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    Mig-21 PFM (Fishbed-F)

    Hi roadkill, some cool things in this addon, I really love the MiG-21, so thankyou for putting this out there. Here's some thoughts after testing the USSR skinned one for a few hours. Really love: -Atypical weapon choices are refreshing and enjoyable to use (Cluster munitions, heavy S-24 rockets) -Internal and external details are very nice -Extra details like afterburner and wheel brakes are nice -Handling is true to the MiG-21, challenging to adjust to but very satisfying -Added to each faction, BLUFOR, OPFOR and INDEP, increasing its usefulness in Coop campaigns, really nice to see -Ripple fire function for the bombs Some bugs to report from me, and suggestions to improve its usefulness for CAS/CAP. I run a Russian-themed Coop milsim unit, so I'm keeping that in mind for these suggestions Bug: -The ones I tested had no corporeal form in some areas. Notably, areas of the wings, the front of the MiG foreward of the wing roots, some parts of the tail. I could walk straight through these areas -Cockpit windshield does not animate/move in any way when entering/exiting -Occasionally turning on the wheel brake, then turning it off, will create an issue where the aircraft cannot taxi faster than 30km/h, as if the wheelbrake is still on. Only getting out then back in can properly reset the wheel brake. -Bombs, particularly the 500kg ones, perform too weakly for such a large bomb -The FAE/Thermobaric bombs don't perform any differently to the regular HE bombs -Some models for the bombs aren't consistent with the actual function of them. eg. OFAB-100-120 HE-Frag bomb is modelled, but its performance and label is of a regular HE bomb -No system of modelling the function of GPS guided bombs Suggestion: -The SEAD variant could only lock onto the Bardelas (BLUFOR AA) at 4kmish range.. at which time I was already under fire. SEAD was never a job for the MiG-21 traditionally anyway.. perhaps remove it? -Integrate the CCIP system released in ArmA3 1.60 with the MiG -Swap out the vanilla hud for a simple gunsight, like the MiG-21 from ArmA2. Teacup's Su-22 has a wonderful gunsight, perhaps try him? -While the central fueltank is common, it would be nice to have the option of loadouts without it, and carry more bombs instead. It doesn't really have utility in Coop multiplayer -Multiple ejector racks for smaller bombs, would work wonderfully with the ripple fire function -Add more spread and more sub-munitions for the RBK-500 cluster bombs. Modify the bomb script so that the bomb model appears to deploy submunitions in mid-air rather than hitting the ground as it currently does -Bomb model for the RBK-500 says its carries SBPE sub-munitions, which should drop 15x drogue-retarding HEAT munitions, however its labelled as a simple HE cluster. Perhaps model a different RBK filler, with a larger number of purely HE munitions -Include some loadouts with only type of weapon on the hardpoints. Ie. instead of 2x rocket pods and 2x cluster bombs, have an option to carry 4x cluster bombs. -SPPU gunpods? These are just suggestions of an ardent fan of the MiG-21 who would love to see its utility increased for use in A3, again many thanks :)