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  1. Decent idea to have Garda units, but their engagement was very limited, and, IIRC, the only loses suffered were at the hands of the IRA/INLA. Those losses would have been in the normal line of duty (checkpoints, responding to criminal activity such as robberies, etc). They'd have never been specifically targeted in the way that the RUC or British Army were. Ambushing RUC/BA convoys and responding to their presence would make much more sense in the context of this mod. The difficulty of employing Loyalist paramilitaries in an historically accurate way is that almost all of of their operations were carried out against civilian targets. It's great that they're in a mod like this, but they're more difficult to use in a traditional engagement.
  2. Agree, some pistols would be nice for small scale operations. In what other context would you use these groups? The IRA and UVF didn't exactly engage one another in any conventional manner. Most engagements were between the IRA/INLA and the British army and RUC. They're pretty essential to a mod like this.
  3. New to Arma and this is one of the first mods I downloaded. Thanks for your hard work. It'd be nice to get some maps and 80s/90s RUC and British soldiers to go along with it, and maybe the smaller paramilitary groups on each side (INLA; UDA, UFF, Red Hand Commandos, etc).
  4. Thanks both. Completely new to Arma, so trying to familiarize myself quickly. If I have any trouble with the installation, I'll be sure to ask for help.
  5. Forgive me for this, but I need Arma 3, Iron Front Liberation 1944, and nothing else to run the mod? I read somewhere that I need Arma 2:CO as well - hopefully not the case. Cheers, lads.