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  1. Unfortunately we have suffered some technical difficulties with it, seems that most of the data may be lost. But fear not as we are working hard to bring the documentation back again.

    Probably you should ask in the MCC thread, as we don't participate in their development.

    is it possible while you bring it back(the doc) to made a pdf version out of it too so that we can have it offline like a manual on a iphone/ipad while playing and testing some of feature.


    that will also made data loss impossible unless everybody who downloaded it is hacked.

  2. Drivable landing craft? Woohoo! That would be so epic! Your work is amazing!

    its not a big deal to make it driveable...all it needs is that the model to be under the vertice limit in order to avoid the issues with multiple proxies parts and that the geo lod to be propely made. yes its driveable even if the geo lod is over the 60 m limit. the rest of the actions like planes and troops are done with scripts.

  3. i have watched the videos of the mod but right now im unable to install it due to hd (stupid ssd size) space, unless i uninstall some other mods( believe me, i only have arma2 and arma3 and some other mods on the whole computer!!!) so here comes my question seeing that it was already done in arma 1 and 2 on ace mod(if my memory is good).

    since you guys seem to be the new ace mod(the mod that implement a truckload of features) did into your road map have plans to release a feature only version(FCS,radar, artillery, etc) of the entire mod(without content) that will work with the stock arma3 units and other that inherit DIRECTLY from them like the ace mod team did with their full version and lite version of the mod(feature only) or like bis do now with the dlc except there is no money involved since the mod is free?

  4. Is there any way to revert to a previous update and use it there?

    maybe not, but in the future do as i do: keep different versions of arma 3 on your hd. that way if an update screw an addon you can play the older version until the addon model is updated, if its config only yoy can try and solve it...myself have 4 versions of a3 as of today: the version the day i bought the game, the MANW version, the heli dlc release and the last version...

  5. speaking of missiles, if you want missiles mlods for new additional content there is some unfinished mod from arma 1 called anwm and one of their pbo with the weapons there are a few missiles and shells left in mlod format


    of course you should ask those people permissions first, but at least you know what for.


    this one is unbinarized and might give you an insight into what it should look like. remember its arma 1 and the turret anims are in the form of otocvez and otochlaven way and not like arma 2 and 3 main_elev and main_trav (check vbs2 develop manual for details) both ways work in arma 1 thru 3 anyway...

    nice weekend too...

  6. thanks for the report.

    -typo fixed

    -i could ask the pedagne team for the model but i could not fix it myself

    -the aster is an Eggbeast creation, i just copied and pasted it into the Dutch mod > ill sent you a PM

    A few small changes for the mod are on the way soon and some mission enhancements.

    0.972RC (xx-0x-2015)

    -updated: apache demopilot & icon

    -updated: AH-64 missions fixed

    -updated: ACE MSO Fayshkabur mission

    -updated: a few typos

    you ABSOLUTLY need the MLODS for this task. and ask them the mlods for the patrol boats as well because they look and behave like their mass in the geo lod is 2 tons instead of like 200 t, since when you hit them, even tank shells cause them to back off and go at 70 km/h becoming useless awesome models. its too sad such beautiful models be so useless during firefight(at least thats how they are in the italian mod) i didn't installed your new version, since i need to clean up space to physically put it there. i need like 9 gb, 3 for the .7z and 5.6 for the content.

    you may try to release delta updates/patches or they are already there and i didnt found them, because the version from 2 weeks ago it took me like 2 hours to download(armaholic server)

    what 'aster' you talk about: the missile model or the fremm ship model?

    PS i pm'ed you some details too.

    thanks, looking forward to help you, since i myself build some ships for a2 and a3 right now(im just slowed down by the amount of sharp edges i need to put)

  7. thanks fennek

    as for the damageResistance i found a quicker way to do it. i use a bunch of test weapons with definite value of what i want it to hit it and in around 10 tries i have the right value with an acuracy of 3-4 hit values. what i did is let it first on default then decrease it then slightly increasing it...like the army do with blind artillery fire shoot 1 round farther another one before then decrease until its a direct hit.

    as for the buyoance lod i remember reading into the shipbuilding wiki ( https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Ships_Config_Guidelines ) or somewhere else that in the sample there is a speed boat with some blocks on this lod that can be moved...i downloaded the samples last week there is no speedboat like in the picture ...do you know where i can get that sample model?




    the samples i have is the rubber boat not this one, are there samples depending on where you live(geo filters in steam)

    i will first make my boats for arma 2 then i will upgrade the models to a3 level while keeping the a2 alive as well. i just figure out(last week) how to have REAL vls missiles without ANY script, so be sure i will keep a2 upcoming version alive since my discovery work(already tested) in arma 1 and 2 perfectly. i might even bet that even ofp can support it but its just limited to 1 turret.

  8. Thanks again for the support guys! ill have a look at the P-3 but dont have the model (or knowledge) to fix this i think.

    0.97RC (24-02-2015)

    -added: AH-64 Apache Longbow by NodUnit & Franze + pilot

    -added: RNLAF combat & demoteam textures by NodUnit

    -added: RNLAF Pilatus Turbo Display Team 313Sqn texture

    -added: Tanya Female Soldier (desert & woodland camo)

    -added: je maintien drai & Pirate flag

    -updated: removed ACR dependency

    -updated: M119 arti computer & SRAT error

    -updated: T810 trucks texture

    -updated: BO105 weapons & sound upgrade

    http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-06_02-59-38-23.png (3795 kB)

    http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-12_20-14-26-87.png (3547 kB)

    http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-16_02-08-45-14.png (1094 kB)

    http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-17_20-14-40-41.png (2330 kB)

    http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-18_02-59-06-03.png (1786 kB)

    its 'je maintiendrai' not separate like you typed it means i maintain in french.

    also in your ship you still have the same errors like pedagme mod:

    -the fremm crew(driver ) is sitting on the winshield like jack sparrow on the black pearl mast...move the proxy by 3-4 m on z axis inside the cabin, just slightly inside, that way the soldier wont appear on the deck and it will be able to look from the inside since there are no texture from the inside(transparent).

    -vls aster shoot straight. if you want to fix it pm me and ill tell you in details ( too many steps)...i finally manage to have proper vls with 0 SCRIPTS in arma 1, arma 2 and 3!!!!! yes you read it right.

    -cant wait to play 007 in the bmw :cool:

  9. In this thread i wish other people including me post videos only of OFFICIAL promotional material used to showcase upcoming military vehicles and weapons, being land, air and naval.

    i hope to inspire some addon makers...or burn time to others with useful content.

    i will post some links to give an idea of what i intend:

    RBS 15 missile

    here you can see its a promotional video only (by saab), not a compilation done from google images by someone else or a weapon show interview video(youtube is full of those and its nothing relevent in them)



    fremm class

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    oto merla vulcano

    pl-01 tank

    Steregushchy class corvette

    t90 ms (t100 from arma3 ?? )

    russian landing craft

    holy c***


    spoiler text ideas: SHOOT ME, COU COU, I'M HERE, BOLLOCKS!

  10. actually i prefer clean textures because if you go closer they still looks good, dirt and other stuff looks great at 5m, but if you get at 30 cm, they looks like bad pixels and not dirt or scars.

    to date i dont know if there are games that render dirt dynamically and apart from the main textures. but maybe a script could put dirt over the vehicle like a hidden texture or marking, and render them in higher quality than the main texture.

  11. have you tried changing armor value (i'm talking about the one in the main config, not the values in the hitpoint classes) ?

    According to the Biki tank config guidelines for A3:

    Pretty vague though, more detailed information how AI handles this stuff would be handy...

    Also, i can only suggest making a proper FireGeometry LOD with different hitpoint classes... not that it would really help with the AI issue though.

    In the VBS tutorial it's mentioned that it's the objectradius (presumably the largest dimension of your geometry LOD divided by 2) that gets multiplied

    damageResistance = (hit damage ^ 2) / armor config * (0.27 / object radius)^2


    sadly i already did those, but like you said a liitle info from bis on how the ai target x, y, z stuff will be huge.

    it solved itself the moment i added the model.cfg with the first turret anim and gunner. when i tested my models, i just put them in-game as ships with only a driver and no anims/model.cfg to see how it floats/move, then i put it against some oppfor units, but it wasnt perfectly binarized by the game. somehow i think even if there is no error reported in the rpt file, the engine don't binarize the addon propely if you use a mlod as a test model ingame. now i just played around with damageresistance value and set the rough value for something above 350-400 hit in ammo.

    the golden rule(i think) is to put at least 1 anim or a very basic model.cfg(even if it has no anims) and have the name of the model in it, then later add the skeletons and anims to it.

    PS when you said largest dimension, does this mean the entire geo lod(multiple components) or the biggest component in that geo lod.

    geo lod is full of mysteries too: ex: i had 1 single component(will be used as physx lod) in my first try then the ship floated too high, then i split it into 5 component then somehow with the same mass it floated just perfect!!! all those test were done in arma2--> its easier to practice there then port it to a3 later.

  12. i just discovered some issues with the smaller missile and gun boats in arma 2 version of the mod and since you port them it will be cool if they were fixed:

    the moment something hit those ships (from naviglio and navigliors pbos) they move at 50-60km/h back or front and are completly unplayable...i discovered that a few days ago because it was the first time i wanted to play those smaller ships. even tank shells make them move back. i think its the mass in the geometry lod thats too low, because i have the same issue with one of my addon when i give it 500kg instead of 500 tons, they move like crazy.

    the fremm that i played a lot is fine against missiles, but rarely it flyoff in air if i hit a sea bottom.

    like i said those happens in arma 2 oa v1.62

  13. LMAO you really do not know me at all.

    Your posts were flagged for flame baiting by someone else before i even got chance. I asked for irrelevant posts to be removed and the thread cleaned up. The mods gave you a warning.

    No one else seems to have issues shutting down server breaking licences. Do some research. You obviously haven't bothered to do any either about me or the laws. Or even the legal precedents. So you are just spouting unfounded opinion.

    Stop reading your own prejudices into my words. Actually read what I've written in the context of the posts around it.

    Well if you are happy to do that, it’s your prerogative.

    However, as you can see from the numerous other replies in THIS very thread I am not alone in my position. And a large number of the people that do actively create content for this community, ie addon and mission makers are concerned about someone exploiting their efforts. While this server licensing is part of a solution it is not a COMPLETE solution for us.

    sadly you are like other people i wished i never replyed to in the past: those who think that the world revolve around them and this reply proved it even more. if i checked the post that were flagged it contains not one single piece of insult, but the one that followed from you was just harsh, like i just disrupted you from your trance and yet as the other guy who mentioned "the big names here" you tend to see yourself as a moderator and god(you even ask to clean up the posts, no user should ask that unless he is a mod). so yes my join date theory is true: you people with 10 years of activity here tend to have this sort of complex when it comes to different opinions. now let me show you how a normal person would reply to my post:

    " @freesets

    i know that illegal servers cant be shut down in some parts of the world that easily but bis should enforce their rules a little more. im GLAD to discuss the issue in detail on the other thread"

    how does that sound to you???

    in real life you change subject all the time during a conversation, yet no one punches you in the face when you do.

    as for the TOPIC here, illegal servers operate all the time and players like activision and ea cant even scratch them: call of duty is full of illegal servers and yet activision with billions more than bis can't touch them. i won't post links here because all that is needed is a quick torrent search(place for illegal content) and you will find them all.

    as for my take of the 3rd party issue: you people should understand the golden rule of the internet: once you post it, its NO LONGER yours. the copyright thing is an illusion to keep you warm at night and to protect you from your neighbour or a small player. ex: i read blogs for almost 10 years, and all of them have their content from a source they cite after the so called post, almost all those sources, who worked months, barely have 1000 clicks for their original story, but when 'big name blog' come and copy paste their story, working 20 minutes including drinking the coffee they get 100000 clicks in a day and ???$$$ in money from the ads. is it fair? hell no. did the freelancer guy who did the source article in the first place stop? no. why? well that i hope you can answer.

    the complete solution for you and others that are so concerned about 'fun work', as the free content is, would be, as other in the past debated in the media industry, to cease to create and that is your choice, but if you cease to create for that issue that everybody suffers, then your creatin in the first place wasn't 'fun work' or hobby.

    MY OPINION: game devs dont make a big deal anymore over the loss of sales on paid digital products(otherwise they would shut down every warez site), why a free addon maker me in that case(i speak of myself only) should i bother? so yes if tomorrow A3l will play my hamina ship to shoot police heli, i wont care because i know that once its out on the internet its like a rolex watch on the street with my name on it, the time it will remain there depend of the people who pass by it.

  14. In the end, all profit dramas in this community are developed in the shadow of those who want to be or have proclaimed themselves to be "the big names in the community". The community in where increase of "largeness of your name" is apparently measured by the amount of questions like "Are you adding variant X", "When is the release date", "Any news?" and the amount of times they can say "When it's ready". Not the first, and not the last time it's been like that. And we've seen so many of those "big names in the community" implode over their own expectations when the community calls them on their bluffs, the bluffs they kept repeating "I do this for myself, because it's fun, it's a hobby and I release whenever I please".

    + 1000000000000000000000 you resumed what i saw with my own eyes here for the last 2-3 years. :jump_clap:

    the same thing that made me stop to made an account here and armaholic until now(i run into some big issue in modelling) and even now i still regret it.

    For most of the last decade I've worked with various Militaries and organisations, Game studios, TV/film companies all around Europe and the US. My experience is that, while enforcing these licenses is time consuming its not as hard as you describe. It just needs to be actively managed. Which goes back to the issue of building confidence in your customer base.

    it reminds me of my years at some aerospace company i used to work until i resign, yes resign. people with so MUCH experience like yours think that the world almost revolve around them and their opinions should be facts. like i said it to you in the other thread and you probably flagged my posts(probably because im not a big name like the other guy said) is that bi and the other games studios before them CAN'T shut down servers like A3L for illegal use of 3rd party content because its outside of their juristiction(place and ownership), everybody know that, but i will say it anyway because in the last 4 pages i realize that you don't ACCEPT it and that's not a bis or another modder issue, it a personal issue. now if they steal your addons, you can sue them, but your addons and the other 3rd party addons they stole ARE NOT bis responsibility, but the addon makers one.

    as for me i will release some addons here and I WON'T CARE if they will play on A3L or <insert russian illegal new server name here>. why: because you cant stop the piracy practice, even if they sell your addons, every warez place sells them somehow, ads on the site(media) or server fees(a3l). in the past i seen quite the opposite, the more you fight against, the more you become a target, so i wont fight.

  15. what exactly do you want to achieve/change? you dont need to worry about "bounding spheres" when creating fire geometry/ geometry for models

    its very important when you want the ai units to target the vehicle only and not try to kill the crew, after you force the command: crewVulnerable=0;

    if you put crewVulnerable=0;, the ai shoot at you with weapons that depend on your armor and VEHICLE strenght ONLY(trg radius is important in here), so in my case for 140m russian destroyer they(ai) only shoot with the harpoon with: hit=3000, indirecthit=1500, indhitradius=15. they dont use anything with a lower hit than hit=2140(value i obtain from testing by upping the hit of a test weapon in this case a shell class weapon).

    now if i put crewVulnerable=1; they shoot with the front gun of another ship, the ciws, the m2 deck guns, the AA missiles and MAYBE the harpoons. the land/air units use machineguns and rifles mostly against my ship(and the other ships made by other addons makers). well no ai should use the coax/m2 gun against a destroyer when he sits in a tank.

    my smaller ship(55m hamina) with crewVulnerable=0; work perfectly well: other ships shoot at it with the front gun(min hit=350; ) and harpoons and granit antiship missiles, the land/air units use rockets, missiles, rpg, tank shells(not mg) and tow missiles. the infantry/helo/planes dont fire a single bullet at the hamina from the rifle/mg/gau12, and it should be that way. in real life you dont engage a warboat with a mg or a rifle, you use the big guns.

    so here comes my need of the damage resistance and the bounding sphere which radius is used for its calculation. i want to make my big ship damageable from any weapons with a hit bigger than 200-300 hit value, not 2140 as it is fixed no matter how i change the damageresistance value in config.cpp for the MLOD(i didnt binarize it yet) used to test. maybe i need to binarize it then try again??

    for now my geolod is used for firegeo as well. maybe if i put a small block of 50-60m in the geolod and use my actual geolod as firegeolod it should do the trick but the ship will have weird collisions issues in front and back(walk through).

    in directx documents they say that the bounding sphere is calculated from the farthest vertice of the model, in this case my geolod, and its visually understandable like the leonardo da-vinci circle around the man.

    PS my config.cpp inheritance tree:

    class CfgVehicles


    class AllVehicles;

    class Ship: AllVehicles


    class NewTurret;

    class Turrets;


    class MY_Boat: Ship


    the usual stuff

    damageResistance=0.000238; //my last attempt


  16. This is not about paid mods, is about paid items.

    This means that in these servers if you want to have a fair gameplay you need to spend money with those items otherwise you will be limited against those who want or can buy those items access.

    This is against the most basic fairness rule for a balanced gameplay. Online gaming used to be a equal for everyone no matter the social or financial conditions. Arma was one of last bastions preserving the justice and equality for those who play no matter the size of their pockets. Now its gone.

    It starts to look like CS GO where those who have pockets to afford a shiny knife spend the whole match with knife in their hands just too show how amazing they are, the difference is that in CS GO besides ego boost does not have any other impact while with Arma it will have a direct impact in gameplay.

    And looking at first server monetization approval we can see that this kind of procedure will be applied widely.

    i know that, but sadly this is the only way to ensure that people pay for the server fees(hardware and mods), otherwise, like in the past, donations and subscriptions didnt work very well, so the only option is to degrade a little the experience of those that dont pay, in order to make them pay a fee. its the same with other paid services in other businesses, in case of games the best way(not the fairest) is the pay for win. and the thing is that arma, as i understand it, wont force you to play on those servers, unless you choose them. its not bf2free or other freemium crap where the only option is pay the best gun and frag everybody to collect likes on youtube.

    now if this practice will ensure high quality servers and almost 0 cheaters, then i will buy the better item. only time will tell if this move is pure greed or financing for quality server time(one server like you said there dont define the others).

  17. *buzzersound*

    You are wrong, they do! Since they have the money, they don't care if they get banned or not.

    less than those free servers. in bf2 dedicated servers runned by some clans back in 2006-2007 there were almost no cheaters, in the other servers(free) you could have cheaters stealing your tank from 50m away after an insta spawn. if the monetization is put into high quality hardware and paid mods, then it is a win.

  18. You have to understand that you have missed the point - the issue in contention is not related to DMCA take down requests.

    You should also understand that you are stating something we all acknowledged a long time ago.

    You also have to understand this is NOT the place to discuss this - there is a proper thread for that. Please use those threads.


    relax buddy, i didn't kill anybody here...in fact you bring server monetization in your post, then when someone say a few words about it, its their fault.

    "IF it does give BI the ability to clamp down on people operating illegal servers then fine. I just want confidence that BI will actually use that ability. "

    i replied to that because it would be impossible to reply to that post on the other thread, but dont worry i wont bother you in the future.

  19. im in the process of building some big/small boats for arma 3(5 in total-2 small, 3 big) and i come across the damageresistance which requires the tgtradius from the bounding sphere calculated in geometry. i read the vbs2, arma2, 3 and even direct x docs(http://programming4.us/multimedia/3296.aspx) but i still dont find how it is calculated by the engine: my geo lod is around 130m* 12m* 20m(height) i loaded some binarized p3d (gnat OHP.p3d from arma2) in o2 and i saw a bounding BOX with dimensions similar to my geo lod maximums then a named property : -sphere: 67.65435

    how the heck this sphere is calculated or what it is, my model is a mlod right now and i need to test the damage resistance for weapons with a hit of 300 and more? is the bounding sphere calculated AFTER the binarization? and if yes how can i pre-calculate it for trial and error with the weapons testing?


    i use crewVulnerable=0; (thats how you should do it), otherwise, like ALL the previous ship addons, even the rifleman shoot at them, in mine on the smaller one(hamina-class, 55m geolod lenght) only the harpoons and the front guns with over 350 hit shoot at it(very happy it works by default)

    thanks for help

  20. like chops said, you should release what you did to others that can finish it, like the guy with the f37c did 2 months ago...he stopped the dev, but in order for his work to not become forgotten, he released the source material and his project will live longer.

    in your case, if you release the pre alpha stuff, then what you did until today wont be in vain, all the time you put in it will worth something. i dont think you like to hit delete on all that work, they are low poly okay, but no one gives a crap that a plane/ship/sub at 700m is 5000 vertices instead on 25000, because they cant see the difference at this distance.

  21. As DK has already said, we don't have a collective decision. its something we as a team need to discuss before doing anything.

    However and this just my own Personal opinion I'm not very impressed with the Server Monetisation move.

    1. I think its poorly thought out and has a very limited practical benefit to the end user.
    2. IF it does give BI the ability to clamp down on people operating illegal servers then fine. I just want confidence that BI will actually use that ability.

    So I've decided to pause the release of the Gripen, UK helos and Typhoon, (They were delayed anyway - so this means very little ;) ) until I have some more confidence in BI's move. This does NOT mean that RKSL will not release any content in future. No decision has been made but I do have some serious concerns.

    Now if you want to debate me on the Server Monetisation issue please use the proper thread.



    3 Feb 2015

    you have to understand that sometime you cant take down something if the law dont work there, lets say a3l is in russia and their 200000$ give good income to their russian webhost: good luck taking that down. even us government have trouble doing something outside of their are of legislation(russia, china, asia and other warez paradises), for bis or anybody else its impossible.

    im sure a3l site and servers is registered somewhere in those countries, because if even rockstar(for using GTA name) didnt get to them, then bis certainly will not.

  22. +1. Love you mate. I have been a huge fan since 2001 when a buddy of mine gave a me a disc with ofp beta was on it. HOOKED! EVER SINCE! I see this whole thing as a possible downfall to the best title and development studio ever. Im am very nervous as to how this will turn out. Please BIS, think twice before this goes live.

    how could this be a downfall for the studio...they are not EA, nor EA bought them and turned them into some freemium crap...the only downfall i see is if they allow paid 3rd party addons to exist other than their dlc. if i understand the move here, its to cripple serves that mostly run for pirated versions of the game and/or with stolen content to make money on something they dont own.

    in fact if they allow this, cheaters will go away, since most cheaters are 12 yo with no money and they usually get banned after a few weeks, so even if they have money they wont pay just for a few weeks.