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    Hi First of all, i would like to say thank you for your great mod. Secondly i am building a persistant survival server for my team and i have 2 questions : - i use the save system to keep the equipment but is there a way to do the same for a box where we could keep our stuff ? - can u tell me where the save system is located in my files system because i would like to erase some stuff after restarting the server Thx
  2. hi, I have a question regarding the frequencies synchronization between radio from bluefor, opfor and independent. I recently updated my TFAR and it does not work anymore, even if i use the option for synchronizing frequencies of LR or SR for the side. I was using the variable "tf_east_radio_code = "_bluefor" for example to synchronize frequencies but maybe i should use another variable now ? Thx
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    I think its because of the 1.68 but i cannot place groups of buildings in zeus anymore
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    i can confirmed the update broke the teleport system : when i try to teleport a single player, that's another player who is teleported
  5. 1. dedicated 2. advanced ace medic system defaut explosion class yes we use modded uniforms no eventhandlers yes we use a lot of mods its would be hard to list them as we use differents presets
  6. Hi, great script but i noticed two things : first, when someone tries to defuse the bomb, everyone on the server get the message. Maybe its wanted or do you plan to fix this ? Secondly, sometimes, people dont get killed or injured with the explosion. Maybe because we are using ace.
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    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    hi, i think there is a problem with the side missions "healing civilians". Each time i have to do this task, there is an error related to the function advancedsetdamage of ACE and the civilian is not wounded.
  8. I found a bug with the script : when you are injured on the floor if you press the "p" key for commander mod than you select "reset SRS" you can be revived immediatly
  9. with the far revive script, when you are hit by a player, there is a message like "X was injured by Y". I am not sure but i even think these messages are possible when you are hit by a bot.
  10. Hi, your script is great but i was wondering if you plan to add the deathmessage option like in the far revive script ? Thx
  11. Hi, I got a problem using this revive script : when a people dies he is teleported for 2-3 sec to the respawn point with a black screen then he get back to the place he died just after waiting to be healed. Any idea ? Thx
  12. Hi, i am having trouble creating my repositories : i managed to create them using the upload fonction but i wanted to know if its possible to upload manually the files using filezilla for exemple than creating and uploading the ".a3s" after on the server ? If i try this method, armasync give me an error when connecting with the repository. Thx
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    Farooq's Revive

    Hi, we are a team playing mostly on PVE missions with this script and we also noticed this second bug. When a medic heals someone or himself, sometimes, the beep noise stays and the medic loose the ability to interact with anything (opening door, entering vehicule or healing again). Droping the medic bag fix the sound bug but not the interaction problem. We never had such problem before the last update with the helicopter update. Any idea ? thx