnt a .pbo in it.
  18. yeah I like the way that Ted_hou does it in his campaigns where mods are optional, but if you opt to have mods like rh weapons and rhs, then those weapons will appear in the missions. also RHS>massi weapons
  19. looks good, are mods required or vanilla/? also any hopes of getting any eng subtitles on your other excellent campaigns?
  20. flatbear

    Bombardier CRJ200 (Ivory)

    Can we have some cockpit screenshots?