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  1. Congratulations on the release! I would like to point out that Tonto is being very modest with how mature the mod is atm. I am sure many other modders would have called this version v1.0 already. At Arma Finland we been playing this map for few weeks already, with around 70players each time. Its fully playable and mature enough to add to other community's mod repository's! I like the idea that mod maker release a fully functional mod and then keeps adding / improving the mod by the new ideas / feedback from the community and ofc from own inspiration. Many have pointed out how amazing the forest is and ill agree. Its so intense to fight in the thick forest! Just how I imagine it would be in real life. Here is a video that MrClumsy recorded from one of our mission. I am sure you all can feel the intensity: It's a TvT mission, something like 30vs50
  2. Is there any group/community that would be interested to organize a Arma3 Iron front PvP event? Arma Finland can provide very good server&missions and approx. 30 players. We can play on any weekday that fits you, but would hope event would start around 7 pm GMT+2. So is any community with 20+ players interested? If you are, please pm me with your Steam ID/or some details, so we can make further arrangements. Regards, Aspirant - ARMA Finland community development team armafinland.fi