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  1. Just had a game where the carrier did have a very tough loadout. I chased it off on the first encounter.. barely.. Second time it was on an island right next to my stockpile. Admittedly i went in with an understrength set of mantas. But the enemy carrier had heavy mantas with lasers raking my carrier. - his carrier wiped my plasma gun with impunity. My engines went and he just pommelled me (by now my mantas were all destroyed..). And then i saw his four walruses returning from the island and joined the fight to completely wipe me out. The pop up menu came saying i was defeated.. i took the option to retry (? or restart .. something like that).. It loaded me back at the point i came out of timewarp at the island. Instead of charging the carrier this time, I moved closer to the island itself and saw his (all heavy) mantas and walruses on the island. The mantas were attacking friendly walruses and his walruses were all bunched at a crossroads. I launched my mantas to try and destroy his walruses on the island thinking i can weaken his forces here before engaging the carrier itself..... my mantas were swatted from the sky by his walruses with ease. So i gave up ..lol. clearly i was not in any position to face him.
  2. If its just a set of mods you want to use as a clan, you can make a mod pack to ease the download of course. If you want to make a mod pack to release for the general public, you need to get the permission to redistribute. If you want to modify the mods itself, and not just add to it/modify their configs via an extra mod, you need to get permission (unless a license tells you can do whatever you want).