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  1. With the latest version, I get this error in Zargabad with default settings if (count tpw_crowd_array < |#|tpw_crowd_ceil) then { _many = false; File TPW_MODS\tpw_crowd.sqf, line 238 Error Undefined variable in expression: tpw_crowd_ceil (https://imgur.com/a/qfcLPzS) Here's the code from the script file buts it's beyond me why it could be wrong;- .... LINE 32 tpw_crowd_array = []; // array of all crowd civs .... LINE38 tpw_crowd_ceil = 1; .... // Too many? LINE 238 if (count tpw_crowd_array < tpw_crowd_ceil) then { _many = false; } else { _many = true; }; EDIT: Actually appears the error goes away when running the saved mission properly outside, rather than just previewed from the EDEN Editor