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  1. Greetings from Ukraine! I am writing on behalf of all Ukrainian players in the games of Bohemia Interactive. I love your games. I am fond of DayZ and Arma 2 DayZ Mod. I bought DayZ 3 years ago. Then I had the means and the great desire to play this game. But since then, much has changed - standard of living in my country has greatly decreased (due to known reasons - the war, the economic crisis and others). It was very difficult for players from Ukraine to buy licensed copies of games in Steam. But recently our national currency - hryvnia(UAH) has been added in Steam. This greatly facilitated the situation of Ukrainian players - many developers set lower, then european, prices for Ukrainian players, because they understand that gamers in Ukraine can not afford to buy games at european prices and it is much easier for them to download this game from the torrent, instead of buying a license copy and supporting the developer. Avarage income in Ukraine - 260$ per month(for example, in United Kingdom avarage income - 1200$) and not everyone can afford 25$ game, even on sale. I can't understand why DayZ cost in poor Ukraine same as in UK. Even in Russia, prices are lower than ours (see attached screenshot in spoiler), but I can not say that Ukrainians are more solvent than Russians. I hope you listen to us and set prices that correspond to the solvency of Ukrainian players in your games, at least at the level of prices in Russia. Thank you!