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  1. Thnx for your reply.. Ive since been in contact with the current owner. It seems like they've halted their work for now.. and most of the team has left leaving the current team in a void. They won't allow public distribution of third party ports without having permission from all current involved members. However most of them have either vanished or haven't been active. So they told me not to get my hopes up. I did however get in contact with some other addon creators and they are currently helping me on something else.. :)
  2. For all you peeps interested. LL has made an agreement with Epic Wargaming, They will be beta testing the ww2 map on their Unit V Unit war gamemode. It'll take a while before the map will be ready. But just to get an understanding of the type of gamemode we're building the map towards. check out http://www.ironfrontcampaigns.com/They will most likely be testing and using our ww2 mods on their prototype gamemode.
  3. Our main focus is still the Netherlands. We just added Belgium on the ww2 version because we simply can't deny the roll of the belgium, german and even french mainland on the western front. The Netherlands are gonna be a bit less detailed. Like for example on the ww2 version our main focus will be Rotterdam and Arnhem. Whilst on the regular version the main focus will be Amsterdam and alot of other things and places that are not just appealing to us Dutch but also to foreign people (whilst we all know what foreign people actually visit Amsterdam for ;)) Thnx for the support. We'll do our very best to keep this thread up to date on our progress :)
  4. Here's another video.. idk if this will eventually be in the map or not. Ive yet to get permission from the original model maker. As for now it was fun to make, Some buggs but overall a nice thing to have (Black square bug is fixed already). This map is the LowLandz WW2 version btw.
  5. We have raised the DEM heightmap, so we elevated it a bit else it gets to swampy. We did however manage to include the popular swampy places we all know and love :) The map is being made 40960 x 40960 (Around 61km2). As for WW2 we're actually working on a different WW2 version. Including a part of brittain, Germany, Belgium and even France. So that players can plan somekind of invasion gamemode. The regular map wont have these extentions.