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  1. Paladin PMC is a fictional milsim unit based in the world of ARMA 3, we have two different servers that we run for public recruitment that does not require any modifications and a private server for our members to be able to play on which does require modifications in order to join and play. We are a North American based unit but we are open to any and all nationalities/time zones. We do not require that people who join our servers become a part of the milsim unit but we do ask that even non-members follow the rules posted on our TS and Website. Training We train all new members in the ways of playing ARMA 3, if more advanced training is required then we will accommodate. Operations/Servers v Our public server is currently an Invade & Annex v Our Private server changes depending on what area we are operating in v We do operations on a semi-regular basis. v Our operational area is currently Hindu Kush(Downloaded Island) v Our operations are rewarded with rank ups and other awards depending on performance Website Our website can be found at; http://paladinpmc.weebly.com/ Our Roster list along with a list of available positions is located; http://paladinpmc.weebly.com/roster.html Mods Minimum required Mods: (Private server only) @ACE3 @CBA_A3 @dagger_scopes @ASDG_JR @task_force_radio @mas_usa_devg ​@NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons @mas_nato_rus_sf_veh @sab_c130 @jbad @F/A18_A3 @hindukush_island Recommended Mods: @ACE3 @Blastcore-Tracers @BC-Phoenix @CBA_A3 @dagger_scopes @Drift_NoFatigue @em @ASDG_JR @jsrs3 @task_force_radio @mas_usa_devg ​@va @NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons @mas_nato_rus_sf_veh @sab_c130 @jbad @F/A18_A3 @hindukush_island What doe it take to Join? Maturity ARMA 3 Understand how to install Mods Teamspeak 3 Respect Optionally: Play with six How do I join? Visit us on TS3 @ Join our public recruiting server; simply filter for Paladin to find us
  2. I know that I am bumping a rather old thread but I have a question about MSO that perhaps someone could answer for me. I have followed every bit of information to the letter on how to setup MSO's Persistent DB and for some reason when I start the server and load the mission for MSO it will NOT save anything to the tables even though I have set the tables using the proper file included in the mission as well as placed arma2net into my mods and have it active during the MSO mission. I still can't get it to save any data from the MSO mission to the MySQL database.... I'm really frustrated about this since I would really like to put together a MSO server for my unit. They have REALLY been wanting to have a steady multi-session operation going for the better part of 5 months now and every time I try to get it to work it will not save anything at all. PLEASE someone help me out here, we are using a VDS through NFOservers, unmanaged virtual machine with the bare minimum at the moment to run a MSO server. OS is win server 2008 r2, latest mysql and mysql workbench as well. I don't know what else I can say but if you guys can offer me ANY advice as to why its not saving anything please let me know.
  3. b-poncho

    Issue with BattlEye

    I got an issue with battleye, I don't want to use it on our private server. I want to use a standalone Rcon with its OWN ban list that requires no "global" ban database to run. Most of my friends are not hackers and those that are, are stupid and we as a group forbid them from using them on our realism unit server. So is there such a fantastic program that will solve my issues without costing me an arm an a leg? Probably not.... By the way, the reasoning for not using battleye is the fact that it does ban globally and does not give the option to turn OFF the global ban list to allow for private ban lists only. I could care less what some hacker did to someone else's server they got themselves banned from it for being dumb. Maybe that person will potentially lose the hacks and go legit, if they can't play on ANY server that has battleye then that cripples their chances of playing the game at all. Screw battleye, half our legit members can't even use it because the files won't download from steam correctly I know I used teamviewer to help them try to fix. So how bout it guys, got a solution for the little guy?