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    Tactics in scenarios

    All I play is clash i was almost got top 8 but got off for the night and dropped down a bit again. The thing about clash though is most of the points are so close to spawns people just shoot you as soon as you get in. Or your team just fights at spawns not even making an effort to go over to the obj. And dont get me started on these level 1 players that come in with no clue whats happening. Half the time i just leave and lose my 5k xp because its better than watching someone sit at bravo when your suppose to attack echo. Another thing is when it said it would be "long raged" combat the only time you see that is when someone goes on a hill to snipe and the other team just caps the point because it took them so long to get up there and they cant get down on time. So overall there really isnt much when it comes to "tactics" unless your in a full lobby with level 15+.