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  1. something must conflicting with the turrets, i tested it and it works...put in alone somewhere and check again(just this addon and nothing else) from my experience the other lcs(blue one) or ivory fregata screwed the turrets config before i fixed them for myself(config.cpp only and not released because i dont have the permission)
  2. freesets

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    now i finally get why some old mod devs here are so edgy when it comes to distribute source materials(mlods) before you prove yourself by uploading something to show your true face...i just wonder how the hell they could rip the entire gta and never get sued by rockstar in the first place...i know for some time that some people made a program to convert flight simulator models into 3d models, but this was used with approval by the content creator(russian&us plane pack from arma2) and they never ripped microsoft content, but after seeing the screenshots(100pbo or more) in the a3l thread i was like did those people live to steal game content??? even their site smell like something is wrong... PS there is one good thing about this tho...once someone rip others content for another game mod--->that means that game(arma 3) has success and big user base. its a golden rule. will battlefield fade and arma take over???? we will see. something similar happened with battlefield 2(nations at war mod) and like i said, its a strong indicator for popularity.
  3. im waiting for a high resolution tiger for like 6 years(arma 1 was ok, but not the best) i saw the models from ofrp team and its great...im sure ffaa is amazing since they have a history of good looking addons along with BWmod and rksl. i like the concept of few high quality addons better than a lot of medium quality. great work.
  4. thats exactly why i wrote the post: to get in contact with who can provide me with the permission to do that and the mlods. a3 is still young and the engine is evolving, thats why i ask it now and not in 2 years, by the time the engine will mature and new features appear i will have it(permission) and i could port them propely. what i did and never released(like every other addon maker experiencing stuff to learn) was to see if it might work like i want: 1 single model per ship, no proxy parts, the number of vertices, etc...because if one of those thing dont give me the results i expect then its not worth the time. so yes its for personal use only(not even use, its a static object from multiple assembled parts), otherwise mikero tool wouldnt be approved here(dep3d). i tried the arma 2 lhd, but sadly i surpass the vertices limit, so my dream of building the lhd in 1 piece with all 6 working turrets is gone for now, unless the engine changes. hope its more clear now. PS in the case that some stuff is not what i intend in my criteria(model), i have 5 original 3ds models made by me of a few european and russian ultramodern frigates under 20000 vertices that i could bring to arma 3, buts that's like 1-2 years away. why? because i want to be sure the engine is stable and the a3 expansion is out(end 2015) and also im still learning the modelling in a3 which is a lot more complicated than arma1 and 2.
  5. im glad people realize that having enemies faction is important since playing with stock enemy units become boring(always t72 and ak rifles) im in the process to aquire the mlods of the type 21 ship so i could made the iranian alvand class frigate as a side project.
  6. @pc dave spawn the pilots first then the chopter the pilots should be blue and the ah64 should be white or something close like any empty units optional: if you want to board it from start, cerate a small config.cpp that will made the crew in the error message inherriting from an a3 crew and the engine will consider it another set of a3 crew and it will be recognised as a VALID crew. ex: cfgVehicles{ class B_helicrew_F; class US_Soldier_pilot: B_helicrew_F; };
  7. someone working on this mod here says that they could provide mlods for those that want to port ships and vehicles to arma 3. my question is who should i ask for those? i know there are 2 sets of mlods: those from OFP mod that are in sections and those from the pics a few pages back here. for my own curiosity and for the sake of the time i will wish to put into making them a3 compatible, i tested the t21 and t42 in a3 as fully assembled into 1 SINGLE model to see if the engine bring the too many vertices error: it didnt even at 21000 points and 4000faces on the fully assembled type42.( i extracted the mlod from ofp using mikero tools). i dont know how the new a2 ports looks in a3, but those from ofp with pac textures looked very good for their age, so they worth it. as a side project i will probably port the t21 as the alvand class of the iran navy(its a type21 with slight modifications) and the guerrico as fench frigate(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%27Estienne_d%27Orves-class_aviso), to bring more opponents on the red and blue side. i ask for the ships (t21, t42, guerrico)mlods because i dont want to work on ripped content that is ripped(unproffesional work) and it might have errors too since its not oroginal. thank you.
  8. you have to keem in mind that there is a golden rule in every case of emergency FAILSAFE devices...they must ALWAYS work and be the less complicated as possible. ex: if you can open a door by breaking the glass with something or by having a mechanical system like a handle, they will always choose the hammer vs glass, it will always work(fire cabinet).
  9. i dont know specifically for the f35, but for 90% of the planes out there its by the weight of the landing gear when the pilot pull the manual emergency release handle, the gear hit something on the doors, unlock them, then continue down pushed by the air until they locked(if you check on youtube, almost all front gear open/swing front--->rear). the rear ones are way heavier and dont need that much air pressure to lock(thats what i know so far). keep in mind its very specific for each plane. i seen by myself a 727 front gear doing the gravity opening on a test bench, it come down like a hammer and locked itself very fast.
  10. by fog you mean weather fog and smoke or the draw distance fog? as for the unbinarization i think its the best way for something this complex. it may take a few more seconds to binarize at startup, but for a good computer its almost invisible. i know this because i backported some arma 2 units into arma 1 because arma 1 had a lot more destroyers and ships than arma 2 and i let them unbined. i had 0 errors except for the classic ST point error from the textures(but they look ok and the materials work too). i hope you dont scrap the project that easy, arma 3 has at least another year to go before the expansion...its not over, not even close.
  11. freesets

    pook_SAM Pack v1.0

    speaking of radar, i have sfp mod and there is that giraffe radar that can be activated(not just decorative) that show every radar targets up to 5 km. you should try to ask them permission to use that script and implement it in a few of your addons. hope that will satisfy some people here.
  12. speaking of the missile boat that is shown in that video on submarine warfare: i heard in another ship thread that you guys use hidden proxy for the antiship missiles, like in the a1-2-3 helicopters/planes and a3 mlrs and rockets pods, so that you dont need scripts anymore and that you could move your camera/head freely depending on another viewpoint(like an heli optics turret). i wonder if its possible to code vls that way(putting proxyes vertically and in angle(harpoon tubes) in each a2 frigate vls tubes and launch missiles vertically from another viewpoint somewhere on the mast(like the heli turret that is not in the same place as the gun barrel) acting as the targetting camera? im asking this because i heard 2 theories on how vls and angled fixed launchers might work: proxyes(maverikweapon) or memory points (placed in angle or vertically). thanks for your help.
  13. speaking of the new helicopters ability from the dlc: is there a remote possibility to build cranes(land vehicles) as long as that famous memorypoint responsible for the rope exist in the model, and move crates and vehicles from the port crane to the ship deck like in real life? as for the ship: :459: PS only a small complaint for the ship: no girl posters in the dorm??? come on guys.
  14. on ground its pointless since in real life even without a single drop of hydraulic fluid or a volt of power you can drop the gears by gravity and lock them by wind resistance. on water, that would be nice if they drop the damage inflicted to the plane even if you land at 230 km/h and let the plane float for a few seconds( to let you exit) or alow you to exit even underwater without any harm. they also should remove the underwater explosion.(or they already did--let me check)
  15. i think that now i understand the issue of the lag. as for the CBA, you confirmed another thing i suspected, as long as there arent: class extended_xxxxx_eventHandlers somewhere in the config, CBA isnt required, and even if those classes exist it doesnt mean the addon will not work propely. as for the video, is the NVG viewpoint in the front optical unit or its somewhere just in front of the pilot helmet, i cant tell because when the pilot moves his head, the flir screen is off. nice work anyway and im glad you guys will make this to arma 3 the moment the ping issues in MP are fixed.
  16. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?162857-circular-addon-dependency-error-out-of-nowhere still weird, because in this addon config there is no addon dependency to himself, unless something require itself in aia core. im still wondering if somebody work on this addon to fix the upside down anims of the comm turret and the lateral tilt of the ship. i like this addon, but that lateral tilt is killing me. i can fix configs for errors, but that is as far as i can go with a binarized model(the tilt and turret errors are in the p3d)
  17. i think that this is caused by too much scripting function. i know, scriptings enable impossible functions, but at the same time, like a bis dev told someone here a few years ago, they tend to create lag proportional to the script lenght. if i remember corectly this addon has A LOT of scripts for almost everything. like you said the only solution might be to release an a3 version config that use the official basic helicopter controls without scripts just because the graphics are amazing and this addon is the best thing i seen so far as model/graphics. for the rocket pylons, they move without any scripts activated(i tested it yesterday on the last addon version), all you need to disable almost all the scripts, is to remove the CBA addon and spawn the heli as empty, then get in the gunner pos and in my case the pylons moved up and down corectly in a small test setup(shooting rabbits and static red trucks on stratis airport). i didnt tried the MP, but if my scrip lag theory is correct, it might work.
  18. you just remind me of something i tried with a few civilians planes from TOH--> i remade the config.cpp giving them the same crew as the uav, that way i could spawn as an uav opp and go into the copilot seat, take control of the pilot and fly the plane in some sort of autopilot WHILE the copilot head and external view were opperational(fixed and freelook) i could also play the air traffic controller by ordering those planes to fly or land after i connected to them from the safety of the control tower top floor. i will made an a3 simple config.cpp for your new version to see, if as an uav, i can control the heli from the gunner position, fully like Matze27 refered(piloting and shooting). i know for a fact that a drone in arma 3 can be manned by a crew and piloted by the uav console(the non-gunner variant of the 6 wheel ugv rover). i just need some time or you could try it since you know better about your addon than me. a lot of things wont work, but at least the rocket pods wont move like crazy like you said it happens. AND happy new year.
  19. GREAT SCOTT!!! they are still there as of yesterday, so grab them while you can. i just checked and i doubt armaholic mods work on christmas and erase addons. as for the sources files they are gone(sadface.gif). also: some of them were incomplete, and the frigate screwed the turrets config, unless you had the patience to made a new config.cpp and repair the inheriting class turrets names to reflect how a3 ship turrets are named. edit: i also heard in a thread(here or armaholic) that some models came from microsoft flight simulator extracted with a 3rd party software like the cold war planes pack from arma 2. The yak42 has the same textures and folder structure like the arma 2 cold war plane pack yak, the others seem similar, except the propeled one which was given to him by somebody.
  20. if you put it in arma 3 using the older version, once you go into the gunner seat you can take control of the helicopter and fly like with the commanche. in arma 2 i havent tried it yet, since the graphics quality scream for arma 3. i could also bypass the start procedure in a3 that way, so if you want quick flights, go in the gunner and order your other soldier in the pilot seat, that way you are a gunner, a commander, and a pilot at the same time.
  21. you mean they wont recieve updates anymore? or he lost them all in a crash(computer crash not plane crash)?
  22. make her play arma3---> fixed.:cool:
  23. there is something else i discovered: if you have artilleryscanner =1; in the config, some stock cannons points in the air at their maximum elevation and shoot seaguls (shoot in the air at nothing) instead of the target. i removed this parameter on the txt_lcs ship addon from armaholic and the front turret magically engage ground/air targets propely again. on ivory_fregata the same behaviour was present in an older version and the CIWS seemed to be affected too(pointed in the air). IN ALL of those instances stock weapons were used( i made sure of that). another thing i didnt solved yet is the cost value and some AI units(not all) not engaging some ships. in the config reference it says that a higher cost unit is more attractive to the AI to attack, but sometimes helicopters fled my unit as it were an alien ship not a frigate??? edit (dec 27): yesterday i just browsed make arma not war and i found this: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/oCYvSaFs8R#.VJ7OwAFDF it seems huge and it may bring a lot of new ships to arma 3. the title dont suggest naval warfare but since i had the patience to open all the projects i was rewarded.