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    ARMA Music Pack

    license I remember the license description can be used, of course, the music can not be used for commercial purposes, forgive my bad English
  2. ARMA MUSIC PACK by:Rnzi Author: Rnzi Author Website: http://www.bf2.com.cn Requirements: No addons required Version: 1.0 Signed: yes Short description: A compilation of all music tracks in the ArmA series from OFP to A2:OA Description: ARMA 3 comes with some great soundtracks, our community felt the need for additional soundtracks in our multiplayer missions. This addon includes all original sound tracks in previous ARMA titles (OFP/ARMA/ARMA2/ARMA2:OA), and makes them available in Zeus/VTS/MCC. Features: - All music tracks accessible inside the mission editor, Zeus and/or other real-time editors. - Soundtracks are categorized by Arma title. - Soundtracks from different Arma titles come in individual pbos. Load/unload as needed. license Included files: Arma_2_British_Armed_Forces_music.pbo Arma_2_Eagle_Wing_music.pbo Arma_2_music.pbo Arma_2_Operation_Arrowhead_music.pbo Arma_2_Private_Military_Company_music.pbo Arma_Armed_Assault_music.pbo Arma_Cold_War_Assault_music.pbo Arma_Queens_Gambit_music.pbo Arma_Resistance_music.pbo Special Thanks: ted_hou for help on config writing and some translation work. Changelog: v1.0 Initial release download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3v2rmo67mb6n53j/%40ARMA_MUSIC_PACK.7z?dl=0 https://mega.co.nz/#!F1VlSQxL!0zeGudJ6iBr5WqGgCHxM9qTmTiHexKWzghBIgaW9hz0
  3. nice job man!!!!!!!!!! i love this.
  4. -fixed & improved VTS revive system +1 nice job L'etranger,Love you!!!!!!!!
  5. I hope PR for ARMA3 quickly released, now, at least I know you still trying! I Love PR!