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  1. Next time we need some tiger force uniforms...
  2. Eggbeast you are my hero :) and shame on me...i was still wondering why on armaholic site stand "No addons required" :)
  3. Thanks a lot for your great work, the map and units looks so amazing! But i get a small problem, maybe someone can help me? I upload the @UNSUNG Folder to my nitrado Server. When i join my server and start a small test-mission, i got some Error-Messages: "you cannot play/edit this mission it is dependent on downloadable content" ... It looks like he have a problem with some units. The Map load it correctly, i can start a mission with some vanilla units. With zeus i can create some Charlies, but no GIs. In Singleplayer or when i start host a own Mission everything is running correctly. So the problem is on the server, it feels like he cant load the whole mod. I cant understand the problem, because i start Arma just with the unsung mod and i upload the mod 1:1 on the Server. I hope someone can help me :) Best regards and thanks
  4. Hey there Thanks for your help, i found a another way: Trigger 1: condition: !alive Soldier1 on Dea. Soldier1 setpos getpos respawn_east Trigger 2: Type: Switch Name: respawn_east and yes, im in the false subforum, sorry :/ nice holidays
  5. rxnxr23: Download the evolution pack...there is a excel file.
  6. Hey guys For a mission i want do have a different kind of spawn for the factions. So east spawn have a base spawn and west side spawn at the same position. Is this possible? best regards and have nice holidays
  7. Thanks for help guys :) Maps working with 1500m viewdistance, think we got a lot of fun on phu bai. And i test the mando hitch mod next days. The question with ace has been done. We have now ACRE and thats is enough for the moment :) Have nice holidays! edit: Maybe one small question. We dont play with ace, so we doesnt have a good medic-system. The way with the three Moduls is fine, but doesnt work always. So i see you add in the version 2.6 a modul for the knifes and so. There are also medipacks. I didnt test them, are they usefull? Or do you guys have a idea for a nice medic-system without ace?
  8. Hey guys First of all a big thank you for this great mod! We play since a year a selfmade coop campagne und have a lots of fun. Current i have 3-4 questions, maye 1: In the newest version there are 2 new maps: mekong delta and phu bai. When i want take a chopper-fly for overview, the game crashed. In a another forum, they say there are problems with small maps. Do you guys have the same problem with this new maps and Choppers? 2: In a picture here in this thread, you guys carry a M113 with a chinook. So i need ACE or a another mod for this or do you use a script? 3: Actually we do a lot of missions in our campagne and we want test ACE and ACRE. Before i install this, must i note some special problems with unsung and this mods? Yesterday i download ACE, ACE-X, CBA-OA and ACR-Light and i get everytime by arma 2 start a message, that ACE-Unsung need a addon "ace_c_wep_magazines". So i forget something for ACE? 4: Radio! Actually i add for every mission new music-tracks. In your mod-description you talk about a virtual military radio with commercials and music. I only found in the editor a radio, that plays music/commercials, but very quiet. Is there a another way to play music with the RTOs radio pack ? Sorry for my bad english and best regards ;) Matajari