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  1. I love this idea so much, but I'm a modding noob and haven't done much with compiling mods together. That said, I've been working on-and-off on a casual-ish DUWS compliation of symmetrical/asymmetrical scenarios that's not dependent on any other mod to work, and would love to include your work. Unfortunately, most of what I've been haphazardly slapping together have been functions already present in various DUWS versions (countersniper missions from the RHS version; Modiefied's revival/carry system; suicide bombers, reputation, and civilian presences from Godis' ISIS version, etc). I haven't added in anything from an entirely separate mod before and don't really know how. A few maybe-simple, maybe-not questions 1) If I wanted to insert the functionality of this mod into DUWS, could you give me any tips on implementation? 2) Is it possible to make the a and b variables apply to a variety of planes or helos (to help with the 'dynamic' nature of the campaigns), or is your scripting focused on only one vehicle at a time? I can probably work around that if I have to. 3) Most importantly, do you mind if I do this at all? I know DUWS is kind of outdated, but I like it for localMP and SP casual gaming, and I know a few others who use it similarly, and I'd like to be able to offer something to the A3 community.
  2. Hey all. I'm trying to put together a quick mod to replace civilian outfits with those from Tryk's pack, mostly so that I can use a single set of units on multiple islands without having 'guy in shorts in the snow.' Plus they look better and are WAY less loud and obnoxious. May also swap out Syndikat's clothes, too, for similar reasons. Does anyone have a template that I can use to do this? Something that starts with the classname and allows me to overwrite the default loadout? I don't know enough about the coding language to be able to put one together myself. I've tried using the HQ Replacement packs as a base but I'm not finding any editable files that I can start modifying, and I don't understand the syntax enough to make it work. I was really hoping for a "paste classname and Tryk Uniform Code here" type of thing, if anyone can think of how to do that? Thanks in advance if you can help!
  3. lockeandkey

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    So, aside from being GENERALLY very out of day, is there any obvious conflict between this AI and DUWS? I don't think there's much in the way of AI interaction on any DUWS setup (aside from the limiter on some, which we aren't using), but I wanted to make sure. Additionally, and this is me being a reclusive loser... will it screw up the campaigns? I ... I kind of like them, even knowing they're terrible.
  4. lockeandkey


    Love the replacement so far. I only have one comment, really: Why remove the FAL? It just doesn't feel like guerilla warfare without FALs everywhere! It's the right arm of the free world, man. Plus, more diversity in a faction like the FIA is better, no? They're irregulars, with what equipment they have. Since NIArms released their all-in-one, you could probably diversify it a lot more, too. EDIT: Also realizing that you left the automatic riflemen intact. Again, this feels like a wasted opportunity. Maybe using the Minimi instead? Allows for both a more realistic weapon while also providing ammo commonality with many other squadmates. (Short, VFG would be most visually similar). Otherwise maybe just a swap with the M249 included in Apex? RPK would also make sense. It's weird hearing the great NIArms sound coming from most of the squad and the quiet, generic rattling of the Mk200 with its stupid caseless ammo.
  5. I'm having issues with the game rendering small plants and objects way, waaaay too close to me, so that it's not only noticeable but incredibly distracting. In dense areas of grass it's not particularly noticable, but in the shrub heavy plains or in Tanoa's Jungle it's headache inducing (like a flickering light). With no grass to cover it, it's popping in basic plants at about 10 meters, and then small plants and high-res textures at roughly 5. I've only extensively tested this on Tanoa, but it also occurs on Altis and Stratis, all mods removed. Big things (trees, houses, people, cars) all show up at the selected object distance. I don't expect the small stuff to be all the way out there, too, but with my tall grass rendering at about 100-200m at least 25-50 would keep it from being so frustrating. I've played with just about every video setting I can get my hands on, so is there something I'm missing? Something a mod might have changed, or a specific setting to override the game on small plant rendering? Graphics card is Geforce GTX 760 Processor is quad i5-4670k Intel
  6. lockeandkey

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Gunter, I don't use any commands. If I come to a stop near or next to a two story building, usually one with an open front, one of my guys will wander inside, up the stairs, and suddenly be at a loss for how to get out. No instructions, no commands, just being in the general vicinity. Half the time I don't notice until he's calling for my location.
  7. lockeandkey

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi all. Saw the sticky, so I thought I'd check here first. I'm looking for an AI mod that will help keep AI squadmates from getting stuck in every two story building they walk past. I saw a few combat ai mods, and their feature lists are pretty cool sounding, but I'm not sure if they'll help with what I'm after. I was looking at ASR AI 3, bCombat Infantry AI Mod, and AISS2. Unfortunately, I'm pretty new to Arma and modding it, and I've done NOTHING with AI, but I do have the CBA already. Do you folks have any suggestions for which I should pick, if any? Or is it just a bug that I'll have to get used to? It makes doing any sort of urban operation absolutely impossible, and it's driving me nuts. Thanks in advance!
  8. I tried to log into my saved DUWS M campaign today, came here looking for reasons for it's disappearance. Guess I found it. I'm really sad to see the modified version of this project go. It really was a significant improvement over the original (not to deny how impressive that was, obviously). This was by far the most fun I'd had with ARMA, and it's awful seeing bad business practices ruin what was such a treat.