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  1. i appreciate the help. I already talked with the rack provider, which i rent the box from, and they say its nothing to do with the OS/hardware. But i think it has something to do with the way the IP address/ports are routed, I run windows server 2008 r2 and have no firewall. IIS7 is installed i just find it strange that a remote IP can connect fine, yet the hc on the same machine cannot. I am not a network tech. Nor do i understand advanced networking for things like that. Just sux that i have to dedicated a whole PC to run a HC. when i shouldnt have to, my dedibox has more than enough resources. 32gb ram, 8 cores etc. I have ran more than 10 arma servers at the sametime on the box.
  2. I will check the server.cfg, the -profiles=hc just means it creates a folder called hc within the root folder, where ever the arma3hcserver.exe is its no different than specifying a path, if i wanted to keep my RPT's and all that outside of the server folder. in my server.cfg I now have localClient[] = {"",""}; headlessClients[] = {"","",""}; battleyeLicense =1; BattlEye =0; I updated my bat to start "Arma3hc" /min /low "arma3hcserver.exe" -client -connect= -port=2346 -password=1test -profiles=hc -name=hc "-mod=@Exile;@A2OP;@ryanzombies;@RZInfection_for_Exile;@NATO_Russian_SF_Vehicles;@NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons;@EBM;@RDS_Civilian_Pack;" -noPause -noSound exit i check ports being used i get this still samething no change. If i use start "Arma3hc" /min /low "arma3hcserver.exe" -client -connect= -password=1test -profiles=hc -name=hc "-mod=@Exile;@A2OP;@ryanzombies;@RZInfection_for_Exile;@NATO_Russian_SF_Vehicles;@NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons;@EBM;@RDS_Civilian_Pack;" -noPause -noSound exit and do not include -port 2346 then it shows I tried this even localClient[] = {"","",""}; headlessClients[] = {"","","",""}; with the above even, still no change.
  3. So i went into my dedibox server folder, made a copy of the arma3server.exe to arma3hcserver.exe made bat file: start "Arma3hc" /min /low "arma3hcserver.exe" -client -connect= -password=**** -profiles=hc -name=hc "-mod=@Exile;@A2OP;@ryanzombies;@RZInfection_for_Exile;@NATO_Russian_SF_Vehicles;@NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons;@EBM;@RDS_Civilian_Pack;" -noPause -noSound pause i have my mission.sqm with the HC class Item73 { dataType="Logic"; class PositionInfo { position[]={2196.9661,13.450195,13278.655}; }; name="Headlessclient"; init="this enableSimulation false; this allowDamage false"; isPlayable=1; description="Headlessclient"; id=173; type="HeadlessClient_F"; atlOffset=-299.74197; }; still all i get is when i run the hc bat via my remote game folder i get
  4. hmm interesting, i will test this out, does not state this anywhere in the HC guides. but my question to you then is, why can i use that commandline to connect to a server on remote host and it connects.
  5. So i created a bat file to rename the workshop app and move it to where i wanted. goes something like so. @echo off set "_836147398=@Taunus_A3" set "_workshoppath=path.to.content" set "_serverpath=path.to.server" Echo Copying %_836147398% xcopy "%_workshoppath%\836147398" "%_serverpath%\%_836147398%" /s/h/e/k/f/c/i exit i have all my workshop mods like this within the 1 bat file, then i can run the bat and copy all content over in 1 shot. my issue now is figuring out how to run 1 bat file to download ALL workshop items in 1 shot. instead of seperate bat file per workshop item.
  6. If you look at the commandlines I posted, they contain the ports there. -connect= -port=2352
  7. so just had time to do this now, and unfortunately its still not working. I installed another arma3server on the same box. put the mods required in the folder. added start "Arma3hc" /min /low "arma3server.exe" -client -connect= -port=2352 -profiles=hc -name=hc "-mod=@Zks_Items;" -noPause -noSound pause and like before the white client window just sits there, never connecting. on my remote pc I tested with bat start "Arma3hc" /min /low "arma3.exe" -client -connect= -port=2352 -profiles=hc -name=hc "-mod=@Zks_Items;" -noPause -noSound pause which connects fine.
  8. i will try this out ty terox, as far as stripping all the addons and such, the server works fine, the HC runs fine, it was just the fact that the HC could not run off the same machine. I will setup a HC server on the machine and see if it connects!
  9. did some further testing, appears to be something to do with the dedibox its running windows server 2008 r2 all i can guess is it has something to do with the IP routing, im not a network tech or anything like that. so not sure how to fix this. my pc in canada, i can connect to the dedicated box with both arma3server.exe and arma3.exe but running arma3.exe or arma3server.exe on the same machine will not work for me. I have contacted the datacenter already and being unmanaged box, they will not help me with this. Does anyone have experience with this system, and know anything about IIS7 I have a feeling it has something to do with the ports. I ran curports on the dedibox to see what ports are open and closed, etc. this is a screenshot of the server info Server port is 2342 query port is 2343 rcon port is 2346 when I start the hc from same dedibox I get this
  10. I have looked at different options for base building in missions, R3f seems to be the only active option anymore. Loli defense looks to be abandoned, but i like its concept of being able to build and then pay to upgrade. there is PLANK but again looks to have been abandoned. and iBuild looked very promising, and yet again the dev has abandoned it and no installation instructions. I setup exilemod servers myself, but I do not like pvp games. Im more of a pve kind of guy. I like being able to build, search for stuff, stay alive. kill zombies/AI and work with other players. I also like the humanity type options, kill a player, lose humanity. eat their corpse, lose humanity, give a player food/water, heal them, gain humanity etc. if arma 2 overpochin servers were not such a pain to maintain and setup i would have probably stuck with that.
  11. are you running your HC on the exact same machine. exact same folder as your running server from? I have no router, no firewall, ip address is static, and as i said earlier, I can connect remotely with my pc here in canada, to the server in france fine as HC, but running it on the same machine does not work. I also went as far as installing a dedicated server on my pc in canada, and ran the same bat file that works in arma3 game folder, just changed the arma3.exe to arma3server.exe and when I do that, hc does not even try to connect.
  12. awesome ty. as for the server info there is 2 servers I setup. Altis and Tanoa
  13. i agree, this was just at a request by some players. Is there a way I can turn down the amount of fog with the weather script? I looked in the weather.sqf im assuming it would be if (_foggy == 0) then {_foggy = 1;(120 + (Random 1680)) setFog 0}; and changing the value there? thanks
  14. it was a copy and paste, i tried with /min and /max same results, the issue is arma3server.exe cannot run as HC, simple as that. arma3.exe can.
  15. I have tried start "Arma3" /min /wait "arma3server.exe" -client -connect= -port=2342 -password=***** -profiles=hc -name=hc "-mod=@Exile;@A2OP;@ryanzombies;@RZInfection_for_Exile;@NATO_Russian_SF_Vehicles;@NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons;@EBM;@RDS_Civilian_Pack;" -world=empty -noPause -noSound and still does not ever try to connect. i have also tried the actual servers IP, tried just nothing works, only when i use arma3.exe will it try to connect. but im not gonna purchase a 2nd licence just so i can run a HC on the same dedicated box.
  16. do you mind if i post my gametracker info for the servers I setup?
  17. awesome, thanks so much ZK! request from players, lmk if possible. Is there a way that a player can spawn with any kind of loadout to start? Mainly a map. that way if a player dies, they can easily rejoin their group.
  18. I have this same issue, it appears as though the arma3server.exe cannot run as a HC, but if you use arma3.exe it will connect. I opened a thread on this issue and my findings. I hope someone can help. arma 3 dedicated server ID is 233780 and cannot be ran as HC even with -client, HC never recognizes it. if you run hc from arma 3 steam ID 107410 it will connect to a dedicated server. But this has to be fixed as this would require a person running arma3 server to also install steam client and install arma 3, which makes things redundant and then would not be able to play remotely.
  19. Great work on this mission. Love playing this! I run it on a dedicated box hosted in france. It will remain up and I will update it when new releases come out. I do have a question though regarding parms. With it being hosted on a dedicated box, i login to command line with my admin password while in lobby, but i am not able to change the parms. Is there a file i need to edit with it being on a dedicated server, if hosted lan then the parms would be accessible. thanks
  20. can i get link to download dac 3.1, the link on the 1st page is saying not found. does this for x-cam as well
  21. tinboye

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    does anyone have a copy of the namalsk mission used with exilemod or any of that? it seems to have been pulled from exilemod. any reason why?
  22. the only way that fixed the crashing for me, was to go into my arma 3 game folder, delete the DLL files in the dll folder, then in arma 3 launcher, i set my malloc to system I have not crashed since. before If my graphics was set to high, i would crash all the time, as I lowered my graphics it would last a bit longer, but even at lowest setting, it would still crash. Now that I have done this, I can set to high and i have not crashed in over 3 days.
  23. the mission I have, if a person dies, they can choose a different faction once they go back into the lobby. (blufor) or (Independant). with statsave, it wants to respawn me back to where i last died. not allowing me to go back into the lobby once dead. Is there a way to make it so once Dead or click respawn it forces me back into the lobby then if i change factions I can start fresh, or if I choose the same faction then it will respawn me.
  24. tinboye

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    script works great, just have a small issue, I have playable as blufor Gendarme, so the selectable pool is only the 2 units, so if I switch the script to use static, and then add some other blufor units, and then select those in the game. If they are not also Gendarme then they fire on each other even though they are all part of the same main faction. anyway to stop this? and if 2 factions have playable units: like blufor and independant, how can I have a static list for both factions, but only for their own? I dont want blufor players to select independant units and vise versa thanks
  25. tinboye

    Import "sqf" to eden?

    there were commas after each line, i just was copy and pasting from an example file. I got it to work, ended up being the extended base mod which was not allowing the import. so fyi do not load this mod with the eden editor.