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  1. 1.36 update is now available for download in Steam. Thank you BI for your great tech support for this game! :)
  2. Any idea when the final 1.36 update will be scheduled for release? According to the SITREP, the original release date was supposed to be Wed, Dec. 3. I'm sorry that I seem to be impatient but I'm excited about the update's MP performance (fps) improvements judging by the RC when I installed/played it. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks for all the hard work of your team. When can we expect the RC to be finally converted to the stable 1.36 update? I already tried the RC and it's working well but there are so few ppl playing it that I had to go back again to 1.34.
  4. When is the final 1.36 update going to be released? I have tried the 1.36 RC but not enough ppl are on the servers so I went back to 1.34. 1.36RC is working well on the official servers. The real test will be on the non-official ones which have larger populations and less powerful hardware.