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  1. hello Saok, I really love your work but I'd absolutely need to add the revive system (both base and Ace working) in, otherwise it's really really clumsy to play with my friends. I got no idea about how to modify scenarios or the like, so any help would really be appreciated :)
  2. thevastator


    Of course :) But they won't disembark at all. I've tried moving the chopper around, in case there was some sort of bug in the landing zone, making it land elsewhere, but to no awail. The guys stopped responding to any command :) I had a 5km radio in the inventory, but if I got it right, that's just for the radio mod (which we don't need, even if it's loaded to make the scenario work correctly) A server reset solved the issue! :) One last thing: with the CSE medical overhaul, is it possible to be healed by the AI medic? If so, how? Sorry for all the bothering!
  3. thevastator


    Fixed! Thanks a lot guys, it seems we were just missing the CSE mod :) One last thing then I really won't bother you again, is it normal for the IA troops to stop responding to commands after having boarded an heli?
  4. thevastator


    Savage, when I use the key all I get from the Support menu is to enable/or disable the possibility to use the support, but no access to support options themselves. I have searched on the wiki extensively but I couldn't find a way to understand what I'm doing wrong. Sadly I'm completely ignorant about editing modules as well... :D edit: important info: the server is remotely hosted, but I cannot edit the mission in local as well (obviously since it's locked :) ) even if I log in as admin, I'm still unable to access the support/logistics request. I'm sure it's something simple, but I'm really not getting it!
  5. thevastator


    Awesome, thanks! Pardon my noobness, but how do I access it? Tried the usual keys (space/action, Y, etc), but couldn't find the way :) I could only access the Alive menu with the app key :) also, and sorry again for bothering you, is there any reliable way to "port" your mod into other maps? Or it must be done by you, creating a different scenario for each map?
  6. thevastator


    Yes, solved :) Had the issue with the Task Force Radio. I meant to know if there is any way to get a chopper taxi after having cleared a zone (for example if the chopper/vehicle we went in gets shot down or too damaged to fly), or any way to get quickly back to base rather than go by foot all the way back there from the mission zone :)
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    Hello M4RT14L, I'd love to try out this mod with my friends but I cannot seem to setup the server (Windows). First of all, we have no reason to use the Task Force Radio addon, but I don't know how to remove it from the needed addons. It also doesn't start, giving me a "include file userconfig\task_force_radio\radio_settings.hpp not found" error, which I've searched for around the net but couldn't find any understandable solution. I don't know if it's due to this addon, but if I try to load the server without it (and the server goes up), when I try to login I remain stuck in the "mission read from bank" spam part from the server (from the client side the game remains in the loading page). Please let me know, thanks :) edit: fixed..I was completely missing the userconfig folder :) Seems to work now! ps: is there any way to call a chopper lift or spawn different vehicles at the base?