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  1. stray-shadow

    Take On Mars 'Survival/Multiplayer' update

    Got chills watching the rocket launch, very epic! Had a rather mean idea, in multiplayer when a player drops his helmet like featured in the video could a rather unpleasant player then take their helmet into the airlock and throw it outside leaving them trapped inside until their helmet is retrieved?
  2. Love exploring new maps, see if I can find some of those easter eggs and help out with any bugs or placement issues =) Great work! Excellent to see the map progressing =D
  3. Just stopping by to say I'm really liking these so far, it's great following this thread and watching your mod evolve (love WIP pics!).
  4. stray-shadow

    New Update adds MULTIPLAYER! - Main Branch

    Having a huge amount of fun with this update! It did feel a bit lonely milling around on my own. Wall Jenga needs to go Stand Alone =D (not really, it was a disaster...)