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  1. Yeah, i've tried both. I might give up..... :)
  2. Ok, so update - I can see it in the dropdown list, but now i'm getting "cannot open object ca\weapons\optika_empty.p3d" and "Bad vehicle type US_Soldier_Pilot_EP1" when I try and run it in Editor preview....
  3. Thanks for that - I realise it's not official, but I can't work out what i'm doing wrong :) I've put the files in the folder as per the instructions, but the vehicle isn't available from the dropdown when in the editor. I've added the F/18, the F-35 etc and they all show..... Dave
  4. Hey guys, I'm so sorry, i'm new to this and i'm really struggling to get this working in Arma3 - I've got quite a few mods and different vehicles up and running, but this one just will not work. Would someone be able to help me get this installed? Maybe step by step of what's needed? I've searched high and low and I can't find anything. Thanks!!! Dave