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    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Hey man, stunning mod, really love this Eurofighter flying in the sky, one thing though, I really loved the previous module of the Eurofighter, and I think it was made for ArmA2, what really interested me was the interactive cockpit, it was stunning, you get the calculations all figured and the speedo'meter was with the Knots, it'll be grand if you can look up to this picture for an example to try creating a better cockpit, once again, really loved your work man, goodjob! here's the real cockpit picture of the eurofighter: https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2776/4038483878_a893ed5e08_b.jpg here's the Arma 2 RAF EF2000 mod taken with some filter effects: https://gyazo.com/b814a1b75120f47405942d408775341a
  2. Firewill, we need the F-16F Fight Falcon, this mod is supreme however, we feel the need to do an aviation squad on one aircraft, this could do, the same way the F-14 Tomcat does, thank you! :)
  3. Amazing work, we still need more air vehicle guys, unfortunately, the modules included in this mod already exist on other ones (Including the RHS). We need, the Mil Mi-28 Havoc. the F-15C the SU-47 berkut add more factions to the game including the Chinese new aircrafts such as the J-20 Thank you :)
  4. F0GxLiGhT

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Such an amazing mod, I am a very huge fan actually ever since this mod was first released, one or two things though I had in mind and I would love for you to try it out, first, the sonic boom and the fast turning air smoke, I have seen these stuff in the eurofighter and I tell you man, this thing is a game change. The second thing I would love to see the F-15 functioning, since it is a part of the United States Air force, I know this aircraft has been created by ivory previously, but unfortunately it was not well made. And also try adding more on-runway staff modules and increase the texture of the helmets for the pilots. Firewill has done a superb job creating some amazing pilot uniforms and gear along side the HUD, we honestly need a more advanced hud I am afraid on arma we are operating a fifth generation aircrafts with a 2nd generation HUD modules. Also I know that I should be report a bug in the bug section, but the sound of the A-10C thunderbolt II is too loud on the inside making it hard to tell the difference between the player sitting inside the jet or outside of it. Thank you, I hope I am not asking for too much.
  5. Such an amazing addon helped me alot with my mods actually, but, there's one thing I'd love for you guys to do, PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE, upload your addon to the STEAM WORKSHOP that way so we can subscribe to you and get all the updates the easy way. Thank you!
  6. Well as a start, it's a very very beautiful game, it's complicated not a lot of people know how to play it but that's what makes it very very special! Yet, there are things I have in mind I would love for BI to enhance about the game, I'm not sure if you sorted it in the thread above or not, I have read some but I might have missed it so apologies if you've seen my comment as a repeated suggestion, so here it is: •Brighten the Attack Chopper's Thermal Cam to look kinda more realistic try adding a little bit of temporary blur when zooming in and out, shooting or moving the cannon and increase the cannon's recoil and sound, I'm very sure you know what I'm talking about and just incase if you needed a standard template try looking it up on YOUTUBE it's a piece of cake. That alone would make me so happy since I'm into the air force action involvement. •Merge the locking icons with the weapon's HUD ONLY that will make it a lot more realistic and especially to anti aircraft launchers, anti tank launchers and especially to AIRCRAFTS and CHOPPER CANNON CAMS. And if the target was around the vehicle and that's more common with jets it's more likely for the icon to match the colors of the HUD or to be put as an arrow guiding the player towards the target until the target is on the HUD. •Adding more dynamic weather just as it was mentioned before in the thread is really important, like, adding DUST since more people are into combat involvements on desert maps because of the current war against terrorism in the Middle East in general. •Adding more details into explosions, fire and smoke more like when choppers shoot targets we need more dust and more smoke and bigger explosions and THE MORE, THE BETTER! Even better sounds not to forget of course! •Adding more wounding details, like Bullet Wounds, Blood, and even worse if it takes. Let's not forget we're aiming for a more realistic game, I'd follow CALL of DUTY 5 WORLD at WAR as a dead soldier animation, and I'm sorry for mentioning some other game in here, but, we all got the idea here. •I know the game is from the future (2035) I might not like as if it's not an actual event but let's say we need more Attack Chopper one is similar to the AH-64 Apache and the a Fighter Aircraft for both of the sides NATO and CSAT since they have Attack Aircrafts only. •Add more Fire, Weight and Smoke to the air missiles so they're more realistic that way. I'm not sure if putting an actual and a real life country would be that easy, like CYPRUS, BI will need a lot copy rights and will not be as easy as creating a virtual environment map that does not exist in real life but is based on an event and is a similar map to a real life one! Thank you guys very much for reading my reply if you did, I hope you liked the suggestions that I've given you, and sorry for involving the air vehicles more than I should've been, but what can I say it's a passion, thanks again!