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  1. As stated before, yes, we have searched and have found all his models on 3d model sharing sites. While these sites have their own TOS, modelers also have their own TOS, as well the original games having their own TOS, and it is because of that that those type of websites are legally impossible to use due to the possibility of using stolen content. Another thing that you have to remember is that there is no way in hell some 17 y.o. kid can put out AAA models in 4 hours. Just saying.


    so he didn’t use sketchup models. ok, in that case its good you didn’t tarnish the arma modding community without knowing, because of someone ego to be the best too soon(17 yo). beside, that site that show up in google first has even arma 2 ripped models exported from o2 in 3ds!!! http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/stryker-mgs-54569.html http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/9p117-scud-b-20420.html


    sometimes a mistake (there is no way in hell some 17 y.o. kid can put out AAA models in 4 hours)  can save your life.


    what im still curious is if for example your team use the sketchup model i provided in my last 2 links(the plane you scrapped)? what are/could be the legal/TOS ramifications around this. should the author be contacted or not, because the moment you post them on sketchup 3dwarehouse its for everyone to use, as long as they don’t sell it? or just components like this: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=27d791fbebd95ba63e1dd33534f3a282 or this  https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=u2199222f-6bdc-413f-a52d-f32619eb2516  ?




    we'll never know i guess, maybe he did them in 4 hours(i'm kidding):


  2. Service Announcement: 


    It comes with great sadness to announce that we have found one of our members, Kuvangc, stealing models online and then claiming to be his. After some time researching his high detail models he was creating in a few hours, we found this out to be true and have since deleted all his modelling work from our database and have taken steps to prevent this in the future. He was also found to be using content from other mod makers without their permission and due to all this, he has been kicked from the 7 Seas Studios Team.


    speaking about online models, did you guys checked that his models(i cant do it so im asking) don’t come from sketchup cause a lot of mods i used in the past on other games use sketchup models and no one had any issue yet (http://www.moddb.com/mods/modern-wars). i know for a fact that sketchup models are free and somewhere in the tos of sketchup is mentioned that they are shareware or something, meaning basically that you can do what you want with them as long as you don’t sell them for cash. using them in FREE game mods is probably what their creators wish for since they know or should know that others on sketchup community can (and already did) reuse their models and enhance it then release it on their account. 

    if his models are not from sketchup, then its another story, since its a known fact that a FREE 3ds model from any online 3dmodel download site is 99% ripped from a aaa game, some sites even have the guts to tell that in the description (i saw a lot of cod, bf, hawx rips) they look too good to be free and if you download a few and open them in o2 or other 3d software(i did to test my claim) you can see that they are ripped cause the vertices(and the origins) are not symmetric, they are always off by a 0.001-0.005 units from 1 side to another or way off from the xyz origin, which is impossible if you do it in any 3d software.


    examples for my claims:

    http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/steregushchiy-24192.htmlripped from naval war arctic circle

    http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/f-16c-fightingfalcon-62643.htmlstolen from hawx

    http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/f-35-lightning-ii-52264.htmlanother steal

    http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/mh-60l-blackhawk-39038.htmlstolen from ace combat

    http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/mi-28n-havoc-59997.htmlsteal bf3

    http://www.3dcadbrowser.com/download.aspx?3dmodel=3700made by zygote in 1999 and used in flanker 2.5 intro cgi real name:WBURKE1.3DS

    https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=33f4d31a559bc07fc1ccec171a275967zygote model imported

    https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=663216f965158ea4482f44a85f7d59dwatch it closely its just enhanced but still riped

    http://www.3dcadbrowser.com/download.aspx?3dmodel=3040ripped from deespona models that got leaked on the net in 2000

    *fun fact: in google tf3dm.com is the first site that shows if you search any 3d model(not surprised since its full of google ads)


    some are legit too(i think):

    http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/fa-18c-hornet-88361.htmlpossibly legit.




    some in grey area:




    the EA 6B that you like on sketchup not stolen/ripped(i think):



  3. He is not. And we are currently not building the Zumwalt Class Destroyers because the USN has yet to have one commissioned. We're also not adding any more assets until we have the current list completed. After the current list is completed, then we will look into adding more :D


    so that means if everything go well with your assets and plans, by next year mine could be part of the mod?



    is my browser broke or the external link there is not working on the new forum engine??(everytime i click it it brings me to the page 8 of the thread not 4shared)

    also if i get it correctly i could modify your lcs and release it by giving you credits for the original source(please confirm) cause last time i remember you allowed it to be used for learning purpose only.

    are those sources the same you release 2 years ago or the ones from november last year?

  4. Uhm, euh, I've just turn left... And my tank... Physics... Uhm, watch the picture :


    I love STRV 122, new textures are really awesome.

    But I think the Strv 90 need a retexture. You do a really great work ! :)

    that happened to mee too

    it also happened when i put some toh assets with no physx lod in arma 3, tracked vehicles tend to act like they are filled with air, so i can think the physx lod in the p3d or the model.cfg here are not correctly configured

  5. Maybe this mod need some zumwalt...

    im in the process of modelling the zumwalt (60%), right now im doing the weapon commander post where i have 9 pip monitors showing the gunnerview of each 8 gunners and driver and near each pip i will add a texture with the keyboard fxx button you need to press in order to issue command to said gunner(no more guessing who from the bottom of the screen)  if im right, it will allow a very fast order chain.


    im also trying to find good references for the gerald ford carrier cause i wanna made that too as a movable ship with weapons functional as well. it probably wont support landing like a static object but it will allow missions like protect/escort the carrier and other stuff.


    edit:im not asking for a specific date, but you guys want to release everything at once or in steps depending when its done? because i would really like to wait for the expansion and the new features before cracking my skull to do workarounds of something that bis will probably implement natively...but thats me


    PS im also working on some chinese (054) and russian(kirov, udaloy) ships because whats the point on having a navy if you dont have enemies to shoot...

  6. i was about to start a topic  like that...

    here are what i encountered this far: (link where it happen---issue)


    https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/182043-australia-work-in-progress-release/---images preview links are broken sometime(imgur)



    https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/182331-dutch-aviation-emergency-services-daes/---links to the older forum format inside anther thread also dont work (links with "showthread" )



    and please increase the contrast of the text a little more

  7. SoldierWB (standing for "Soldier West Base" I guess) is a base class used in Arma3, nothing's wrong here. :)

    As for the "Error in expression" thingy, BIS functions have a tendency to spew the same errors, so I don't know how reliable it is...

    in what config file it is first defined(SoldierWB) ? because if my memory is correct that is the bluefor/oppfor/ind soldier from arma 1. they were defined like: SoldierWB, SoldierEB, SoldierGB, then their derivates SoldierWCrew, SoldierWPilot, SoldierWAT, etc

    in arma 2 they were in 2 words like: USMC_Soldier, RU_Soldier, etc...

    in arma 3 as far as i saw on https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgPatches_CfgVehicles there is no SoldierWB, but it might exist somewhere for compatibility purpose(i didnt explore the full a3 config yet) and here : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_WEST

  8. yea but i think there's a difference between COD's backyard levels and old ass engine and arma simply requiring a lot of hardware already as is due to its scope (and other reasons ;)). the problem with arma has always been that it didn't even run great with the most uptodate hardware. arma needs technology updates badly. if it means alienating people playing on a toaster, so be it :p

    to me that's the biggest flaw. having bleeding edge ambitions in terms of scale but not using bleeding edge concepts and tech. the reasons for that are another story. just saying.

    im with you on that. i don't care that the cool kid cant play it on his cool macbook air at school like cod trollZ fragger simulator :cool:, but sadly those people probably represent 70% of the clients and for that fact the minority(those with 3000$ alienware pc) are set aside a little. in fact it plays okay on low settings on medium-low hardware (7-900$) but if you put high settings on high end it may have the issues you say. only HYPER-high hardware(32gb ram, dual/quad 8 core cpu, thermelectric cooling, etc) can play it on full max settings and 1000 ai units at 100fps.

  9. You have to launch the game with -showSciptErrors parameter (in laucnher: Parameters > Author > Show Script Errors). Also here is rpt file after some playing.

    P.S. IMHO sqs scripts have bad impact on performance, but this is another story...

    one of the errors i found there are of the class names from arma 1 and 2(soldierWB)

    also "Error in expression" means(i think) that something in the script is not liked by the engine(thats what i see in a2 when the script dont work)

    speculation: "Uniform xxxxx is not allowed for soldier class yyyyyy" it might work like the scopes: some stuff don't fit other(???)

    "Error Undefined variable in expression: ryanzombiesinvincible" i don't think that one is related with the uniforms

    ' Error Missing "" ' remind me of something...the slightest punctuation error MAY SCREW UP EVERYTHING. use poseidon text editor from armaholic a3 tools section to check the scripts and configs( i know from experience a missed ; may loose you a day)

  10. The problem with MP isn't really to do with object count but more to do with increased simulation which basically adds to frame time therefor making rendering slower. Actually I don't think any of the performance issue's currently present within ArmA really have much to do with the rendering aspect, unless you increase resolution or AA or settings until it DOES become a factor, rather it has much more to do with how much simulation is going on and therefor increasing frame time.

    I actually tend to think that the issue's with Altis and it's size stem from the data streaming that BI uses to constantly stream data into and out of the process work space, not so much object count or view distance. If you think about it, if the process is waiting for data to be streamed into the work space, that's cause for a stalled thread right there. It's probably why draw calls aren't much the issue but the actual size of the island is the issue. Also why it would seem older content runs better, because it's smaller data sizes being streamed. How that plays into Tanoa and performance I think will depend more on it's detail and data size rather than raw object count or anything render related.

    It's one of the reasons why I've always been a proponent of 64 bit binaries. I think it would be one alleviation of a problem, but only if they truly do away with the actual streaming and map completely to RAM, something which would probably require work on the engine which I think they are reluctant to do. It would probably increase the minimum RAM requirement to 8-12gb+ but if that's what's needed for a stable platform then so be it. RAM is honestly pretty cheap anymore.

    you bring a good point here, but this is a double edge sword here, i remember when cod ghosts was released requiring 8 gb of ram min and dx11, a lot of people screamed that activision obliged them to update the computer. i know 2 years ago 8 gb was more expensive than today but as a platform designed to work on medium hardware, increasing the specs like that would please some and displease a lot more. i think that will come to arma 4 but i doubt a3 expansion will rewrite the engine that far...bringing dx12 is already good we have to see next year the improvements.

    as for enfusion i read somewhere(dayz discussion) that they kept the basics from the current engine added 64 bit routines in a lot of places and rewritten the obsolete parts to match the new hardwares of today and of what they anticipate it will be tomorrow(like they did in ofp).

  11. Yeah, in-land water would be really good. ARMA has always felt weird with no rivers or streams. Flowing water was shown in a VBS video last year, and I'd love to see the same thing in A3.


    its like 1.5 years ago...

    and some people still say the engine(which is the same as a3) is obsolete...well it might look like that if you play a3 on a macbook air.

    one thing a3 engine lack(deliberate i think) is support for 100k+ poly models like vbs, but the industry will force them to remove the models poly limit.

  12. My partner says she can make some animations for me. It might take a while as she's busy with Uni though.

    you reminded me of something...would it be possible to create custom anims for the dogs and order them to attack the zombies while you reload(script triggered by the reload action)?

  13. hey BIS can u plz stop working on everything u doing right now and fix FFFFuuubadword* AI patchfinding just make ai usable on altis stratis ....becouse if i look at new tanoa island there will be ai prohibited ?? beouse ai can see trough walls bushes trees etc. so on tanoa ai will kill u in jungle like stealth predator and u will never see anything and again patch finding for ai must be much hardcore better then on altis vhere u send ai over city and ai will find nearest object and bumb in to it and when ai decied *cant move* he make some reverse and bumb again to this object *12x times then wheels are gone grrreeeee can we wait same BISTERIOUS stuff on tanoa ? this never hapened in operation flashpoint on Everon well not so badly like in a3. btw im not hater i love arma forver lol.

    ---------- Post added at 23:48 ---------- Previous post was at 23:43 ----------

    absolutely agree

    and that people happens when the cat type your comment.

    now after my 'cat-written-comment-decrypt-program' decrypted your comment i have to say that you should know that the ai here is fully dynamic, this means it finds his own pathmap, not like other games like ghost recon aw maps where you(the devs) have to make them for him otherwise it don't even move even if under fire. the only instance the wheel got stuck and unstuck itself after 5 tries, was on the rover drone and it was against a fence and i was surprised how well it got out of it because in bf2(another game with full dynamic bors) it would be stuck there until the unit explode. as for the flying ai its probably the best after ms flight simulator(DAAAHHH).

  14. hmmm, I'm pretty sure both the video description and my recent posts have stated not to host these files elsewhere. Please do not mirror these files, thank you.

    ---------- Post added at 18:16 ---------- Previous post was at 18:14 ----------

    no i am currently not allowing mirroring. this may change in future depending on circumstances and I am very grateful for all the support you have shown my content in the past Foxhound

    but for the time being at least I wish for downloads to be limited to my own source.

    may i offer an alternative: instead of mirroring your links and stuff ask armaholic to put your youtube link as download, that way people like me who thought that your mods were abandoned for 6 months until i clicked on bis forum link, know that you work on them but the downloads are no longer where i expected them to be(thats your choice). my alternative here is to ask them to put a notification on your armaholic page saying that the new update is up for grab but on dropbox and youtube, that way when i check on armaholic like i do every week, i see that you have another update, go to YOUR OWN link(not a mirror) and download it. im sure foxhound can work something up.

  15. I took a quick look at the zombies config; from what I could see, the problem is that zombies use a custom CfgMoves (allowing them to sprint I presume) while they are linked to a uniformClass wich points to a vanilla unit with vanilla CfgMoves. I don't know why unlocked_uniforms cancel the custom CfgMoves from the start, but unless I'm wrong, this can also occur without my mod : if you try to use AddUniform or ForceAddUniform on a zombie, he will switch back to the default CfgMoves and won't be able to sprint anymore.

    The solution around that is to remove the specified clothes and use a proper model so you don't have a naked zombie; here's an example :

    class RyanZombieC_man_1: RyanZombieCivilian_F {
    displayName="Zombie 1";
       model = "\A3\Characters_F\Civil\c_poloshirt";

    The above config (adapted from a zombie mod I've been working on) makes sure that the zombie stick to the custom animations, no matter what. Hope this helps. :)

    Edit : About ASR, I think you can assign a variable to the zombies to ensure that they are excluded from ASR scripts.

    just by curiosity, does in your .rpt report file is there some mention like:

    "updating base class cfgmoves" by xxxx addon or something(the key word here is UPDATING BASE CLASS), this error seems inoffensive, but have some effects.

    in my experience some a3 addons updated the turret class and some units had the turrets stalled until i fixed the inheritance in those addons to the new a3 turret names.

    edit again: can you upload your .rpt file here. you should have one for each startup of the game and depending of how many addons/errors you have it may be 2kb or 2 mb

  16. if that drone thing is real, america should revise their drone wars more carefully.

    like boba fett father said in star wars ep2, clones are better...cause you can't shut them down easily all at once...

    Castor program and DYAD Institute must be happy...after all somebody have to clone them.

  17. Jesus! Haha, awesome guys, it's hardly been one day and the drama starts, gonna be a long wait and loooong thread full of wasted internets by looks.

    thats how it is everywhere...it will calm down by next week. you didnt read the comments on gamespot or ign yet...

  18. freesets - as it has been said numerous times before - the issues is NOT the animation dataset. for A3, it is quite huge. It is about the ability to blend those animations (breaking those on parts of the body) together, which it isn't possible with A3. So it isn't as much about the animations (all mocaped) but the system that drives those

    i know that, but why are you saying its impossible with a3 engine to blend them, i know for a fact that once you have the source code of the engine(arma devs and any devs) its possible to add/fix anything. maybe its not implemented yet but impossible i dont think so. a lot of mods of other games in the past that i use/used prooved that the impossible is quite possible. a quick example: the map limit in bf2, project reality has 4x4km maps judged not supported by the engine until they did something with the python code...and pouf they work.

  19. DX12 solves all problems? seems only an excuse to buy windows 10... like phyx in arma 3 seems an excuse to buy nvidia cards

    anyways, didn't have to be Mantle to solves all problems for AMD?

    if you think that physx is implemented ONLY to create nvidia sales then you should just stop criticizing video games (from every devs) just compare any physix game with a non physix and see the differences.

  20. Don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet, but one of our guys just spotted this wrecked plane in the jungle pic:


    Full size image


    i think i saw that somewhere in lost tv show(not sure) when in season 2 or 3 they found a drug carrier plane wreck in trees like that...

    also about details, in the pic with the quarry, is it me or the quarry go deeper than the water level???

  21. after reading both points of view here, i feel that i need to add something, especially after i watched some of the e3 gameplay videos and then i realized that most of the time when a game is centered around a few characters like tombrider or metal gear the characthers animations are a lot better than arma 3, but not only arma 3, better than division, ghost recon, bf4, destiny and other titles with stratospheric budgets and very filled with playable content(vehicles, large maps) because those devs center all the game attention on the main character and not on a lot more around(vehicles, simulations, etc) by that fact if said character travel into a populated world(ac, unchartered, farcry, etc) its not complicated for the devs to just port those extensive anims to the rest of the world and make it look like 20000 people worked 10 years on it, when in fact its just the main character anims extrapolated to the rest of the npc entities.

    i watched the ghost recon video and i remember some 3rd pers a3 gameplays and unless you look very close, you cant see big differences in animations, but yet again ghost recon is not as well animated either than tomb rider or gears of war, but tomb rider dont have bf4 style vehicles, drones, etc.

  22. bottom line this is so far the e3 winner this year... the graphics are not the best, but the gameplay kill everything i saw to date and its not even my kind of game. battlefront, rainbow 6 and ghost recon are.

    im impressed of what they did even more after seeing halo5, bo3 and destiny presentations.

    in fact i think that if valve would have released half life 3 it would be close to fallout 4.